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Quote I think the OP is asking 'What happened to the Audio Mixing Room which presented audio meters for Voice, Music and multiple Audio Streams?' And yes, it has gone to be replaced by a generic and simplified 'Audio' tab in the Editing menu.


The audio mixing room is still available. The button was moved to the function buttons above the timeline:

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Quote Edit>Tools>Mask Designer no longer exists.

Selecting Edit just goes to the edit options of the selected clip.


Does this help?

Powerdirector Moderator

A hotfix was released via CAM for 365 subscribers to fix crash issues. Please update and check to see if it's resolved.

The perpetual hotfix should be available later today, or tomorrow. You can download it from the CL website when it's available:

PowerDirector Moderator

Please remember to always check the help file first.

The Chapters room was moved to the Tools menu, which is outlined in the what's new section:

See the attached photo for more info. The Menu Designer is in the same place it has been for a couple versions:

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Quote Hello,

I clicked on My Projects to look at some past projects.

For some projects, some of the assets were deleted.

PD now hangs on this screen (see image)

There is not way to exit. So I have to kill the task and relaunch.

But how do I see the rest of the projects that have assets?



I haven't tested this exhaustively, and I don't use the My Projects route to look at past projects.

On my system, PDR found some past projects, including some with missing assets. There was a short delay whilst it searched, indexed and displayed the My Projects library, but that was for only 15 projects that it found. I don't know how PDR collated the contents of the My Projects library so.....? In subsequent openings of My Projects, ther was no delay really.

If I dragged a project with missing assets to the timeline, I got the usual Ignore, Ignore All or Browse Dialogue, which then worked as normal.

So, I wonder if the missing assets is the reason for your issue, or if the My Project library population process is at fault?

It would be a difficult one to troubleshoot, so unless anyone can confirm/duplicate the issue, I would recommend raising a ticket with support.

PowerDirector Moderator


PowerDirector Moderator

Best to contact CyberLink support directly to get that answer. Use the customer service link in my signature.

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How do I determine which version of PowerDirector I have?
1. Open up PowerDirector.
2. Click on the PowerDirector logo on the top left of the screen.
3. Find these two numbers:

PowerDirector version: will be similar to 22.0.xxxx.0
SR number: will be similar to VDE201109-03
Trouble-shooting Tips

Taking Screen Snapshots
Taking screen snapshots of your timeline or an error message can be incredibly helpful and usually get posts answered faster. If you don't know how to do this, you can follow these simple instructions on an Windows version:

  1. Load your project in PowerDirector or generate the error message you receive.

  2. On your computer's keyboard, press the "Print Screen" (Sometimes displayed as "Prt Scr"). It is usually located near the top right corner of the keyboard.

  3. Click the Windows start button and then type "Paint" on your keyboard.

  4. Click on Paint in the start menu to open the program. Click the "Paste" button in Paint, or press the Ctrl+V keys on your keyboard.

  5. Click in the top right of Paint and select "Save". Name your file and then save it in a location on your computer that's easy to find, like your desktop.

Attaching Snapshots to Posts
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  3. Click "Open" once you find and select the snapshot.

  4. Add a description of your snapshot to add more helpful information.

  5. Continue to finish posting your message, or click "Add another file" if you want to upload more than one screen snapshot.

Software Patch Updates
CyberLink will release updates and patches from time to time. You can choose to apply the patch/upgrade or not, but, in general, it may be best to keep PowerDirector updated to the latest build. visit:

Unless specified otherwise, you only need to download and apply the latest patch to bring your version of PowerDirector up to date.

It may be a useful step to uninstall/reinstall PowerDirector at some point if you encounter issues. This will depend on your own computer system, how and what you use it for, especially the number of software products you run/install/delete. Uninstalling/reinstalling using the inbuilt uninstaller will do no harm and may correct issues caused by conflicting software.

It is, of course, critical to carry out regular backups of projects and resources, and the use of the Project Packing option in PowerDirector is to be recommended as part of your regular backup routine.
Generating the DxDiag.txt File

For technical issues it is essential that the complexities of your particular system be known for members (and CyberLink Support where necessary) to assess. The use of a standard DXDiag file is recommended for this purpose.

The full details of what this tool is and what the file will contain can be found here:

To Generate the DxDiag.txt File
  1. Click the Windows start button and then type "DxDiag" on your keyboard.

  2. Click on DxDiag.exe in the start menu or search area to open the program.

  3. Once the tool is open, click "Save All Information". Name your file and then save it in a location on your computer that's easy to find, like your desktop.

  4. Attach this file to in your post or reply.
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The latest version of PowerDirector has been released, the all new PowerDirector 2024! Below is a list of some of the new features available:

- Modernized UI for more seamless access to your media, effects, and templates.

- Quicker access to editing tools and color adjustments when editing videos, images, and audio.

- Edit title effects with ease in quick edit mode.

- Generate custom images in the AI Image Generator.

- Download up to 30 premium stock media files (photos and videos) a month from Getty Images as part of your PowerDirector 365 subscription.

- Use the Restoration Assistant to auto fix common audio issues.

Check out the What's New section of the help for more information:

Also check out the latest "What's New" video on YouTube that walks you through the new UI:

365 subscribers can update PowerDirector to version 22.0.2107.0 using the CyberLink Application Manager.

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Quote Six months ago I successfully put some texts on video frames.
But unfortunately didn't keep notes on the proper sequences involved in this process.
So now I have another file I am editing. Need the following info:

Click on the T which puts you in Title phase.
You activate Title Designer next? By clicking on what?

Please sequence the following items:
Creating bounding box.
Putting bounding box where you want it.
Choosing of font.
Sizing the font.
How do you keep the system from changing the font type and size?


Check out these links?

For more advanced work :-

There are also many other tutorials out there :-

Please get back to us if you still have an issue.

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote PDM take a look at this one:........

Sorry, should have been clearer - I meant I hadn't found an outro that actually played audio on the timeline in my random selection.

Any "video" format seems to be presented in PDR as video with an audio stream. If one produces a still image as a video with whatever profile you choose, it will be presented in PDR as a video file with an audio stream present but silent.

In essence that is what appears to be happening with the Outro templates - they are silent but have an empty audio stream on the timeline. The .xml template file can be altered to include an audio stream but has to reference an actual audio file.

Far easier to unlink the empty audio and replace with a user choice audio, than to hack the template file!!

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote My outro templates no longer have sound, but my intros do. How can I fix that?

On my PDR365 21.5.3125.1 downloaded templates ae held in C:\Users\[username]\Documents\CyberLink\PowerDirector\MyIntros\Preset

Looking more in depth at what is actually in a template, it becomes apparent that those with sound have an .m4a file associated with them, those that do not have sound have no audio file.

All the random Intros I looked at have sound, but I couldn't find an Outro with sound, out of a random selection of 20+.
So although they are presented in PDR as a combined video and audio, there is no actual audio file to play.

Just for kicks, I modified a silent Outro file template to include an audio file from an Intro, copied the audio file .m4a from that Intro to the appropriate Outro template location, and the Outro now has that audio fully functional on the timeline.

So my conclusion is that Silent Outros have no audio file to play, despite looking as if they have audio on the timeline, they are in fact silent videos.

I can't explain if some outros previously had audio and now don't - if that is understanding your comment correctly "My outro templates no longer have sound,......"

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote I'll say straight away there's not much point in trying to help me -- I just give up. I've been wrestling with PowerDirector on-off for years and every time I come back to it, I can't even get started on a project because of some absurd issue.

In this case, the fact that you can set the framerate to '30', but then can't place a 30 FPS clip on the timeline because the actual framerate on the timeline is 29.97 is just unreal. (Yes, I've tried ignoring the message -- the clip is jerky or just goes green). I've looked through the explanations in past forum posts and can just about follow the twisted logic of it, but I'm sorry, it beggars belief that anyone accepts or ever accepted this as a feature of any piece of software. It should never have been released without some kind of feature that automatically smooths over minor framerate differences. Hell, no one should have to even think about framerate until they're at the stage of exporting the video project.

I give up. Trying to make videos shouldn't make you feel like someone is deliberately trying to drive you insane.


We all understand a degree of frustration when things don't go right but this is a member to member forum, so without any specific information, it will be difficult tfor members to help you.

Not knowing even which version of PDR you are having issues with does make troubleshooting and advice a bit difficult!
Please read and post the info that this guideline outlines, and maybe folk will have a better chance of helping?

You seem to have had a similar problem before in Dec 2018, is this a recurrence or something completely different?

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote Yes i want to jump from one tab to another one. I added a screenshot from Magix who it looks like. In that way i can work on two places cut and edit and paste it in the main video. Another question how can i export a piece of a video without exporting the whole video? Lets say i have a video 60min and i want to cut 3min of that video and export it. How can i do that?


Do these help?

PowerDirector Moderator

Can you provide two screenshots. The first one of your exact version. You do this by clicking the PowerDirector icon in the top left corner and then take a screenshot of the window that opens.

The second screenshot should be of your entire project's timeline.

Please attach them in your reply.

PowerDirector Moderator

Yes, this is what Speech to Text should do. If the audio is clear enough, it will auto add the subtitles based on the dialogue in your video clip. Once it transcribes, you can edit the subtitles if required and then output your video with the subtitles applied to the video.

More info here:

PowerDirector Moderator
Quote I am trying to export/render a rough draft of a video but I find the render stats confusing. I started and aborted twice because it was taking a long time. Roughly how long should it take to render a five minute mpeg-4 at 1920x1080 30fps?


Apart from the capabilities, spec and configuration of your system, which will have a significant bearing on your export times, the content of your timeline and the edits you have applied may be the most critical factor.

For example:
I took the mountainbiker sample clip, duplicated multiple copies to produce a 5min timeline video, and produced it to H264 1920x1080 16Mbps - a standard profile. Render time 31 secs.

I then applied some color adjustments - saturation, exposure, and sharpness - to the timeline. Produced to the same profile. Render time 1:22.

I then applied a box cross transition to all clips in the the timeline, Same profile. Render time 1:54.

I took the original 5 min produced video (no adjustments or transitions) and re-rendered it using SVRT. Same profile. Render time 20secs,

I then applied AI style painting effect to the same 5 min video. Same profile, Render time 11:35.

So, although this is just a quick and dirty example of how timeline content and edits, on the same system, influence render times, it does serve to illustrate the problem of "comparative render times", when trying to troubleshoot performance issues.

PowerDirector Moderator
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