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Just some further info.

My NVIDIA VNR works ok with content up to 1080 HD. Over 1080, it becomes unavailable and greyed out. I haven't tested in a wide range of circumstances, but content is apparently one variable?

The Help file has this:

Video Denoise
This tool removes video noise from a video clip, including High-ISO and TV signal noise. If your computer's GPU supports NVIDIA Broadcast, you will have the following options:
•Apply CyberLink Video Denoise to reduce video noise: select this option to use the video denoise technology from CyberLink. Once enabled, drag the Denoise Degree slider to increase or decrease the level of denoise on the video.
Note: if your computer's GPU does not support NVIDIA Broadcast, this is the only option available.
•Apply NVIDIA Video Noise Removal: select this option to use the AI video denoise technology** from NVIDIA. Once enabled, drag the Effect strength slider to increase or decrease the level of denoise on the video.
Note: ** this feature requires Windows 11 or 10, 8 GB of RAM, and a GPU that supports NVIDIA Broadcast. See this FAQ for detailed requirement information. Optional feature in CyberLink PowerDirector. Check the version table on our web site for detailed versioning information

the FAQ is here

I suggest you raise a ticket with support and see if they have any info to shed light on the issue?

PowerDirector Moderator

So you're correct!

NVIDIA Video noise reduction worked on HD 1080p footage, but it becomes greyed out on 4k footage. Cyberlink needs to note somewhere that that feature works only on up to 1080p resolution. Which makes sense since it's more difficult to get grainy footage on 4k... although I managed somehow to get a lot of noise on the night shooting....

Thank you!
I have the same version of 365 as yours, but not Business.
After the latest update of PWD, "Apply NVIDIA Video Noise Removal" is greyed out. It was such a good tool. What happened? I have both NVIDIA experience, NVIDIA Broadcast, and NVIDIA Studio, the latest driver installed.
Sometimes I have a video, or especially audio narrations tracks with long pauses. Then I have to do the tedious work of cutting all those pauses out. Is there a way to have power director 365 or audio director, truncate and cut those unneeded parts out, by detecting the silence? That would help save a lot of time. Or maybe someone knows about other tools out there.
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