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Quote Hi again,

Why are the frames showing on the timeline, different to what shows in the preview.

When I save the video, it shows what is on the time line, not what is in the preview, which is what I want.

I have cleared the cache and saved again but iot dpoesn't change the outcome.

Any ideas please?

Well I tried everything I know in the current project but still got the same resukts as above./

I decided to take that clip and open another project, choose what I wanted and save it then add it back to the ortiginal project to see if it worked.

It did. I showed on the timeline the same as the preview and saved as I wanted it so..

What would have cause that original clip to be so diffferent?

Any ideas?
Hi again,

Why are the frames showing on the timeline, different to what shows in the preview.

When I save the video, it shows what is on the time line, not what is in the preview, which is what I want.

I have cleared the cache and saved again but iot dpoesn't change the outcome.

Any ideas please?
Quote SVRT means smart rendering in other video editors. It means video that is not changed in the timeline can be copied over, Since you have 4 tracks, I doubt that smart rendering can be used at all. SVRT may work on the h.264 encoded files if you check the ‘Allow svrt on a single…’ in Preferences. The produced avc files have problems playing on correctly on most players. You will probably see some green on the svrt bar and encoding may be somewhat faster over the green portions on the timeline.

1 Yes, only if it is an avc encoded mp4.
2. Yes.

Someone else will have to answer about the blue icon. I don’t remember that. Why not do hardware encoding to speed up the production. Others will give a different opinion about svrt based on their experience.

I use svrt all the time as I tend to do all the corrections in the camera and use the clips, trimming off the ends. Works only on avc and not on hevc clips from my cameras.

Thank you, I will do some experimenting when I get the time.
Quote I answered that question a year ago and you never responded. You may mean masking so you don’t have to zoom to do the job. Use a mask in mask designer.

A different user may be able to show how to do this.

Thank you. Not sure why I never answered as I always do, as one should.

Yes I just tried that mask and will use that.

With 365 Win 10 Pro.

Need to crop out the people on both sides of ythe middle guy so he is all that is on screen.

Everywhere I look, it shows how to zoom, whereas I don't want a zoom, I just want to crop.

I have looked a few Youtube but no show.

How please?

With 365 and Win 10 Pro I sem to be having render slow problems.

I have a time line with 4 tracks of clips, titles fx etc and I see that the little blue clock is always on and the SVRT bar is staying red. I checked the SVRYT admin and irt show 5 entries all red.

How do I get it to render faster?

I have looked at the Google clips about render as well but not sure why my tred line us not moving.

A couple of q's..

  1. Does it render a clip that has been shortened both ends using the arrow slower that if the clip had been cut to the length it was needed?
  2. Doies it render the video if the tracks below are disables during the render time?

Does the blue render icon disappear when it is rendered ?

I have left the screen and timeline open for 2 hours and I see boty the SVRT abd tge Blue icon are still there.

Does this mean it ius not rendering at all?
Thank you.

In recent projects I do the Packing but none of the older projects.

Is there just one project file that has all the used images, video?

There must be one somewhere so the panel comes up and asks to browse for those that aren't therre.

Where does it get that info?

I need to crop a singer from a band. They are on stage but I only want the middle singer.

What is the best way to do this please?

I have a few clips on the time line and they all show up well in the Preview but when I Produce the Range, I see vision either pre or post the part of the clip I need.

It shows when I run timeline but not after save. Really weird.

PD 365 Win 10x64

I see a lot of cache files. Would this be it? Should I delete them even tho' not quite finished project?


On further testing the small 1.5 sec clip had a Zoom attached to it. When I checked the zoom, it showed t was zoomed in atanother place on the source clip, not no the 1.5 sec I had chosen and whih shows on the timeline.

I have no idea why inthe Zoom editer it would show another place on the clip to have the zoom.
It does say the same 1.5 sec but on another section of the source file.

I will mention the 1.5 section I have chosen was by moving the handles on both ends of the source file to just show that small area.

Any ideas please?

Many thanks. Will take a peek.
Quote It looks like this video was taken from a large (show) screen during a performance, a screen on which a number of clips were displayed.
Simulating this with PD might prove to be a laborious job. If I were challenged to give it a go, I would look at:
- a very careful planning, to make sure that you don’t have to redo too much. Make a drawing of the final product that you can use in the subsequent steps.
- collect all the clips you will have to display in the final product
- use PD Video Collage (in the plugins) to get the clips in frames. Now this collage editor can only do as many as 8 clips at the time (I think). So, you will have to make several separate collages to get to the final product, also depending on the number of clips you have and want to display. Also be careful with the collage definitions, maybe you likely don’t want the clips to phase in but already display the full (eight) at once, but you can also make use of that effect.
- in the example you see that some of the clips were cut into parts, this can be done with the collage editor to, but moving the clips and the clip borders around. Takes some experimenting though.
- The easiest next step I think would be to produce each of those collages. This can be in one go (all collages on the same track next to each other), or separately. I would use a high-quality output format so that you have all options on quality when making the end product. I would add the blurriness at a later stage, I think.
- Then (in a new project) insert all the collage clips and put them next to each other in the screen on their right place (careful planning will help). Or you can use the collage editor again depending on the amount, size and nature of the collages.
- produce this collage of collages again in high quality
- in the next step (with a new project?) you have a clip of the (show) screen that might be used during a performance. (I am very sure that this screen btw is produced with more professional tools)
- with Crop/Zoom and Pan tool you can now pan over the collage of collages to every moment show different parts of the overall. You can add blurriness at this stage and other effects if you want to. And even add in an extra track a performer even with chroma key if you want to.
So not easy, not trivial, but doable, even with PD 365.
Let us know of the outcome, will you?

Many thanks

I like what they have done with this overlay segment and realize it is extremely high end stuff however I would like to do a similar thing.

How do I achieve this?

I see the Multiple Frame in PiP Overlay but not sure how to get the video or image into those boxes.

Any guidance please?


How do I make an image come in from the side twiting then settle in the middle, like TV adds do?

I have 365.

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