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Quote Is there any solution for this issue yet? I'm having the same issue. It started a few weeks ago. The only cyberlink application which was recently updated is PowerDVD. I can't remember anymore if the issue started right after the update. Might or might not be related.


Same here, no other Cyberlink apps installed. After the upgrade from V17 to V18 (incl. reboot) it appears very often. After I de-installed V17 (and reboot) it never happened during playback again. However, the error pops up almost always wenn I cancel PowerDVD while it it just about to start-up due to a new Blu-ray inserted or after manual start (by accident). I can live with that...

Hi Dan,

you need to install a plug-in to play ISOs directly from PowerDVD as it was in all previous versions. You should be prompted to do so, when you try to play an ISO File. Not a big deal, just do it. For my understanding of the original issue: What are the benefits playing from a Blu-ray folder which obviously comes from an ISO image or the Blu-ray disk? Mount the ISO via Windows or the plug-in and here you go. If you want to get rid from all nasty stuff coming with a Blu-ray, it is pretty simple to convert it to one or more MKV file(s) with the stuff you are intrested in.

Quote Johann,

These patch fixes are not available in the upgrade version. Users who upgrade from 17 need to apply this patch after installing the upgrade.

Please try downloading and installing the patch and see if it fixes the issue for you. If it doesn't, then contact CyberLink Technical Support:

Be sure to include your DXDiag.txt file if you do.

PowerDVD Moderator

thanks for the hint. I was sure to have the fix already due to the version-no 2307.62 and that the update check confirmed that no update are available. I find this a little bit confusing.
However, I appied the patch and it seems to work. I had one of these error messages (attached) since then, but this happend while the network was pretty busy and it could be a network congestion. So, thanks again and have a nice day, Johann


There is a new patch that fixes this. I just tried it and it works.

This happens because YouTube keeps changing their API, which means it breaks the connection for programs that use it, like PowerDVD.


Hi Dave,
I've recently upgraded from PowerDVD 17 to PowerDVD 18 Version 2307.62, which should include the YouTube fix. However, the issue mentioned in my post (Dec 03, 2018 06:36) is real . I'm located in Germany.

Thanks for the prompt reply. To clarify the 4K HDR videos are recorded at 23.98 fps. Both my beamer and TV support this frequeny at 4K HDR. My PC graphics settings are set to 23.98 fps but PowerDVD 18 keeps switching it to 60 hz, hence the juddering. Is it possible to stop PowerDVD 18 from changing the refresh rate?
Many thanks.

F***. You may try to convert the blu-ray to MKV (via MakeMKV). PowerDVD does not automatically switch the frame rate for file playback (unfortunately as I find). Another q: Is your movie 3D?
Hi, I'm not sure that I understand your issue. However: If the movie was recorded with 23.98 fps, your monitor (or beamer) needs to run with this frame rate if you want smooth playback without AI manipulations like TrueTheater Motion. The typical PC-Monitor unfortunalty only supports 60 or 59 Hz - end of story. So, first question: Does your monitor support 23,98 fps? If yes: enter 23 into the Nvidia/AMD/Intel config to switch manually (NOT 24!!! thanks to the programmer who only allowed integers :). Cheers, Johann
I do get this annoying message when the music video comes with an advertising clip before it starts. As soon as I watched the ad in YouTube I can also play the video it in PowerDVD 18.

Thanks. The judder is very noticeable durring camera panning mostly. However, its completly gone when using other players like kodi or MPC-HC which also support refresh rate change.

Now seriously, PowerDVD has been in development since the 90's. v18 after 30 years in the making and they couldt implement such basic and very importent feature that is avaiable in most free software? This is very disapointing. I its done for DVD and BD playback, no reason it wouldnt be available for file playback.. Anyway, its their loss...

Hi folks,
the auto adjust feature for file playback was available until incl. PowerDVD 15. So, this is either a "side effect" or the reason is non-technical.
same here. Moving from Vista to Win7. In order to install the PDVD 9 upgrade for win 7 I need to install the old 7.3 ultra deluxe (fine), forced to upgrade as descibed before - same errors.
I've disabled virus scanning.
Help please, cyberlink.
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