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Quote Yes, it does. The very end of the report shows the last 10 serious program crashes and they're all PD17. You do have the most recent version installed (3005), so we need to look at 3 other areas of your system.

The first is that you may don't seem to have installed many of the updates that Gigabyte has released for your Z170X-Gaming 3 motherboard.

For example, you have the original BIOS (ver. F7) while the most recent release is F22j. Oftentimes BIOS updates will fix system instabilities and I think it's worth looking at that and all the other drivers available from the support webpage. You're not using the Intel iGPU so you don't need to update the Intel VGA driver unless you want to make sure it's current.

Another issue is that your nVidia driver is over a year old. You should update it to either the very latest Game Driver (released yesterday) or the most recent Studio Driver (released on Sept 17). Either one is fine to use with PD.

Finally, it's probably a good idea to at least check Windows core files for damage, and the two steps shown in bold in this post will only take a few minutes and will be able to find and repair many kinds of damage.

After all that is done, it may still help to uninstall PD17, reboot and then reinstall it. You can leave the personalized settings if prompted, but if you still have issues try uninstalling AND removing those settings.

Please don't start the uninstall unless you have the original installer handy. See this FAQ if you need to get another copy.

Is this common that I have to update BIOS in order to use this video editing software without it crashing?? Its not a simple procedure and not what I expected when I got PowerDirect. My computer isn't even that old.
Quote I doubt it's RAM, but by far the best thing you can do is to follow the steps in the Read Me Before Posting guide and run the DxDiag test. Save the results as a text file and attach it here. Also please attach a screenshoit of PD17's About screen or type in the full version level and number you see.

I've attached the DxDiag test, does this help?
What do I need to do to increase RAM? If it's not RAM, then why does the program freeze and crash every day I go into edit? I'm on preview quality low and not running any other applications. I'm also on a gaming pc. Can someone please help me with this freezing and crashing issue?
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