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Thanks for the prompt reply! This is exactly what I'm seeing in all of my PD Suite apps, less so in PD but the Wave Editor and Audio Director are pretty much as you showed - unreadable. My monitor is set to the exact same setting as yours.

Quote Hello geokr,

I don't believe Wave Editor has the ability to scale itself based on display settings, but AudioDirector should.

Please look at these UHD monitor screenshots and compare them to with what you see on your display

Wave Editior





My monitor is set to 3840x2160 with text scaling se to 175%

I upgraded my Power Director Suite so I could begin 4k editing and, concurrently, my LG computer display to 4k. The fonts in Audio Director and Wave Editor are now only about 20% of their former size and nearly unreadable. All my other Windows apps seem to be just fine. What's up?
Quote Presumably you have set your graphics adapter to 3840x2160 to match the native resolution of your monitor. Have you tried setting your resolution a little lower? I drive my monitor at 2560x1440 and leave the display setting at 100% and find that everything works well at that.

Thanks, tried that but no real improvement. Guess I'll have to upgrade.
I upgraded to a 4K monitor and all my text and icons in the app are now unreadably small. Chaning the display settings all the way up to 380% didn't help much. Does PD11 even support 4K? Kins pointless to have it if it doesn't.
I have PD11 on windows 10 and recently upgraded to a 4K monitor. The text and icons are unreadably small even though all other apps are fine with the display set at 225%. Going larger to 380 max doesn't help much. Is PD11 even capable of supporting a 4K monitor? I was thinking about upgrading but if this is the best I can do then I'm not going to waste more money.
Is there any way to control the speed of the Magic Motion effects, especially slow them down? In the Motion Designer I've tried shortening the length of the arrow but am still getting motion that is too rushed.
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