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When I try to insert a text, if a word requires an apostrophe, it converts instead to an e with an accent over it. The same is true with some other characters. I have checked to be sure my language is set to English. I have never changed anything. This didn't used to happen. I'm using PD 13 with Windows 10.

Any ideas for a fix?
Actually I'm kind of confused by what you're saying. I posted under "Forum Index> PowerDirector (previous versions) and I AM trying to make a DVD. What other forum should I be posting in?
Quote You posted in the PowerDVD forum instead of the PowerDirector forum. You can PM the moderator to move this post to the correct forum or just post again in the correct forum so that PD13 users will be able to read your post.

Please read this sticky: and supply the DxDiag.txt and a screenshot showing the exact version of PD13 you have, like the deluxe, ultra, oem, etc. You can attach these on your next reply. Users can then view this information and suggest what may need to be done.

Thanks Tom.
This progam seems to have a mind of its own & does things for no apparent reason. I had problems with it on my older computer (maybe 3 years old), so I bought a new one solely to use for my videos. It is loaded with Windows 10. However, I am still experiencing the same numerous problems.
In the text mode I choose to create my own in 2D. When I use a comma, I get an e with an accent over it instead. When I type quotation marks, I get a capital E with the accent over it. (Yes, I went into properties to be sure the language is still English).
Sometimes when I create a text then try to add it to the timeline, I get a message saying "The imported template aspect ratio is 4.3 while your project is 16.9." I did NOT change my ratio. This is not consistent either.
Often ALL the buttons for the program simply disappear. I can make them return again by dragging the cursor over where the buttons are supposed to be. No idea why this would happen.
If I start to edit a clip (eg clip 00001) it plays through the clip part way showing a very jerky movie, then suddenly the cursor will jump ahead to about clip 00015 while at the same time showing me only a still from clip 00001. Meanwhile, the sound continues to be heard from clip 00001 even though the picture never moves.
Sometimes, all I get is a totally green screen instead of any picture.
This is a new computer. There is nothing else on it to create any "distractions". Go ahead, ask me if I'm pissed. This program seems to have more bugs than a Louisiana swamp. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions???
Quote Hi, it's hard to know exactly because you didn't provide information, but burn issues are usually hardware related, i.e. burner.

Try looking at these FAQs for help:

If that doesn't help, contact tech support for your burner or for CyberLink.


Thanks Dave. I played with the last step (Create Disc) because all seemed well up to there. By de-selecting everything in the 4 options below the menus, I got it to burn. The frustrating part is that getting an error code tells me NOTHING! Thanks for your help. Les
I'm using Power Director 13 on Windows 10. I've not had problems with the previous 30 plus videos I made. When I tried to burn this one, I get the errror code eCoo30019. I don't have any way of knowing what that is. Any help out there or ideas where I might find out about this error code?
My video is complete. Last step is to burn it, but when I do, it authorizes about 5% for about 40 seconds then gives me the error code eC0030019. I have no idea what is wrong or where to find out what this code means. It's never happened before. Any ideas out there?
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