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After watching some videos on AD the how-to is now clearer and app is working fine. thx.
I use the MIX function in AD9.
Track 1 has music.
When I record the the microphone on Track 2 the slider on Track 1 is extremely sluggish.
To make a change in track 1, the slider is so slow, which makes it difficult to create a simple mix.
Scenario: play track1 music, 3 seconds record mcrophone on track 2, volume low on track 1. almost impossible due to slow response of the slider1.

So I checked the system requirements and I think I have sufficient power in my system.

INTEL XEON 4-core processor. 2,5 GHz.
The resource monitor (W10) shows my CPU Total mainly under 50%. CPU 0,1,2,3 mainly under 40%.

My microphone is a Logitech HD PRO Webcam C920.

When I stop my recording it takes a couple of seconds before I get control (my hourglass prohibits any action).

My disks are hi-speed (15K rpm), RAID.
I suspect the cache (if any in AD9) that it should be moved to a different disk (?)
Or any requirements to a microphone?

Is there any installation test for AD9?
like a simple scenario, to check if the installation is OK.
I'm new to the mix function. I use AD already for many years always in combination with PD.
When I use an isolated function like record only on track1 the recording is smooth.
then mixing track1 and 2 work ok with the sliders.
Is that the way AD should be used that you use pre-recorded tracks??

Pls advice. Thx. -Eric
Hi Shadowman,
Yes, I can add an audio track. but this is not what I really wanted. The audio track is not selectable from the player.
When you render the project you will end up with two mixed audio tracks.
Think of a video with two language tracks.
It is either Track 1 or Track 2.
I used the VLC player to test. And when I played the video, VLC showed me only ONE track.
Thanks, e.

is it possible to make a PD13 video with multiple audio tracks?

I play my video's with Azure Media Player. The player gives me now a track 0 and and a track 1 that gives me the same audio.

Any suggestions how to add a new track 2 ?

I am not even sure if you add the track at rendering time or it is a seperate resource on the media service side.

Thanks, -Eric
Thanks for your update, I found my invoice with the required files info.
Need to contact Tech Support to wnload the files again, the original download link was not valid anymore (2 months !)
Hi, this is about how can you check that you have a complete installation of PowerDirector 13. I miss objects now.

I also installed W10 and did some disk cleanup, maybe too much.

For example the Title room, All content, I see only 15 objects appear, of which 5 custom objects.

Particle room, All content, 3 objects of which 2x 3D objects and 1x a Download object.

I remember from previous projects I had many more objects in the different rooms.

I also remember when I first installed PD13 I had 3 files to install, but I cannot find them so I just re-installed only the PD13 exe after download from the CyberLink site as TRIAL Where can I download the other two files?

Any advice is appreciated. -Eric

I just purchased the PowerDirector 13 Ultra license.

Installation went ok, I guess. I used the PD ULTRA.exe file and the AudioDirector 5 Ultra.exe.

However I have this huge PowerDirector 13 Content Pack Essential (4.6 GB) that sits there idle

likewise PowerDirector 13 Content Pack Premium (483 MB), PowerDirector Content Pack 13 (empty)

Any hint how to access the data in the designed manner?

Thanks, -Eric
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