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Quote babareto1, if you bring your H.264 into PD can it produce a H.265 from that file, similar to what you do with HandBrake?


hi, i've done some tests, all done with and without hardware encoding:

  • if i put an h265 video in Powerdirector and i want to produce an h265 video, casually it can cause problems but if not the video file produced is ok

  • if i put an h264 video in Powerdirector and i want to produce an h265 video, seems to be ok (to be confirmed with more testing)

  • if i put an h265 video in Powerdirector and i want to produce an h264 video, all is ok

With Handbrake no problems in every case.

To record my videos (both h264 and h265) I use AMD software released with GPU drivers, updated to latest version.
Quote Thanks for posting your DxDiag file. I don't have any experience with AMD graphics cards, but one thing you can try is to update to a newer driver. If there's an option for a "clean install" (completely remove the existing driver before installing the new version), you should try that.

When you run PD again, you should get a message that it wants to optimize the GPU settings, and then see if you can produce cleanly. If you still have the problem and couldn't do a clean install of the Radeon driver, try uninstalling the GPU from Device Manager and then reboot. Windows should then install it with the new driver.

Also, there are some crash reports at the end of the DxDiag file, and they show that mspaint.exe has crashed several times. That's an odd program to crash, and it's possible that it's related to the AMD driver. It may also indicate a problem with how Win10 is installed, and you can try the two commands in bold type in this post to see if they can find and repair any problems.

thanks for the reply,
i've tried to clean uninstall and install newest driver, but the problem is still (randomly) present. For now i'm exporting in h264 then converting into h265 with handbrake for smaller files with same quality.
Quote Please follow the steps in the Read Me Before Posting thread at the top of the forum's index page, then attach the DxDiag results so we can get a clear understanding of your computer's capabilities and how it's configured.

when i try to export in H265, the production process sometimes stuck at a certain percentage. Rarely it goes to the end without problems. I've tried with SAME files and SAME project many times, changing containter from mp4 to mkv, but the problem occurs randomly, rather, if i select mp4 containter, generated video file can be glitchy when i open it with VLC (not always), showing flickering green colours, but with good audio.

I've already tried to activate and deactivate the option "hardware encoding" but nothing has changed.

For now my workaround is to produce video in h264 in powerdirector, then convert them in h265 with Handbrake.

Thanks to all!

I cannot reproduce the same condition using your project. No brighter video or stronger colors got produced in my output.

Try not to use the GPU hardware encoder (Fast Video Rendering Technology), and produce the video again in pd.
It might have differences in the result.

If i disable Fast Video Rendering Technology the problem disappears. THANKS Bronze_F!
Quote That's not what's supposed to happen, but there's a chance it's related to this issue.

You may want to contact tech support from this page, and have them test your actual project. You can also share it here on the forum to see if anyone else sees the same issue. In either case, go to File, then Pack Project Materials and choose a folder in OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox etc., and then share the link.

thanks for the reply.
Your solution doesn't work for me. There is a link to my project with a sample file.
I've contacted tech support.
i've a problem that happen with some videos: after the render process, they looks brighter and with stronger colors, but i haven't changed ANY color and brightness setting (I attach a comparision).
How is it possible?

EDIT: I'm doing some tests, there is a curious result:

  • if I produce the SAME video with SAME profile WITHOUT any cut, it displays perfect;

  • if I produce the SAME video with SAME profile WITH cuts, it displays brighter and more colourful.

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