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here it is
My screenshot is attached.
Tried to blur edges and found out there is no blur effect available.

I have Photo version 8.
Video link: VIDEO

Picture of screenshot link: SCREENSHOT
I checked that post already. I dont have anything muted.

Thanks anyway.
URL isnt found. Can you paste again please?
I installed PD13 and first captured movie from my Panasonic GS320 was OK.

When I did second capture, problem occured. When I add captured video on timeline, it shows me video and sound. When I preview video, there is no sound. If I produced video, there is only video, without sound (sound isnt exported).

If I wath captured video via other app (GOM player), everything is ok. I tried also with free ivsEDIT app for editing videos and everything was fine.
I have same problem, but audio is not muted.

But only captured files doest have preview sound (it had sound when I first run).
I have a same problem.

Did you fix it?
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