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I am posting a reply to my own post:

I deleted my first copy and downloaded another copy of Screen Recorder 4 using my extended download service and it's working again, but I don't know for how long.

I also don't know how many times I can keep downloading a new one?

I also noticed the settings were not saving like they should (some one on Youtube suggested that was caused by Windows 10, but I don't know)
I have just purchased the new screenrecorder 4 (not an upgrade to it)

It seemed to be working ok when I got it about a week ago and now it seems to be playing up.

Let me give you a little back ground:

I have just bought a new laptop powerful enough to do full HD 1080p using Windows 10

And I bought a new webcam (Logitech Brio) which is capable of doing 4k but I won't be doing that.

This is what I have been doing since I bought the new stuff above:

I set the SR front page (the first page that comes up, the one that you click record on):
Video resolution: 1080p
Video Framerate: 30fps (but can change that right up to 120fps) so I think the front page is ok.

Then I go to Preferences>Webcam and this is where the problem starts:

I select Logitech BRIO for my wecam (that seems to work okay)
I try to 1280 x 1080 for my resolution but I it's not there (but have been able to select it in the past). At the moment I can only get 1280 x 720
At the moment I can only get 30 fps for my frame rate selection (but I was able to get different rates before)

I have downloaded the patch 6648 but that didn't help.

I hope someone can help.
Thanks Opto

Thanks for all your help. I am now starting to grasp this bitrate stuff more. As for the lipsink stuff, I'll try your editing solution or buy a new webcam.

Thanks Tony
Hi Opto

I'm not recording the whole sceen. I am selecting an area the size of a standard youtube video. For the opening where I intro the topic I use up the entire selected space with video of myself and the office. Then when I discuss the selected video I use a small image in the corner. The opening intro is very short, and the discussion of the video or news article is usually a lot longer.

Does that change my bitrate settings?

At the moment all I am doing is recording (not streaming) and simply uploading my mp4 to Youtube the normal way.

Do I actually need bitrate settings for that?

Thanks Tony
Hi Optodata

The out of sync and bumpyness stuff seems to be happening from when I am not recording right through the finished product on Youtube.

As you have suggested, I have put '900' in the box next to where it says Youtube Kbps (300-9000) Do I put 900 in the Record box too?
For the life of me I can't understand the bitrate stuff; hopefully someone can help.

I use Screenrecorder 3 with a Logitec C930e webcam HD1080p and I use a separate michrophone. The problem I have is this; the sound is not quite in sync with with my mouth movements. And also my body movements seem a little jumpy.

These are my settings: My video size is set to 640x360, I have set the frame rate to 30 and the bitrate is set to standard and I haven't put anything in the little box next to where it says Youtube Kbps (300 - 9000).

Can anyone suggest the actual number I should put in that box?

I have been everywhere trying to find this out in the hope that I can solve my problem, but to no avail; all I get is a lot of calculations I simply don't understand.

Thanks Tony
Hi Stevek

I am using screenrecorder 3, the latest standalone one. when I select an area it captures the area but also captures the dotted lines.
When I select full screen or custom screen to capture, the dotted lines show in the video. Is there anyway to make those dotted lines not show? Or is there a way I can make them black full lines?

Quote Hello,

I suggest you download the trial of Screen Recorder instead. It is more suitable for what you are looking to do:

Have a look


Thanks David

I downloaded that and it is exactly what I want.
Hi there

I have just downloaded Youcam7 trial version. I intend to make youtube videos with two screens (one of me speaking and the other of internet pages that I will be discussing? Is Youcam 7 suitable for this?

I have just tried out Capture using a 'fixed area' over a video. The video picture plays back as expected but the sound doesn't. Why don't I get the sound?

And what are Capture/Stop hotkeys? How can I find out what each one does?

Thanks Tony
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