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Quote I own a Intel Core i7 8700, GTX1060, NVME PCIe SSD Samsung Evo 960 and 32GB of Ram (3200) on a ASUS Z370-H. Windows 10 Pro and all Drivers up to date.

PD15 with latest Patch runs very good and fast, PD16 not. These Bugs are from First Release, and nothing changes until yet.

I reported bugs to support, but no answer.

Cyberlink has always been slow in terms of troubleshooting. I'm not waiting for half a year or more now until the bugs in PD16 are fixed. Or maybe not. Next time I will not buy it.
PD15 went very well and was a good base. I do not understand why did Cyberlink change a lot, and then released such a buggy.

This is helpful. I upgraded to PD16 thinking it would be an improvement but I was experiencing the same kinds of lag. I would advise others not to upgrade until these kinks get worked out. Don't buy the deal they are offering until things are fixed. I think others who sank the dough into this upgrade will have to wait but I believe PD15 is good enough for all needs.
One of the people I follow uses after effects to annotate his videos. I’m planning on doing the same but I don’t want to purchase After Effexts. Can I make callouts and annotated screen overlays over mp4s in PD? If so which tutorial shows it?
Quote No, Yes

Did you try?

IF you mean, after you wrote this post no but I did look and it seems that the thing that it can do is screen capture (not sure if at 60fps). I checked out OBS and it's more like a real time production system where you can overlays on the system.
Quote Can Powerdirector be used for Twitch streaming? OBS has this capability and was wondering if Powerdirector could accomplish the same thing as well?

Power Director or Power DVD?

if you have a program that works for you, why look for another?

Not to sound flippant but do you like context switching? Software has a learning curve. This one in particular, Powerdirector, does as well. I prefer all my creative and digital artifacts to be in one place. That’s the primary reason I want it all in Power Director so ilI don’t have to use different software to do similar things.

Do you know if PD can do this? Do you know what OBS is?
Can Powerdirector be used for Twitch streaming? OBS has this capability and was wondering if Powerdirector could accomplish the same thing as well?
Quote Hi Axwack -

The Screen Recorder that is provided with PDR15 maxes out at 30 fps. but the most recent one (with PDR16) can record up to 60fps.

Cheers - Tony

I guess without buying their upgrade you can't get that separately?
I Would like to use screen recorder for game recording. Can I Record at 60 FPS?
Thanks Guys.

Just as an aside do you think this was done with after effects?
I follow a youtuber and he is able to create onscreen narrative and powerpoint like presentations during a video.

Here is an example, @1:45 mark is an example of his on screen narrative.

How can I create something similar using Power Director. I believe Marco uses After Effects but I believe this tool can do the same.

I couldn't search for this so I am creating this post.
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