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reinstalling PD365
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For some mysterious reason, my desktop shortcut to PD365 doesn't work anymore. I had PD18 originally and then downloaded the PD19 update thinking it was a free upgrade. When I realised it wasn't, I decided to just get the PD365 subscription instead. I thought I had deleted the PD19 version but when I read the file properties of PD365, it tells me it is PD19. Very confused. I recently deleted PD18 as I no longer access it and I wanted to declutter things. After working with PD365 last night, when I tried to open it up this morning, the desktop shortcut doesn't work anymore and I cannot find an 'exe' file anywhere relating to PD365 to make a new shortcut.

My desire is to delete everything relating to Powerdirector from my drive and reinstall PD365 so that it is the only program on my computer. I have a few of questions:

  1. Is this wise?

  2. Will I lose any work I have already done. I have only made one video since upgrading to PD365. Is this safe from deletions? All the .pds files a stored in their own folders on a separate drive.

  3. What steps do I take in order to reinstall PD365.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Graham.
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It sounds like quite a few other things may have happened that aren't in your post, so the best thing to do is find a solid starting point and build from there.

Maybe you know this, but deleting apps from the desktop won't uninstall the app and it will still be on your system. The current version of PD365 will look like a standard PD19 app because both programs will be named PDR.exe and the pop-up details will show a file name of PowerDirector 19.

The easiest way to tell which PD versions are actually installed is to right-click on the Start button then go to Apps & features and start typing Cyberlink or PowerDirector into the Search this list box. Depending on which content packs and other extras that came with your purchases you should see several (or many) entries and at least one should look like this:

If you don't see that, then somehow PD365 was either uninistalled or has been seriously corrupted and you'll want to install it again from the App Manager.

That's also an easy way to launch the app, but if you can't run the app from there you can try right-clicking on it in the App Manager and chosing Uninstall. This may work even if you don't see PD365 listed in the Windows uninstaller mentioned above.

You can also click on the App Manager's gear icon to find the Installation Path, which is where PD365 should have been installed.

Your project (PDS) files aren't affected by uninstalling the main app, so they'll be as you left them once you get the installation issue sorted out.

If none of these help, your best bet would be to contact CL tech support from this page.
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