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I copied/pasted the profile.ini file and I couldn't see the 8K option in PD16.

The PD tools video taught me to create it and then edit it to replace the resolution.

(sorry, english is not my first language).

thank you very much, I will try it.
export / 10bit 4K drone file

I have not configured the settings and I do not have a 8K source right now. I just imported a 10-bit 4K Mavic Pro 2 drone file in Davinci Resolve Studio and exported in 8K. The 8K file was imported in PD16 for testing and exported in 8K. Youtube should recognize the PowerDirector file as an 8K file but in fact, it is a 4K file.
It's ok with this video

I added the custom included 8K profile.ini at C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\16.0.

I don't see the 8K Produce option.

What's wrong?

Best regards
Plugins NewBlue transferred
Director 6 Suite transferred

Everything is working fine.
I have an account with them and bought the following plugins:

NewBlue Essential
NewBlue Essential 2
NewBlue Essential 3
NewBlue Essential 6
NewBlue Essantial 7

I will give you a feedback in the next days.

Thank you very much for your help.
Yes, installed right now. on my new computer without issue.

But I have an issue with my old NewBlue Video Essential 2,3 ... plugins bought three years ago directly on the NewBlueFx website.

I can't activate them. I got the following error message 'it is alreeady activated on another computer' (probably on my old computer).

I have the serial numbers, the invoice, etc.

Support request sent to NewBlueFx.


I owned a Director 6/Powerdirector16 license.

I would like to install the product on my new computer and delete the product on my old computer. I have all the infos: product number, etc.

Is it possible to transfer my license ?

It's a good idea ! I will test it.

I am doing something like that ... by cropping the 3840 x 2160 footage to 1920 x 1080 during post process.

Is it possible with PD16 ?

I changed these options and the loading is faster.

On the screen at right: Set preview/quality display options to High Preview Resolution (or lower resolution, not to Full HD Preview Resolution)

Also this option may help, enable Edit/Preferences/Project/Automatically load the last project when Powerdirector opens.

However, the forum loading is very slow for me.
I bought Director Suite 6. The Video Elements Essentials I and VII are included in the install and activated by defaut. I don't have to manage the activation.

I bought Video Elements Essentials 2, 3 and 6 (bought yesterday) directly from NewBlueFx on their Vault Page and every plugin have to be activate with their serial numbers.

Maybe, it's an issue with Ultimate PD bought alone.
@ ynotfish, the trial versions are at : For Cyberlink Powerdirector, you have to choose Consumer version

To buy and get the serial number for a trial version:

Video Essentials II and III, installed, activated and working fine on my fresh PowerDirector 16 install + the patch 2313 installed.
OK, the issue is fixed. The interface is in my own language now.
Installed, activated and working!

(for infomation, I bought the plugin directly at NewBlueFx, it's 70% off)
Hi ynotfish,

I bought the plugin yesterday.

It's working on my fresh PDP16 but the interface is in German language. I can't read German so I opened a ticket at NewBlueFx.


I am a new user of PowerDirector, bought a new license today. I am testing it.

I would like to add a good plugin to PD16. The series Video Essentiels seems interesting... Compatibility question:

Is NewBlue Video Essentials II compatible with PowerDirector 16?

No trial version?

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