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Quote Thank you for uploading the image in question. I have never seen this particular red flare before. It looks like an internal reflection in the camera lens.

The flare has been removed with content aware removal tools in just a few minutes. It took a couple of tries. See the attached screenshot.

Wow, that turned out nicely. Well done!

I really appreciate your interest in taking on my issue and finding a solution for it.

Oh, I don't have an high end camera of any type, but low end "point and shoot" but it serves me well. :

Thanks again
Quote You did not say what image format your logo is in. You can remove the white background using the Edit/Background Removal tools to make that transparent. Afterward export your work as a png file to keep the transparency.

Hello again and thanks again for your help!

It's a JPG. I tried with the Background Removal tool, but the edges end up very jagged. Being a novice I thought I was doing it the wrong way or missing something. I guess not.

Again, thanks muchly.
Quote Not to my knowledge. We don't have your photo to see. I have corrected photos with lens flare in the past. This photo came from a google search for lens flare example: . Used the Gradient mask, Adjusted exposure, contrast, and then saturation/Purple -50. My own photos are not this bad. Hope this helps.

EDIT: You may be able to remove the lens flare in your photo with Content Aware removal or Cloning depending on what it looks like. It is worth a try.

So kind of you to offer your help. Sadly, I mistook the Lens Flare feature as being an automated removal tool. :

I've attached the picture in question and will try to apply your suggestions.

Thanks Muchly!
I tried doing a search, but I'm not very good at it, hence this post.

I've got a picture with a large and unsightly redish purple lens flare near the sun and I'm hoping that it can be removed with Photo Director 9 Ultra.

Can it?

Thanks in advance!
Trying to convert existing Logo to have a transparent background. The Logo only consists of 3 colours. Black for text, Red for simplr sketch and remaining 80% is a White background.

My limited knowledge of PhotoDirector means that my selections overrun the bounderies or edges, hence requiring pain staking, time consuming and ultimately unsuccessful manual adjustments to follow the edges. Even then, they end up not being straight nor following the curves properly.

There must be an easier way? (I hope :-)

I can think of a solution, a super easy one, but don't know if / where there's a program that has a function like a FILL color but instead set to be clear?

Found it nested and named video stabilization.


Sorry that I have such a simple question, but I can't take the blame as the help instructions in PD16 are inaccurate.


Select a media file on the timeline and then click the Fix/Enhance button to apply instant fixes, such as lighting adjustments, lens correction, video/audio denoise, video stabilization, and more. In the Fix section, the following options are available:

Searching on the web, the tutorial page and even within the forums here, one doesn't find anything other than that capability for 360 videos if at all.

Could I be mistaken in thinking that PD16 has convential video image stabilization when it doesn't?

Quote Johnny5:

There are free DVD player software programs available. Forum regulations prohibit me from mentioning specific competing products in posts on this Forum.

If you do a Google search, you will get results like this:

I do have a paid version of PowerDVD17, but I also use "2." on that search list, as an alternate, because it can play some strange formats; however, it lacks many of the fine features of PowerDVD.

I hope this helps. Have a great day.


Thanks, very helpful. Understand your situation. Prefer the full function option because more robust and confident it'll solve my problem. I don't recall which DVD Player I originally had, but it could very well be PowerDVD at which point I'd look for a less expensive upgrade option.

However, I digress and thank you for your all your help!

Thanks & Cheers!
Quote Johnny5:

Power2Go is a CD/DVD/BD burning application, not a CD/DVD/BD media player.

Cyberlink does have a media player: PowerDVD.

I hope this helps. Have a great day.


Rats, I was hoping the DVD codec was there. In a situation where I find myself needing to use my desktop's DVD drive as a player after years of just a data burner. Had an HD crash a few years ago and upgraded to Windows 10. Now I find my recovery discs for some unknown reason, have the burner software and not the player (and codec). It may have been incompatible, but at least I'd just pay for an upgrade rather than full price.

While waiting for the manufacturer to reply, I've started researching alternate solutions and the possibility of obtaining an Open Source codec however, my findings are unconclusive.

Thanks for helping with this, Phil. Have you any insights?

Just wondering if I install the Power2Go I've purchased previously on my Windows 10 PC it will allow me to play DVDs?
Quote Yes. Thats CyberLinks way of business to keep you in line!
There is no setting to avoid it. tongue-out


Disappointing. But thanks for the quick reply! :
Very disturbing. Might I be lucky enough to have missed a setting in preferences somewhere?
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