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Post a pic of your entire PD editing interface so we can see what you are doing for some additional clues. Are you applying color correction, LUTS, or something similar to the timeline content?


Not applying color correction, LUTS, or anything like that. Check the attached, maybe that has some helpful info.
Quote Again, what we need are the full technical details that MediInfo will provide.

All you need to do is click on the link in my last post then drag-and-drop the clip you're having trouble with or click on Choose File:

Then click on the blue Download MediaInfo report that will appear and upload that text file here.

See attached.

Those are basic windows properties of the file, they give only a partial view of what the video is. But as guessed, they do show a video total bitrate of ~45Mb/s as I had guessed.

The 10 minute lag for it to play properly is what I was guessing is the lag for these shadow files to be generated for your video. Did you look at the orange or green movie strip icon in the lower left corner to aid understanding what's going on? As described prior, once the 10 minute lag is complete and files generated, playback is a fraction of the bitrate and your system handles much easier without the freeze every 16 - 20 seconds as you state.


Well, nice try, but it didn't work. Even with the ten minute wait, the problem is still there.

TechSupp has sent me a rather lengthy reply to my question with them. I'll go through their possible solutions and let you know if any of it works.

Thanks again.


It's not HUGE as the file is not upload, just the header is read so file details can be loaded. Did you even try? If you are worried about it, did you download the app instead so you can share the video details?

More than likely your GoPro footage has a bitrate on the order of 45Mb/s or so and your computer system simply can't cope with real-time playback of such footage. The 10 minute lag you refer to is probably because you have shadow files activated, it is controlled with pref > General "Enable shadow file...." While being generated, an orange movie strip looking icon appears in the lower left corner of each HD clip in the media library, when shadow file generation is complete, the icon turns to green. Once complete, the timeline playback is of significantly lower bitrate requiring less demand on your computer.


Oh, carp. I tried to post a message with the properties info but somehow it did not post. I'll try it again with this msg.

I will give the shadow file change a shot. Somehow I doubt a Threadripper 1950 with 64GB RAM would have problems rendering a video. Also, it's not a ten minute lag... it's a video freeze every 16- 20 seconds. If I leave teh system idel for ten minutes or so, the video does not freeze.

Thanks much for your help, Jeff.
Quote No, Barry was asking you to use the free MediaInfo app so we can see all the technical details.

There's also an online version where you simply drag the suspect clip onto the webpage then save the text results and attach them here.

After looking at those three jpgs, here are my two.

See this post.

That would be a HUGE File.

In the meantime, I finally got one video edited, but when I went to production, the preview showed the video sideways (twisted 90 degrees left).
Quote Have no idea. Attaching the mediainfo of that recorded video can supply the details so that members can see what might be the problem. Attaching a 1 minute recording or link of a sample recording will allow others to test it.

Do not know what you mean by "the mediainfo". Can you give me some info on that, please?

If it helps... If I load the GoPro chapters into the editing timeline and just let it sit for ten or twelve minutes, the video freeze does not happen. Which is weird.
There have been messages posted about this problem since PD10. It's driving me nuts. I can create videos (for YouTube, classroom use, etc.) easily enough without any problem. However, when trying to edit recorded video, the preview window and timeline freeze every 16- 20 seconds. Changing preferences, aspect ratio, preview quality, and other settings has had no effect (other than decreasing the time between freeze events).

Does anybody out there have a solution to this issue?

(DxDiag attached for your connivance)
Quote G'day Michael -

You're using the CyberLink Application Manager, yes? That's the only way I know to download updates, packs & music for the subscription version of PDR.

From your description, it sounds like you're trying to download diectly from the CL website.

Cheers - Tony

PS: Good tutorials. (subscriber)

Quote G'day Michael -

You're using the CyberLink Application Manager, yes? That's the only way I know to download updates, packs & music for the subscription version of PDR.

From your description, it sounds like you're trying to download diectly from the CL website.

Cheers - Tony

Well, there's your problem

That was the answer! Thank you very much!

The question pretty much says it all. I have been trying download some of the (free with subscription) additional templates, sound effects, etc. without any luck. (Yes, I have a PD18 subscription)

I used the search function to try to find directons for downloading additional templates, packs, and such, but the directions were incomplete and/or inaccurate. For instance, there was one line that said to click on the "Download" button, but there is no such button anywhere on the page

When I click on one of the tabs (like the first top left-- "Sound Effect - Office Sounds", that generates a new page (
that has a place where you can play the sounds, but there is nothing to indicate how to download.

If someone has clear, complete, accurate directions for downloading, I would appreciate your help.


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