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Quote It is in the retail version of PD15. Not in the limited or free versions.

Found it, all effects are translate and not in english.

I think about another solution maybe :

  • create 2 videos :

    • one with counter for points

    • one with counter for sets

  • Create a mask for title background

  • apply 4 counters videos in PIP (?) inside

  • See how to manage the freeze 4 counter videos to make them show the next number only on the good frame.

A good exercice.
I'm trying to ask to a youtuber its advice (powerdirector university) but no answer until here.

I agree that i don't start with the most easy projects :

Do you know if it could be easely adapted to fit several counter in a mask ?

I want to add on our club match video a permanent title with points and set, and adjust after each point

like in :
see bottom left corner
Quote The fx Time Stamp with the frames masked out can be one way.

Thx !

I'm in PD15, i don't see it in my Fx tab. Do you know if it comes from a pack ?
To be more precise, is there a method to do a semi-automatic number increment animation ?

Like i could create a background mask, and 2 overlapse with the increment, were i'll have "only" to manage the speed of change and align on the main video line.
Quote You could do that with any titling. It would save a lot of time if you place a second camera to record the scoreboard and place it in your video at a corner when you want it to display.

Yes a solution, but no other one (and only one support too ), i was thinking about a phone for this.

On TV programm, those scores are updated in live (and less than 1 sec), i was thinking maybe a plugin or something could be available.
Hard to make this search in google or other (some too strandard keywords until here)

I'm filming matches for my club, and wanna add a point counter like in this video :

I don't find any tuto on how to do this.

any help please ?

Note : for table tennis, matches at my level are in 3 to 5 sets, generally a set is 11 points (but can go up)

I'm still in PD15 (+PE + AE)

Quote It isn't something I have ever done but one question that comes to mind is are you changing your project timeline settings to 30fps when you create that version (and vice versa). I realise that you're producing to 30 and 60fps profiles for each example but I'd imagine that to do a proper comparison you would need to change to the matching frame rate right at the start of the project. Presumably you are using footage which includes some rapid movement.


I was looking thios configuration i wasn't aware before (thx PD university Guy ), but i don't see what it do still.

Many weeks i work with defualt config of 24fps in this parameter and i work in 30/60/120 fps for sources and output

Here are Two New video for test, separate in 30fps and 60fps (i don't know how to have both in the same video without make a false sample). (and i don't chnage the project global timeline value ...)

* 30fps :
* 60fps :

Creation :

  • the original sequence

  • dual view with :

    • copy with speed 0.5x

    • copy with speed 0.5x + interpolation images added (hard option to found !!!!)

Another note ! a real pain to find this powerfull option (even with the doc that only mention it, without tell how to activate it) ! and more, when we use action cam center to do the slowmotion, this option even not available !!! (in PD15)

I want to show differences between 30fps and 60fps video with slowmotions sequences.

i have a source of 60fps and try a 0.5x slowmo.

then i render 2 video in 30fps and 60fps.

but, i feel it's not easy to compare, then i decide to make a video comparison side by side...
.. and i render it at 60fps

then no difference.

Is it possible, and how, to create a single video with side by side 30fps and 60fps ?
Like : (the wrong creation)

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