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Quote One option is to use the Action Camera Center Designer to replay a given section "N" amount of loop times if you wish. If that's all one is doing, it's actually akin to simply coping the video N amount of times on the timeline.


Ok I'll try that.

But this would be a nice feature to add in future versions where you can have the same timeline media clip to loop when extended.
Quote Any chance your project aspect ratio was set to 360 when your pds file was saved, that would do it. Create just a dummy pds file with 16:9 aspect ratio and see if issue persists.


The dummy project saved in 16:9 format does offer HEVC 265 but no export size for 360 such as 3840x1920

But I'm working on several 360 format projects which need to be batch rendered.

When exporting from the individual 360 format project, I do get the export size format as 3840 x 1920.

It appears available in my PD17 version 3005, pic attached.


This is strange as I have the latest version of PD17 installed

and this is a screen capture of the batch produce export settings
I'm trying to get the output format as H265 in the Batch Produce. I've even tried to edit the Media File Format Setting but it's uinavailable. Is this limitation normal for Batch produce?
How do I loop a video clip for example to extend the duration of a video texture background?
About the enhanced vr stabilizer, if I have some quick vibration on the image, would setting the "sliding window duration" to a lower value, (for example 0.3) be more effective than a value of let say 4?
Ok I see.

Now I'm trying to fing a section of the forum where you can post a feature request but there's none either,

I think Cyberlink should really add this to the forum. First hand feedback would be so helpful to improving their programs. Also moderators really need to have priviledged contact with the Cyberlink Team. So many successful and progressive softwares out there have thiese guidelines already in place.

Anyway, I hope the wise ear is listening.
Quote Here's a 30 sec vid which should answers all your questions:

The issue is not addressed at all.

I have checked the snapping function in the edit options.
The clips snaps to each other ok, but the produce range does not snap to clip edges.

Also AFTER locking the produce range, there's no where you can see the duration of range.

If these functions/features are not present in PD17 please convey the requests, as all I want is the betterment of the program not only for myself for for everyone else.
One function that comes in the way every time you render a range is to set the produce range. However I can't find a way to snap the IN or OUT edge of the range to the clip's edge and this is so frustrating.

Also, after I lock the range, how to know the time length of the range?
Quote I'm not sure what you mean by "template" to load into your 360 vid. You can certainly add text and graphics and FX and other standard video and pictures and place them wherever you want in your 360 video.

Take a look at this and see if anything I did is similar to what you're looking for. Be sure to look all around, including down

Sorry for not being more specific.
I was referring to the PIP Designer for an image. When you apply a few settings there, let's say, scaling and positioning, then you click on "save as" still in the PIP Designer. That allows you to save a TEMPLATE.

oK now how do I load that template to be applied on another image, or by extrapolation to another video.
I'm using some setting for a 360 video in the PIP designer and also a mask on that video.

I find that you cannot create a template with a video. Ok. But is it possible to create the template from an image(equirectangular) and then load that template onto a 360 video? I know there are things that can't be done (maybe yet) but I'm trying to get things moving in my project.

Applying a scaling and positioning setting from one video to multiple ones should be a feature to be considered. please.

As I'm mostly engaged in 360 projects, I have a suggestion for the Starting View faeture: having the corrections to be updated in a window showing the equirectangular version of the 360 video would help so much as the overall horizon straightening can be easily verified in this view.
About this new feature, could you tell where the proxy files are created?
Is it possible to modify that folder?
Are the proxy files deleted after closing the project?
or how to delete proxy files when they take too much space?
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