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I am considering changing my recorder setup due to this issue.
Update: with one of the videos that I edited with PD 16 and the end result was audio would be out of sync I took the original video and I ran it through Handbrake first. The original video in this case was a .TS format, I made it a MKV with a h.264 codec in handbrake. Then I made the same edits in PD 16 on the new handbrake video and the for this first experiemnt the audio is in sync. There is not some small audio skips, where the audio blanks out just for a fraction of a second. This can be seen in the handbrake recoded video and I am guessing that PD 16 just passed this through.
Anyone else seen this? Anyone know if there is a better fix? I will be working on more videos in the near future.
Thanks Mocchi
Quote Every computer can be different. One user solved the problem. Try his method: . Try handbrake too if you want. Nothing can help unless suggestions are tried and implemented.

tomasc: I am not using VLC for playback when I see the problem I am having so I believe the above thread would not apply to me.
I just thought that if I am NOT using VLC for playback this issue/solution would not apply to me? would that be correct?
Hello: I am working on converting the original video file with handbrake and others to MKV format and then editing in PD 16. I will post the results when I am finished with the experiment.
How did you figure out the issue was in VLC player, is it something I would be able to duplicate? I found the settings you mentioned, I am just wondering why this would cause the issue?
Thanks Mocchi
I was looking at the MediaInfo for one of the source video files and I noticed a few things.
There is 12 seperate audio tracks, I don't know why and they all appear to be the same.
The Video frame rate is 59.4 and the audio frame rate is 46.875 (1024 spf) on the surface this seems odd to me but I never dug deep into file info like this before.
Also in the MediaInfo this is stated in all of the audio file descriptions.
Delay relative to video : 9 ms again this seems odd to me but maybe it is normal.
All help would be appreciated.
I am attaching the text export of the MediaInfo
Thanks Mocchi
Hello All:

There was no attempt to mislead anyone here and the Problem still persists exactly as explained in the begining.
Optodata has all of the files from the latest production, in file S01E02 Coverup the audio drifts so far that at a point where I made a cut the audio from the original video is playing where there is blank screen. If anyone can help I can share the files.
Thank You Mocchi

The Matroska (MKV) libs are fixed with respect to PD release, well, unless you start swapping libs but that's a exception. PD17 was the first time the libs have been updated since MKV was introduced in PD11, hence the MediaInfo differences.

Your best bet was to convert to a very basic common format with HandBrake as was suggested and edit that with PD, but apparently never tried. The MP4, MKV are just a container, they both can use H.264 codec so no issue. Just be consistent in HandBrake with the end target specs you desire from PD and see if that gets you past the lip sync hurdle.


So what is your opinion on upgrading to PD 17?
Quote My apologies, I was thinking of the freebie to download program (Fab-ease, or similar name?). This programme seems to allow short lengths of mov files to be converted without a copyright marker.

I was trying to replicate the problem I was h aging, but seem to have deleted the mov files. It seems that different generations of iPhone have different responses when put directly on PDs timeline. Ie, the picture quality varies.

understandable as the generations of manufacturing improve


Okay Thank you
In reguards to the media info above, does anyone know if I have any control over those settings? Such as the writing application and writing library? Does anyone know if the new versions are any better for some reason? Could I set or change the reference frames? Is upadating to PD 17 worth it? I don't do to much fancy stuf but I would like for what I do to work. Thank you to optodata.
Thanks Mocchi
Quote I just use the default mov to m2ts defaults! So nothing special, but I am easily satisfied;


I don't see a way to output to the m2ts format in Handbrake, All of the profiles I have looked at create MP4 ot MKV format files.
Can you take some screen shots so I can see?
Thank you
Hello Tony Ish UK:
I am familar with Handbrake, I have used it to "Knock Down" large video files that I would want to store on my mobile devices.
Is there a setting or profile that is like a "pass through" so you do not loose quality? what do you use?
Thanks Mocchi
I uploaded one of the final produced videos to a dropbox folder. I did not have room for more than one and in this case I no longer have the original video. If you care to look at it you can see the audio problem within the first ten minutes of the video. I will need an email address from you if you want to access the video.

I am working on some other projects, I will make a point to save to original videos and then I find another way to share to them. I could do it through my ASUS router built in AICloud application.
Thank you
Hello: As a matter of general practice is using the Hardware Video Encoder in the Fast video rendering technology option on the produce page better than not using it? The video card in my system is pretty new and I bought it pretty much just for this reason.
Thank you
I am running the current update of Power Director 16 Version 16.0.3424.0 SR Number VDE181119-02
The DxDiag file is attached.
I will upload videos over the weekend
Thank you
Hello: When editing videos from any source (home videos from sony handcam, DVR recordings and Cell Phone Videos from Samsung and LG phones) The audio track often 75 percent of the time and greater becomes out of time or skewed after the final production. Most of the time I am am working with a single video file from only one of the sources above and I am cutting some unwanted video from the original file, nothing to fancy. I will typicaly make from 6 to 15 cuts in the video. THe video and audio are always part of the same file and I do not try to seperate it, ie I am only using the first track on the time line. If I review my edited movie in the edit section of Powder Director all is well and it plays fine and the audio and video are in sync. Then I go to the produce section and I make either MKV or MP4 with H.264 main codec. The production runs fine but my completed video will have have bad spots, like a glitch and then the audio is not in sync with the video. This will last for the length of the clip until the play back reaches a time where I cut out a section of the original video and then then the video and audio will be back in time with each other. Often there is another visable glitch and then the skew happens again and will reset again at the next edit point.
Does anyone know why this happens and a fix?
My system is not a slouch It should be able to handle what I am asking of it, Specs here:

ASUS SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 with AMD 990 Chipsets
AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor
Core Speed 4013.4 MHz
Multiplier x Bus Speed 20.0 x 200.7 MHz
Base frequency (cores) 200.7 MHz
Base frequency (ext.) 200.7 MHz
Rated Bus speed 2207.4 MHz
Stock frequency 4000 MHz
Crucial Technology 16GB of DDR3 1866 PC3-14900 Dual Channel Part number BLE4G3D1869DE1TX0
Using WD Enterprise 2TB HDD for OS and Programs and WD Red 4TB RAID Mirror for document and Media Storage

This has been going on for a while and I can't figure it out. I do not get errors to report. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks: Michael
Quote As far as I know, Chapters are only present in the final output if you create a Disc. Chapters are not kept in the Produce module not even MKV format.

Hello: Understood, but disapointing, Hoping someone knows a hack or work around, Thank you
Hello: I am using Power Director 16 to edit and produce videos from home movies etc. When editing the movie I perform the Insert a chapter at the start of each clip on the first video track and the chapter flags apear in the proper place and the video timeline performs as expected. When I am done editing I Produce the project into a MKV Video file 720p with surround sound. Everything is good except for the chapters are not present, playing the video and looking at the video properties confirms this. This happens everytime and has been the same on previous versions of Power Director. Everything else is good, Video, Audio, Subtitles just no chapters, I know MKV supports chapters so am I missing something? Is the MKV format in Power Director 16 a lesser type? If anyone has a solution of fix please let me know.
Thank you.
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