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Audiodirector 9 sluggish when recording a new track
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I use the MIX function in AD9.
Track 1 has music.
When I record the the microphone on Track 2 the slider on Track 1 is extremely sluggish.
To make a change in track 1, the slider is so slow, which makes it difficult to create a simple mix.
Scenario: play track1 music, 3 seconds record mcrophone on track 2, volume low on track 1. almost impossible due to slow response of the slider1.

So I checked the system requirements and I think I have sufficient power in my system.

INTEL XEON 4-core processor. 2,5 GHz.
The resource monitor (W10) shows my CPU Total mainly under 50%. CPU 0,1,2,3 mainly under 40%.

My microphone is a Logitech HD PRO Webcam C920.

When I stop my recording it takes a couple of seconds before I get control (my hourglass prohibits any action).

My disks are hi-speed (15K rpm), RAID.
I suspect the cache (if any in AD9) that it should be moved to a different disk (?)
Or any requirements to a microphone?

Is there any installation test for AD9?
like a simple scenario, to check if the installation is OK.
I'm new to the mix function. I use AD already for many years always in combination with PD.
When I use an isolated function like record only on track1 the recording is smooth.
then mixing track1 and 2 work ok with the sliders.
Is that the way AD should be used that you use pre-recorded tracks??

Pls advice. Thx. -Eric
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After watching some videos on AD the how-to is now clearer and app is working fine. thx.
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