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I want to create an dia show. I added all images manually. Now some of them are actually rotated. I want to rotate these images by 90° or even flip them lr or ud.

How can I achieve that?

SW is PowerDirector 17 V. 3005.
I have Director 17 Ultra (17.0.2727.0 / VD190329-02) and created a film from photos.
(Not using the dia-show feature)

No I played with title effects and this modified the time of some photos.
I want to reset them to 4 s. Currently these are 1s.

I could not find out how to do it.
Quote Yes, that's right. "Bewegung" = Motion ""laughing""

Here's a little screen capture showing how you can change image durations in Customise...

Correct, but I can not change the fade effect length. This is by default 2 seconds, which is much too long.

No - you cannot change them all at once, or even multiple images. If you'd like to do that you'd be better off working in the timeline, or using Tools > Pan & Zoom.

Pan & Zoom is great, but the Dia Show applies this automatically and uses an AI to detect heads and interesting parts and zoom to them. For me this means the software has a great auto feature that is not modifiable and a fine grade adjustment feature that has no auto features. Its not a bug, but looks like two product managers designed two different parts and never talked which each other.
Quote Hi pospiech02 -

The best way to do what you're asking is to manually build the slideshow in the timeline.

I did this, but since it is unusable to change the duration for each picture (out of 150) I changed it for the programm completely
using this guidline

If you use the Motion slideshow template, you can customise the duration of each photo - that might suit your purposes.

Which one do you mean? I have only the german translation. I added a screenshot.
The one titled "Bewegung" (means motion) does not allow to set a duration
I have Director 17 Ultra (17.0.2727.0 / VD190329-02) and want to create a film from photos.

The software has the function dia show. I can select photos and let the software create a film out of it.
This is very useful, for example currently I have a set of 150 photos from a birthday party and want to create a film.

However I miss basic functionallity. I would like to

  • determinde and change the fading time and the effects

  • change the time for showing the picture for all pictures at once.

I could however not find any of these. Typically I want to have a simple fade out/in with length 1 s

If this is not possible within the diashow. How can I add a single fade effect for 150 pictures at once?

If I should have missed a documentation that guides me to all these problems please tell me where I can find it.

I downloaded today the demo aof PD 16. It installed fine.

However If I try to start it, nothing happens. Not process is created.
If I need a hotfix, I need to know from where I can get it.
If any other information is necessary to help me, please tell me which.
I have photos created with my Nikon D5100 (3:2 format).
The video has 16:9 format. That mean all photos are added with a black line on the left and right.
I can cut all images to 16:9, but that needs to be done for every single image.
Can this be done automatically ?

Version is Powerdirector 13 Ultra with latest updates.
Quote: Since your video card is ATI HD 6850, I would bet it is an issue with the video drivers.
I read here on forum something similar, I think it was PlaySound that mentioned it.

I could not find any search function in this forum. Can you post a link to the thread?
That did not change anything.
Everything in resolution below HD (< 1920x1080) and HD with interlaced supports video encoding with H264, p-variants and higher resolutions do not.

Since I want to produce 1920x1080/24p I can not use video encoding.

Is this now because of the codec, the possibilites of PD13 or my graphics card?
Sure I have read the guide. I had just not found the Attachments button, because I did not expect it to be next to Options...

I have now attached the DXDiag File for 64 bit as a zip file.
Thank you. That was not obvious. I would rather expect it in the audio room.
I applied the normalization of audio to my movie.
This works, but it consists of only single video with background music cut into several pieces.
Now every part of this movie has a different background music level, which sound simply wrong.

I would now like to remove all normalization settings, however setting the db to zero does this only for single time point, not for the whole clip nor the whole film.

So how can I reset the audio to the original state?
I experience that my H264 videos only support on selected options (for example interlaced 50i) hardware encoding.
Most are not supported. I would like to know if this is codec depended or has to do with my system.

I can provide a DxDiag file, but this edit window does not support any attachment, therefore I do not know how to provide the file.
I have projects created in PD13. If I reopen them and go directly or after editing to produce, all settings are reset to default.
Thus no code, fileformat, not even the filename and folder is remembered.

Am I missing something, is this by design ?? or a bug?
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