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I recorded some talking head clips. I set the PiP attributes, added a mask, and set the position, etc on the screen. I'd like to drop more clips on that track and copy the same attributes over to the new clip. Is that possible? I would like them to be the same each time so they look consistent.

If that's not possible is there a way to set up some standard format that I can use, and drop clips into it? Sort of the same thing I guess, but maybe a different approach than copy/paste.
Thanks, I'll try upgrading the driver.
Thanks. Kinda worked. I'll have to play with it but think I can get it from this.
Using PD 365 and trying to captuer from USB webcam. It's a Logitech 1080p with built in mic. Windows recognizes it as a mic on my laptop. PD doesn't give me an option to select it as a webcam, just keeps seeing the builtin webcam.

I saw some old posts about setting it to use video overlay, but the posts were from back in 2009. Did a search to see if that was an option in PD 365, but can't find it.

Any help with getting the external webcam to work with capture greatly appreciated.
Awesome reply. Thanks. You covered all my questions.
I am very new to video editing and trying to learn, so please excuse me if this is an obvious question.

I have a video on a time-line, shrank it down using PiP, applied a circle mask, and parked it in the lower left corner, so it's like a talking head of me. I use the rest of the screen to display information, images, etc.

At some points I would like to enlarge the image of me to be full sceen size, and remove the mask. Then move it back to the corner for the next section.

Can I do this with keyframes and PiP and just leave the video alone (mpg) inside of that? Like working with an object, resizing and moving it, but doing that with a video? Do I need to set keyframes?

Or should I slice and dice the video, adding the desired effects as I go? And if I take that route, how do I add effects, like transitioning between the different settings, ie talking head to full screen and back again?

Thanks for any advice on the best way to approach this. Making tutorial videos, so most of the time I want to use the talking head in the corner.

I do know that Adobe Premiere Pro is able to batch process so the task is not so daunting if you can deal with the price point. This is what I have been doing:

1. Breaking down my video in segments by simply using the splitting tool.
2. Drag the timeline marker on the right the length of my clip.
3. Select Produce range from the menu above the timeline.

This is laborious but I manage for the time being. Hope it helps.


That's a great idea. I want the videos to have the same look and feel. Will try that. TYVM
Quote Someone asked a similar question recently. The answer is no because PD is designed to take all the clips and edits on the timeline in turn them into a finished video.

If you want to process many different clips and get individual produced versions of each of them, you'll need to create a separate project with only one clip on the timeline and give each project the name you want your produced clip to have. Then you can run all the projects through the Batch Produce tool.

This is exactly my problem and I asked a similar question. Can you give me some advice on the best way to organize a project that will have multiple short videos. I teach accounting and need to so some tutorials for students. Thanks so much as this is absolutely essential and something I've been struggling with.
I need to make some tutorial videos. I teach accounting. The videos need to be 1.5 to 2.0 minutes in length, but the topics are often linked together. Can I make one long video Project and export it in small sections, or do I need to make a Project for each 2 minute segment? Thanks for any advice.
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