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Thanks for your detailed experience and tips for the it. Solve my problem also...

Thanks for the info. I was also looking for a similar thing. I've tried doing so but for some reason searching for Face Tags while setting the "Match" filed to "All" is not working.

I've done the following trials:

Trial 1:

  1. Set "All" for matching.

  2. Set "Tags" "is" {face tag}

  3. Add new criteria

  4. Set "Tags" "is" {some other non-face tag}

Result--> Noting is displayed.

Trial 2:
1. Set "All" for matching.
2. Set "Tags" "is" {face tag}

Result--> Noting is displayed.

Trial 3:

  1. Set "Any" for matching.

  2. Set "Tags" "is" {face tag}

Result--> Photos with the given Face Tag are displayed.

Trial 4:

  1. Set "All" for matching.

  2. Set "Tags" "is" {some other non-face tag}

Result--> Photos with the given Other Non-Face Tag are displayed.

Trial 5:

  1. Set "All" for matching.

  2. Set "Tags" "is" {face tag}

  3. Set "Capture Date" is {given tag}

Result --> Photos ith the given face tag nd given date are displayed.

I'm not sure why the Face Tag is not working in combination with other tags!


WOW, very usefull experience for me/. It
Quote On the IOS version of PhotoDirector, they have an ability animate areas of still photo. I have some photo's that aren't on my phone, that I'd like to animate with my PhotoDirector 365 version as easiliy as on the IOS version.

Am I missing it somewhere, or is there any plan on bringing this feature in?

Please read this carefully. It can help you

CL did comminicate in many spots like: with "Nested Video Editing" with a FAQ with "Creating a Nested Project"

Unfortunately the initial release was full of issues and less than stellar expectations and as PDM summarized here with "My latest info is that the nested project function is being redeveloped." probably sums up the release fairly well.


Thanks your answer. It has desicussed detailedly.
I will try it later.
Quote Hi guy's
I want to add some snow flakes on my photo but i don't find some template in Directzone.
Do you know where i can find a fliter already existant or how could i do this on PhotoDirector 9 ?
Thank's a lot for your help !


if you want to get free-copyrighted pictures, you can refer to these websites.
Or you can directly search on Google for related images, but try to avoid copyright artworks before using them.

I often using clipartmax to find cartoon & lovely images, nocopyright.

Good luck.
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