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You are correct, that's CL fault. If you select "365 for Windows (Subscription)" it takes you to the PD18 forum. If you select "365 for Mac (Subscription)" it takes you to PowerDirector (previous versions) forum. They simply have it botched. One needs to select "19" to get to the "PowerDirector 19 & 365" forum pages.


Duly reported, thank you!

Quote Is there a way to highlight a clip on the timeline and have it show me the clip in the "media content" window? I often need to duplicate the track by adding it again from media content window to another track.

I know how to do it the reverse way....I can right-click a video in "media content" window and select "Find in Timeline". I'm looking to do the reverse. Highlight a clip in timeline and find the source.

Am I missing something obvious?

Here's a workaround - whether it's worth it or not.........??

Set up a hotkey for Workspace>Change Alias

On the timeline select the clip you need to identify in the Media Library
Use the hotkey
Use Ctrl-C to copy the already highlighted name
Select Cancel to get out of the Change Alias box
Use Ctrl-V to paste the copied name into the Library Search box

It's actually surprisingly quick when you get used to it! By no means ideal but....

I can see one time it won't work - when a clip alias does not appear in the Media Library, but otherwise it seems to be OK.

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This is a sign that you don't have any color LUTs installed yet. If you have the 365 subscription, just install some of the CLUT packs from CAM. If you have Ultra or Ultimate, you can search for and download some from the Internet, as color LUTs are not included in the Essential and Premium content packs. PowerDirector supports color LUTs in the following formats:


PowerDirector Moderator
Quote Has anybody got a phone number customer services? I can't activate my PD13 product after reinstallation. I've submitted two support requests and waited over 2 weeks but nobody has replied.
Thank you


We checked with CyberLink and you were not ignored. They replied to your March 22 ticket on March 23, and are waiting for your reply. Please make sure you check your support tickets.

You can do so by going to and then clicking My Status > My Support Ticket.

PowerDirector Moderator

Music Beat Detection is not currently available in the Mac version, but is scheduled to be included in a later update.

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Quote I made a music video that ends with many video clips on screen split-screen style along with some "borders" separating them. The borders are essentially just single color backgrounds that I sized into thick lines. The borders are covering up parts of the clips because the clips are often just positioned and masked to be right next to each........

What I would really like to do is to apply a fade after all the clips have already been composited, like a fade on something like a "master track" for an audio equivalent, but I could not figure out a way to do that and have found no answers searching either.


How about a black colour board on the lowest track, fade the opacity from zero up to fully opaque to suit? If I understand you correctly?
PowerDirector Moderator

As far as I am aware there is no "automatic" way to restore a cut segment - but there are a couple of manual ways, already mentioned. The easiest way to describe it is to take a single clip, split it before the segment to be removed, split it at the end of the segment to be removed. Result 3 clips.

Remove the segment clip 2.
By dragging to another location
By remove and fill gap
By remove and fill and move clips

The remaining clips 1 and 3 are what is required.

Return later because the removed segment clip 2 is required again.

Principle 1
Make a gap by dragging either 1 or 3 left or right
Extend the right hand edge of 1 forwards to "recover" the cut segment clip 2
Extend the left hand edge of 3 backwards to "recover" the cut segment clip 2

Principle 2
If the segment clip 2 is "stored" at another location - say a disabled track 10,acting as a bin
Then insert it back at the split between clips 1 and 2.

Of course, this is easy on a simple single track project but likely to be way more complex on a multi-track project, although the principle is the same.

Would this help the issue?

PowerDirector Moderator

The update to PowerDirector 19.3 is now available for 365 for Mac subscribers via the CyberLink Application Manager. This version includes more features and bug fixes.

To update to this version, launch the CyberLink Application Manager (CAM) program and then click the Download button next to PowerDirector on the My Programs tab. If you do not have CAM installed, you can download it for free here:

Features added:

- Downloading Media from Shutterstock.
- Timeline Preview Volume Meter
- More Mask Designer Features.
- Video and Audio in Reverse.
- Motion Graphics Titles.
- PiP Designer (Express Mode).
- Particle Designer (Express Mode).
- Audio Editor (Pitch Shift, Vocal Transformer, Radio, Phone).
- Much more.

PowerDirector Moderator

The update to PowerDirector 19.3 is now available for 365 subscribers via the CyberLink Application Manager. This version includes new features and bug fixes.

To update to this version, launch the CyberLink Application Manager (CAM) program and then click the Download button next to PowerDirector on the My Programs tab. If you do not have CAM installed, you can download it for free here:

Release notes:

- Adjust color look-up table intensity with the added Strength slider.
- Produce just a selected range of your project in the Produce window.
- Select any color on your computer's screen with the new color picker.
- **Fixes the display issue of Motion Graphics Titles in the Ad Designer.
- Improves the video encoding quality with the NVIDIA HEVC hardware encoder.
- Improves the program stability when editing Motion Graphics Titles.
- Fixes the issue that there are unexpected black lines when previewing some 360 videos in 360 viewer mode.
- Fixes the issue that background images do not fit the preview area in the Title Designer.
- Fixes the issue that added images unexpectedly move if placed on the preview area border in the Title Designer.
- Fixes the issue that audio and video are not synced for produced videos with specific source video clips.
- Fixes the issue that transition duration setting does not work for transitions in the Seamless Transitions Pack.
- Fixes the issue that blending mode is ignored on clips when specific alpha type transitions are applied.
- Fixes the issue that previewed geometric transitions appear black in the 360 project aspect ratio.
- Many other UX improvements and minor bug fixes.

**Only available in PDR365 Business

Check out the What's New in this Version page in the help for a more detailed look at the changes.

Note: the GM5 patch release for perpetual users is scheduled to be released by the middle of next month.

PowerDirector Moderator
[quotePostId=350668]I don't know what this response about aspect ratios means - but I've been using this product for many years and have built up a substantial library of Titles so that now I can always find one similar to what I need and a simple modification saves me re-inventing some complex titles again. But now they have all disappeared. This is extremely disappointing and has caused me to think about moving to another movie-maker that won't let me down in such fashion.[/quotePostId]

For completeness:
Custom titles are held in C:\Users\{username}\Documents\CyberLink\PowerDirector\19.0\MyTitles\
or whichever version they were originally designed in.
So it should be possible to check if your custom titles are still in existence!

However, determining which title is which is not so easy, as they all have sequential generic titles Title_000, Title_001, Title_002 etc.
Opening up a title location in file explorer will give you one or more .png files (depending on the complexity of the title) which may allow the title to be identified visually
the associated TitleTemplate.xml file can be examined and that will have the user defined name of the title under the ALIAS variable.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
Laborious, but possible.

Hope that helps,
PowerDirector Moderator
Quote I accidentally deleted an incomplete project within the app. Is there a way to restore it? Android

Unless you have some form of system and data backup set up, my information is that anything deleted is not retrievable.

Someone out there might have other info??


PowerDirector Moderator

......... Over the last few days of editing, all the video clips have converted themselves to mono, apparently a couple at a time as I worked on the edit. They still show as stereo in Audio Editor, but only the left side plays. The separately recorded audio-only tracks have remained stereo. If I go back through my saved edits, I can kind of trace the progression of the clips being changed to mono.

Can I check I have this correct:
All your video clips are originally stereo.
As you edit they remain stereo (as analysed by Audio Editor) but only play as "mono" after editing/producing.
Your audio only tracks remain correct.

Your only audio edit is " I did no changes to the audio portions of these video files except for a little noise reduction."
I presume no audio edits were done on the audio only files.

So, if that is correct, then it would seem the issue is confined to video files that have had the Audio Editor noise reduction applied.

I would like more information on exactly what Noise Reduction was applied and any other editing that might have an effect, I realise that is dificult to specify, but the more specific information the better. It would also help to know exactly what you have to do in Audacity to "change it back to stereo"

As a side issue, I feel certain that CL do not deliberately introduce flaws into software to drive sales to additional products, and I cannot recall anything similar to your issue happening over the years.

Thank you,
PowerDirector Moderator

So you want the video in the "Current Call" video window to be in that blue area, and below the "Trojan.tcp" dialog? You can do this in the Mask Designer.

I did something similar in my example selectionmask.jpg file with a selection mask. Just make sure you click "Invert mask".

Here are some tutorials that include info about selection masks in PowerDirector if you need help.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers and Good Luck!
PowerDirector Moderator
Apologies, but I do not know what additional setup/display info I can provide other than the DxDiag output above?
This is a fairly typical setup with both screens 1920x1280.
What else do you need?


As Jeff indicated, the precise configuration with dual monitors can produce different behaviours with SR.

I wondered which display was allocated as "Main" and which was secondary.
I presume you are using them in extended mode not mirror/duplicate mode?
Are you using a user defined recording area or full screen or program window area?
Are you spanning the extended display, covering all or part of both monitors for your recording (even by a pixel or two)?

Whilst I still have no issues recording each monitor under some conditions, if I span two monitors with my selection, my recording is confined to part of one or the other, never both.

Having said all that, I cannot recall ever having a windows error message so......

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote and with 365 does it update to the latest versions as long as you are still subscribing, i.e. if 20 is released will it give you the option to update

To answer this question, that is correct. 365 subcribers will get the update to PowerDirector 20 when it is released, as long as their subscription is still valid.

PowerDirector Moderator

Hi Barry, thanks for this info. The support ticket people at Cyberlink told me to "check to see if my file is compatible."
In some places I read tht m4v is compatible, and some say it's not.... Then, I download the updated drivers they said to download, One of them, the Radion software adrenalin package, said "oops, you do not have the required hardware for AMD." See attached.
Not sure what it means.... and, what if I updgrade to 365, will I still have problems importing m4v after I spend money to upgrade? Who knows...

I've downloaded three .m4v files from three differing sites - 2 contained audio, 1 was video only.

My PDR16.0.2816.0 imported them unaltered and opened them all perfectly on the timeline.

I can confirm they all worked perfectly in my PDR365 Business 19.2.2520.0 as well.

It would be interesting to either get a copy of your file to test, or get the MediaInfo data from the file to compare and see if anything stands out?

PowerDirector Moderator

When I reinstall it installs to automatically into below folder with no effect!

C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\templates

I also installed to your path with no effect

C:\Users\X299 jr\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\19.0\Cache\DSPCache

I reboot 2 or 3 times but still no transitions showing I also noted that I have 2 other transition packs which I purchased previously with version 18 but forgot about them and they did not install also???

From your description, are you oprating PDR19 perpetual license, and did you purchase the pack?

With PDR19/365 subscription license the extraction and installation of the pack is done via CAM and should install to the folder mentioned.
[C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\19.0\Cache\DSPCache\Transition]

If you did purchase the pack, then manually installed it - perhaps more than once - then I suspect the extraction process has gone wrong somehow.

In either case, if PDR is not picking up the installed effect, probably time to pass it on to CS.

PowerDirector Moderator

Unfortunately, the editing of mobile projects in PowerDirector for Mac is no currently available.

PowerDirector Moderator

I have 2903 on my laptop. Just coupled up to a 2nd monitor and with extended screen and both monitor and inbuilt display set at same res and scale, I do not get an error. Same if I change res on the monitor, works OK.

Can you give more details of your setup and display configuration to help troubleshoot?

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote Hi, I find that when adding a sound clip such as a sound effect onto the Powerdirector timeline, the clip can only be moved in increments of about 2 millimetres/one tenth of an inch. Sound effects need to be very accurately placed, so is there a method to position them exactly?

Try Preferences>Editing>Enlarge timeline scale for audio track.

Expand the timeline to frame level and then this should get to what you want?

PowerDirector Moderator
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