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You can find most of the answers in this part of the help:

On the Set Button Properties tab you can change the buttons used for navigation by selecting one of the available ones. You can also import PNG images to create your own.

For the button highlight, you can change the style and the colour.

This tutorial may also be informative:

Hope this helps

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote Hello,

I hope someone will be able to take a few minutes to answer some basic questions about PowerDirector.

I have been using another software product very similiar to PowerDirector but have been having issues with a satisfactory finished product. It has come to the point that I'm looking to replace the program.

Would someone please tell me if PowerDirector will create a finished video viewable on a television via a USB and DVD. That is the biggest issue I have with the current program. The finished product has a lot of graininess and wavy aspects while viewing.

Another question is concerning usage of sticker images. Currently I am able to use a photo editing software program to remove unwanted background from a photograph. This is then saved as a png file and can be inserted into the video creating program. It acts as a sticker with the removed area invisible. In other words, I can remove the background from a flower and place it into the video with just the flower showing.

The videos I create are made with still images and video clips. Other than the png files these videos are created using images and video clips taken with cell phones. The videos are enjoyed by my family and anxiously looked forward to.

Any additional information thay you feel would be helpful in making the decision to purchase PowerDirector would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


PowerDirector will do what you need.

However the best way is to try it so that you can test it on your system, with your resources. For example any AI effects - like auto sky replacement - require quite high end systems to edit satisfactorily.

Minimum specs are here :

Ther are 2 paths to purchasing PowerDirector - perpetual and subscription - they are broadly the same in functionality but subscription versions do have access to more bells and whistles. Both have their pros and cons regarding value for money and useage of the bells and whistles.

You can download the free essentials version here:

Note the limitations here :

Post using the trial, CyberLink do have a 30 day refund policy that seems to be efficient :

Worth looking at the FAQs etc here for more info :

Any more questions, get back to us.

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote Thanks Tomasc,

I checked the cache files. I have PD 21,20,19,18 and 14.

There were no cache files for 21, 20 and 18. Empty. There were many in 19, but none of the project I was looking for.

All files are .pds

I also checked the normal folder, everything is .pds

All gone, about 100-200 hours of work which I don't think I can re-create the way it was done in the first time.

The other issue about my .pds files that I paste into my normal project-saving-folder and then they disappear as soon as I close PD still continues. I wrote to CL a few days ago but havent heard back.

The .pds files that I save when they are on the PD, that's no problem - I can save them and they stay there. But the ones I import from another hard drive, they disappear faster than my income on canadian taxes.

Thanks for the help Tomasc, much appreciated! I guess I am back to the story board and starting from scratch...


Have you researched any other avenues that might make files disappear? Are any other files similarly affected?

Apart from one other post, which I understand is different - in that the .pds files are there but empty - I can't remember another instance of .pds file going missing "automatically".

Without knowing your system, Win 10 or 11 etc, in looking at possibilities you might consider:

Wrongly configured 3rd party virus software
Windows Defender malfunctioning
A problem with your windows account
A problem with Windows Storage Sense
A faulty Windows update
Icon cache corrupted

All these are known to cause a similar sounding problem. A google search comes up with this sort of thing:

Be interesting to know how you get on and whether support can offer any solution.

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote My '14' is somewhat out of date (an understatement!), unreliable and I am considering updating to the lastest version 21. Can part prepared edits on PDS files and Packed Projects be opened on version 21 for continuing edits.


My understanding is that more recent versions of PDR are always compatible with older versions but not the reverse. So your PDR14 project files will be opened by PDR21. Anything that is saved in PDR21 will not be opened by PDR14, 15, 16 etc.

However, there is a chance that some elements in PDR14 might not be available in 21 - perhaps certain effects, for instance - and then you may have to re-look at what PDR21 has used instead (if anything). So it is always best to open an older project and then save it under a different name, to retain the original if things don't work out. Many folk have fallen foul of opening an older project , working on it, saving it and then losing the ability to edit the project in the old PDR version if they need to!

For completeness, different perpetual versions of PDR can exist and be used on the same system (not concurrently). I have PDR8 through to 19 and 365 versions on my system.

If you "upgrade" to a newer version you will lose the older version, if you buy a full license you will retain access to both versions.

As always, it is recommended that you back up your existing data and programs, either individually or via a system image pathway, just in case disaster strikes!

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote I'm afraid you'll need to keep working with CL tech support to get this resolved.

I see the same issue, and PD is also unable to download any projects even though I can log in to the cloud using my browser and manually download any project that's already there. Unfortunately I don't see a way to manually upload projects as there's no "upload" button and dragging + dropping isn't supported.


Just tested this on my PDR365 Business 2214. Both upload and download worked fine.

Could have been a temporary server issue perhaps?

PowerDirector Moderator
1. Is there a way to undo the "fix" to go back to the origingal color of the footage so I can try to "color match" again or else manually adjust the colors to be closer to the other footage?


Can you try:

1. Selecting the clip on the timeline.

2. Clicking Fix/Enhance button.

3. Deselecting the Color Match check box.

This should remove the applied color match.

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote I don't have the option to flip a video horizontally (left to right) within the PiP Designer. Is there somewhere else wihtin PD 365 where this funciton is located?


In the latest PDR 365 version, 21.0.2214, you can now just click the flip button in the PiP Designer to flip media horizontally or vertically. See the attached photo.

PowerDirector Moderator

if my video was square, this would have done it ... but since its rectangular, the video is rotated but the frame is not, therefore my rectangular video is now square and I am loosing a lot ... how do I prevent this, how do I get the entire video to rotate 90degrees and not just the video within the rectangle.


Sounds like you want your video to have a 9:16 aspect ratio? Just change your project aspect ratio.

Please also tell us which version of PDR you are using and also attach a screenshot if possible.

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote Experiencing problems with my first attempt of adding texts to frozen frames after "Title Designer" phase has started.
There are several steps necessary. I don't know the sequence of doing them. Is causing the problems below.

1. Haven't found the way to delete the "My Title" words from the bounding box. Don't want a title.

2. What do you click on first when you want to move the bounding box from the center of Preview to some
other place like a corner?

3. Font type. I want to use Courier New. System usually changes it to some other font type. How to prevent this?

4. Font size. Every time I have entered a number (like15) into the font size the system quickly changes it to
a larger number. What to do to prevent this?

5. What is the purpose of the "T" in the upper left corner of the edit work area? In past attempts I have noted
it will accept only the first line of words in your text. But no additional lines. Why?

Gene Lenz


Firstly familarise yourself with the concepts of the Title Designer :

To gain access to all the editable parameters, ensure you have the Advanced tab selected in Title Designer.

Then you can commence editing your text:

Answering you initial points:
1. Select the My Title text in the top text box with the T or select the My Title text in th preview screen box and press Delete
2. Move the position by hovering over a boundary line until the cursor becomes a 4 way arrow, lft click, hold and drag the box to your preferred position
3. and 4. Select/highlight your text and change any of the font parameters, those parameters should be held for that title.
5. Just one of PDR's idiosyncracies, I'm afraid. If you hover over the box it will show the full title in the hover box but it's easier to use the preview box for text entry, layout and line spacing etc.

PowerDirector Moderator

I open the same video with windows media player and i see the whole video with the text but i downloaded youtube short video from youtube and i watch it in vlc and i can see the whole video without problems then i open the video properties(Details) and i did the same with my produced video and i found out that's video from youtube short is (1080FrameWidth x 1920FrameHeight)
and my produced video is (1920FrameWidth x 1080FrameHeight) the oppositelaughing Look IMAGE (1)
NOW i tried to produce the project with the correct format but in the program(1080FrameWidth x 1920FrameHeight) after export(1920FrameWidth x 1080FrameHeight) not workingyell Look IMAGE (2) [This is my first problem]

I want a solution to the problem of the image. I want the appearance of the product in the video as it is in reality, not taller undecided Look IMAGE (3) [This is my second problem]


Can we reset the discussion?
Your original issue was to place a 16:9 video in a 9:16 display without stretching or distorting. Is that correct?

The only way to do that AND retain all the 16:9 content is to place it in a 9:16 format and have black screen top and bottom and a small 16:9 video in the center.

To fill a 9:16 display and remove the empty black top and bottom, you will have to enlarge your 16:9 content to vertically fill the 9:16 display and lose a lot from the sides. Your content will not be stretched or distorted but there will be a lot less "visible".

Basically your 9:16 display becomes a "window" through which you view your now much "bigger" 16:9 video.

So far, so good. Other members have illustrated and advised that this is the ONLY way to do what you want.

The placement of any title needs to be done after this stage, as it is independent of any re-sizing of video.

You can produce that to your choice of format/profile to be displayed by whatever system/player you wish (see later points!!)

PDR lists the default common formats available for a 9:16 final video.

However, there are 2 basic ways of producing a 9:16 video for display.

Using 1080x1920 HD as an example :

Produce a 1080x1920 video with no rotation flag


Produce a 1920x1080 video with a 90deg rotation flag.

Both, no doubt, have their pros and cons but I understand that producing a 1920x1080 video with a 90deg flag has better compatibility with display hardware and software. I can't really comment on that, above my technical level!!

So your observation of PDR produced files as being 1920x1080 is correct, but you also need to take account of the orientation flag as well.

It has historically been a source of frustration that not all software/hardware display combos handle or read orientation flags in the same way and vlc may fall foul of that, as do many TVs etc.

In summary, many 9:16 youtube shorts may be native 1080x1920 with 0deg rotation but, unless anyone knows otherwise, all PDR produced 9:16 videos are 1920x1080 with a 90deg rotation flag and the same for other resolutions.

I came across this in my research, which shows even as of late August 2022, rotation issues crop up in mainstream video recording.

"For performance reasons, the video is often saved with rotation encoded as metadata rather than rotating the actual pixels coming from the sensor. Most playback software/libraries will handle this correctly, but let us know if there's something unexpected happening"

I hope this helps!

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote I used the Cyberlink Application Manager to update Powerdirector365. Afterwards my save files are empty. I went to the autosave to try and reopen from there, and those were also blank.

I'm now missing 10+ hours worth of work with no idea how to recover in this situation.

Need a bit more info for members to help.

Update from which version to which version?

Default Autosave folder location for PDR21, 20, 19 are:


The \AppData\ folder is a hidden folder, so you will have to set windows to display it in file explorer.

I'm not clear what you mean by "my save files are empty". Can you be more specific?

PowerDirector Moderator

You posted the same question last month in the previous version forum and we gave you the answer. Not sure why you are posting again:

Use Screen Recorder and then edit in PowerDirector. It will do exactly what you are asking.

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote After the latest update of PWD, "Apply NVIDIA Video Noise Removal" is greyed out. It was such a good tool. What happened? I have both NVIDIA experience, NVIDIA Broadcast, and NVIDIA Studio, the latest driver installed.


Just some further info.

My NVIDIA VNR works ok with content up to 1080 HD. Over 1080, it becomes unavailable and greyed out. I haven't tested in a wide range of circumstances, but content is apparently one variable?

The Help file has this:

Video Denoise

This tool removes video noise from a video clip, including High-ISO and TV signal noise. If your computer's GPU supports NVIDIA Broadcast, you will have the following options:

•Apply CyberLink Video Denoise to reduce video noise: select this option to use the video denoise technology from CyberLink. Once enabled, drag the Denoise Degree slider to increase or decrease the level of denoise on the video.

Note: if your computer's GPU does not support NVIDIA Broadcast, this is the only option available.

•Apply NVIDIA Video Noise Removal: select this option to use the AI video denoise technology** from NVIDIA. Once enabled, drag the Effect strength slider to increase or decrease the level of denoise on the video.

Note: ** this feature requires Windows 11 or 10, 8 GB of RAM, and a GPU that supports NVIDIA Broadcast. See this FAQ for detailed requirement information. Optional feature in CyberLink PowerDirector. Check the version table on our web site for detailed versioning information

the FAQ is here

I suggest you raise a ticket with support and see if they have any info to shed light on the issue?


PowerDirector Moderator

Quote Is there a way to change the top color of the ring? I changed the bottom color to my liking but don't see how to change the top color. Any solutions? Thanks


If I understand correctly?

The design is made up of 2 titles and 2 half circle particles.

In Title Designer the upper half circle (Circle-B) is on timeline track 1 and the bottom half circle particle (Circle-F) is on track 4.

Both can be modified in Particle Designer by double mouse click or rt-click>Edit in Particle Designer.

The full modify options - inc. color - are only available in Advanced Mode.

I can edit both Circle-B and Circle-F by this method.

Can you give more detail on how you can edit one but not the other?

If I haven't got the issue, then please give as much detail as possible, screenshots would be helpful.

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote After the latest update of PWD, "Apply NVIDIA Video Noise Removal" is greyed out. It was such a good tool. What happened? I have both NVIDIA experience, NVIDIA Broadcast, and NVIDIA Studio, the latest driver installed.


Can you give your exact version of PDR?

My PDR365 Business 21.0.2214 seems to work fine but PDR had to download and install the components when I selected NVIDIA VNR.

PowerDirector Moderator

Well I spoke too soon. Everything I now do in PD21 seems to require a "Preview Render". Apart from the delay every time you make a change to the clip it seems to be functioning OK. Even adding a stock image from the media library seems to initiate a preview render.


Just covering bases, check preview settings on the timeline and in Preferences>Display are less than UHD and check if Preferences>General>Render preview ...... is NOT selected.

PowerDirector Moderator
I am new to editing and could use some help! I have a GoPro11 and am trying to render the 5.7k footage with PD16. I went to make a custom profile. The average bit rate has a range of only 15,000 to 200,000 and the actual clip properties show 259,721. PD will not let me go outside that range. In tutorials I have seen others have a much higher range than 200,000. What is the limiting factor here and can I change it?

I am also not sure how to get a 5760 x 2880 or what the next best option is. I just went with the highest option 4096 x 3072.


There's a lot of posts relating to this on the forum.

Basically the PDR UI only offers custom profiles within certain constraints - probably to do with industry standards and codec capability [see this as an example ]]

However, it is possible to manually edit the profile.ini file to adjust some parameters and give a higher output. CL support would say that such manual editing is not "supported" but many folk on the forum regularly use such profiles so if it works for you......

This topic, which got rather confused, also has valuable info.

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote I am new to the software and video editing so I hope I am asking the right question in the right area.
I am using the windows version of Director Suite 365. I am shooting 4k HQ 30 fps all-i in Canon clog and clog3. I get an unsupported file error when I try to load them in Director. Windows will not read the files directly either but other software like Topaz Video Ai will just fine.
i tried to get a simple answer from support asking if canon log was supported. Rather than a yes or no they just reply wanting information not needed to answer the question.
I hope to find out here if canon log is supported and of so what do I need to do to us them.


I'm fairly sure that neither PDR nor CDR support clog/clog3 off the camera.

I've converted a couple of sample files using Shutter Encoder to H264 and H265 with different parameters, including applying the inbuilt clog3 to Rec709 LUT and the converted files import fine into PDR and seem to "roundtrip" in CDR from the PDR timeline and back.

That doesn't really help out if you want to edit the native files but.......

If you want to share a short clip from your camera on onedrive or whatever, I'm sure members will try it out to confirm. Please refer to this post on privacy -

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote Do Macs have mice you can right-click on these days? I haven't used any Apple products since about 1993


Not sure what the OP means, as you can indeed right-click in Mac these days, at least for sure with Macbook Pro and Air. See the attached.

Not sure why the split button is not active in that screenshot either. I'll ask my contact if this is a common thing with some clips on Mac.

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote Hi
I'd be happy if someone could point me in the right direction. I am attempting to create a rotating image of santa claus as seen in the Mariah Carey All I want for christmas Video. The Kaleidescope effect isnt quite right as this inverts the images to suit. Im looking to rotate numerous images but to maintain upright position. I hope this makes sense.
Many Thanks


No one's picked this up, so here's my best suggestion.

Don't think there's a single effect that you could use.

My best attempt is :

Get your santa image with a transparent background as a .png
Place your image on several timelines - depending how many you want.
Give each image a different motion track in PiP Designer
Use a blur effect as desired on each one - unfortunately there is no motion blur available
Give each image a size and opacity reduction as required.

I've attached a quick and dirty illustration to show the effect - not to showcase my aesthetic talents!!

PowerDirector Moderator
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