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Here's what the Release Notes say:
Adds support on Windows 10 Fall Creators Update platforms.
Resolves the issue that certain YouTube videos cannot back up in 2160P (4K) quality.
Minor bug fixes.
My problem wasn't with 2160P (4K) videos or with the Windows 10 FCU (1709), I have version 1706.
I've since moved on to Ashampoo Burning Studio 19. While it doesn't download YouTube videos, it handles all the mkv videos I've thrown at it with the help of Shark007 Standard codecs. (previous forum post)
I've also gone back to Wondeshare Video Converter Ultimate which works every time.
The only thing I seen was a post about another CyberLink product (maybe Director) and some crap about downloading from YouTube being illegal.
Very frustrating when you purchase software for what it can do, only to find out it can't do it!!! Have tried to download various videos from youtube but it won't allow it. Don't have a problem with Wondershare Video Converter!!! Hey CyberLink... Don't include it if it can't do it!!!
Quote Hello,

No, because it only supports MKV (H.264) files. You asked why and you have your answer.


I guess I'll just continue to use Nero 12 which seems to handle some MKV's better than Power2Go. Disappointing that Power2Go can't, at least, use the same codecs used in Nero 12, a 5 year old product.
Quote Kusaywa,

The Power2Go web page and help file both say that version 11 supports MKV (H.264) video files.

The key part is in the brackets, i.e. the actual codec. So if an MKV file is not working, it is because it has a different codec. The reason it works in a conversion program, is it is converted to the same format before the burning.

MKV is just a file container, it is the codec that it is the important part.


Tou would think that since Power2Go can convert video it could handle these mkv's

You would think that since Power2Go can convert video, it could handle these MKV's, just like the 2 programs I mentioned???

Quote It is important and courteous to answer questions asked of you.

If you want to troubleshoot your problem yourself, why ask?

Why are you using so many different programs? Have you asked for help on their forums?

I thought I did answer your questions, I believe it's the audio in the MKV's that is the problem? At least that's what I researched.

The reason why I'm using (trying) so many programs is, as I said, I'm trying to find an all-in-one program so I don't have to use all these programs to do different things.

But I think the simple answer to all this is, if DVDFab and Wondershare can handle these troublesome MKV's, maybe Cyberlink should figure out how they can too!!!
Quote Were did you get the mkv videos? A reliable source? What is the video format in the mkv? What is the difference between the ones that play and the others?

What are you trying to do with the video files (other than open)?

I believe the issue is because it has HD audio, DTS maybe? I'm trying to burn the MKV's to DVD. Wondershare Video Converter and DVDFab can handle it and burn them with no problem. Nero cannot nor Roxio. I was hoping Power2Go could be my all-around program. In addition to burning DVD, I use Wondershare to download Youtube videos and DVDFab to rip or convert videos.
I'm having problems opening MKV's with Power2Go 11. When attempting to open an MKV, I get the following message. The file format is invalid. This isn't all MKV's but quite a few. Some will load but have no audio. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
You got me pointed in the right direction, anyway. I'm using the trial version of 11. When making a data compilation, in the middle of the window, it lists your burner. If you change it to Cyberlink Image Recorder, you can save your compilation as an ISO. Click Next when you're ready and in the next window, click Burn. Another window will open where you can save your compilation on your PC. Default is Power2Go Image file (.p2i) but you can change the drop-down to .iso. Note: Only a data compilation will let you save to iso, audio will only allow .p2i.
Is there a way to save my data (or any) compilation to ISO? Example: If I go to Data Disc, CD, then add the items I want to my compilation. Instead of burning it, can I make an ISO? Thanks
Found my answer here:
I know how to edit each track titles but how do you label the Audio CD? Say the Audio CD Artist is The Beatles and the Album is Greatest Hits, how do I add this info to the CD? Thanks
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