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Despite applying the latest October 2018 updates (my PowerDVD stands at version 18.0.2202.62) my original problem is still not resolved.

As before ONLY Music Videos from YouTube will not play. All other videos from YouTube work fine, so this must be YouTube API issue and not a local software or system configuration issue.

I am in the United Kingdom, which may be a factor if YouTube has applied regional restrictions to its own content in order to promote its other offerings such as YouTube Music etc.
As an extension of my earlier post on the PowerDVD forum, it seems that music videos on YouTube can no longer to opened by Power2Go or PowerDVD. Other types of videos on YouTube are still working fine with these tools.

I use the YouTube play option in PowerDVD alot, mostly for playing music videos. In the last few days however, PowerDVD 18 has stopped being able to play these types of videos from YouTube.

PowerDVD will try to open the Music Video, and after about 8 seconds of showing the spinning bars icon, displays the error message shown in the attached image.

Other YouTube content does play ok.

If I try a few random non-music video clips from the default YouTube folder, they work fine, but not any Music video content.

Does anyone else have this issue?


I just noticed the same issue is affecting Power2Go as well. Must be a change by YouTube affecting 3rd party tools?
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