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Nobody here can tell you. We don't know what kind of system you have, whether you have a dedicated GPU, what kind of edits you've made, what profile you intend to produce to, or any of the other dozen or so factors that can affect producing time.

On a fast machine using SVRT, you might plow through that whole video in a couple minutes. If you're producing to H.265 without a dedicated GPU, it could take days.

The best way to get an estimate is to simply start producing! The "Time Remaining" window will give you an estimate based on the kind of work is needed at the current timeline location.

If your edits are fairly consistent throughout your project, the estimate should be pretty accurate. However, if there are places with lots of color changes or other intensive types of edits, the estimate may be too low, and you'll see the remaining time start to creep up when PD produces the more challenging sections.

I have an old XPs L720 with 6 GB mem, 17 2630QM processor Nvidia gforce GT555m. My editing is pretty simple nothing fancy but even the editing is taking a lifetime! Is computer not up to it? Declan Chalmers
how long would 40 GB take to render in Director16
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