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After last update also have the same issue. I selected song in library. I was able to play it here. But when I put it on the timeline PDM shows error "Media type unsupported" (look at the screenshot).
Can't believe, but PDM team has released volume keyframe feature! It's amazing. Now I don't need to workaround the missing of this feature.
Thanks a lot to everybody. And many thanks to PDM team!
If you'd like to request the kind of fading adjustments you've described here, go to the FAQs & Send Feedback screen from the Settings menu.

Yes, thank you. I've sent the feedback.
I'm pretty sure that even if developers modify Fade In\Out functionality (from standard Volume menu) to do fade not only from\to 0 volume level but from\to the previous clip volume level, it will be enough (for me at least).
Sure would be great to have track volume line with keyframes, but at least to have a good easy approach to do smooth increasing\reducing of volumes between 2 clips\music parts.

You're right, I was referring to A/V clips on the main track.

However, I just tried placing 2 music clips end-to-end on the music track and when I click on the Edit (pencil) icon, I get a menu showing Volume and Duplicate. When I click on Volume, I get this mixer panel, which might be just what you're looking for:

No, this is general Audio Mixer for whole project. There impossible to set different volume levels for one Music track or any other tracks. Just perform volume setting for whole track

If you want to keep both clips on the main track and have the audio volume smoothly transition from one clip to the next, try using the Fade transition

Fade transition is not an option. It's available for video clips only (or I don't know how to add it to the music line. Also, I verified and it didn't do smooth audio transition

This isn't a "trick' or a workaround, it's a perfectly viable approach to editing that doesn't require any transitions to accomplish your goal.

As for me perfect approach should look like volume line with adding/removing keyframes or keypoints, which define new volume level (something like on the attached screenshot). In other words a tool that everybody get used to see in all desktop and even some mobile video editors (e.g. LumaFusuion, KineMaster).
But in PDM it's possible to set only one volume level for whole clip. That's why if I need to have two different volume levels inside one clip/music, I should split clip/music into parts and to "play" with their volume levels. And that's why I need to set somehow the audio volume smoothly transition from one part to another.
Quote Got it. The easiest way that I can think of is to place clip2 on the first overlay track and then fade clip1 out entirely. That way, clip1 will fade out from 100% to 0% at the same time clip2 will play at 30%. Depending how you want it to sound, you may want clip2 to start a little earlier and you may want to fade it in so it starts ramping up as clip1 is fading out.

Hmm. Good idea. Tricky and little bit difficult because need to guess the correct position of clip 2, but as a workaround, it should work.
As I understand correctly there is no official way (without tricks) to do this - no proper functionality in PDM for now. And it's sad. PDM - is so powerful application but without so useful and simple functionality.
Thanks a lot for the idea. Definitely I will use it.
Maybe someone else has other workarounds.
Quote I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're looking for. Are you wanting to increase the clip2 volume from 30% to 100% when you fade to it from clip1, or keep it at 30% while the clip1 audio fades out completely?

I want to smoothly reduce volume from 100% to 30%. Look at the screenshot attached.
Hi guys

I try to do very simple video editing. I have two video clips and underground music. Music under clip1 has 100% volume. Music under clip2 has 30%. I can't understand how to do an audio transition in this case? I'd like to hear a smooth audio volume transition from 100% to 30%.
Tried methods:
  1. Immediate drop from 100% to 30% sounds very strange. not acceptable.

  2. Fade In\Out in Audio Configuration options give also bad results - a smooth drop from 100% to 0%, and then a smooth increase from 0 to 30%. Sounds strange also.

Any other ideas? Is it possible to do a smooth volume transition between two clips\audio pieces with different volume levels in the PD mobile?
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