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at first i was having problems, but have done some things to make it work smoother, i can check later and let you know what i changed, maybe it will help ya.
hello are there any free luts that can be added to colordirector? hopefully that makes sense as i am new
sorry i dont have any advice, but i am also looking at upgrading to a better laptop with nivida, i would think the same as you as to it should work great! from what i have seen isnt adding shadow files the same as converting to proxy? although i have a slow laptop right now im able to do 1080 without to much issues.
thanks guys i will try both!
can i use Proxy videos in powerdirector?
Thank you! yes i have checked that. is 434mb a big file? i converted it to mpeg2 and it brought it down to around 200 but it did not play well, like slow motion. whats the right way to convert to a proxy?
well changing the settings helped it is still lagging in quality.
ok yes i have mine set like yours, the speed and movement is good, but is not a clear video its very blury and grainy.

in colordirector i changed it and it improved the quality but it is moving in slow motion, i was prompted that my video was 59.94 but timeline was 29.97?
thank you for your reply! i dont get a window like you showed, when i go to preveiw i select normal veiw... but that does not help.
hello! im having the same issues, i am running 12g ddr4 memory on intel core 15-6200u 2.3hz i even converted video to a 720 reolution but still in color and powerdirector it is very poor quality, plays fine right from my sd card in media player?
someone please help! lol i have tried getting tips for a month every where. yesturday i added 8g of ram so now im at 12g i converted my video to a lower resolution still does not play
hello, im new to powerdirector i have powerdirector 15 suite, while in colordirector of powerdirector when i import video it looks good till i drag the clips to the time line then they get blurry choppy and not clear. these are around 3-5 minute clips i took with my drone, hoping someone might be able to help me,

this is the info on the clip

mp4/file size is 136.7mb/ typeh.264avc/ bitrate 9.29mps/ resolution 1920/ frame rate 59.94fs/aspect 16.9

I have intel core i5-6200u 2.3ghz with turbo boost up to 2.8ghz

intel HD graphics 520 up to 2112 MB Dynamic video memory

12gb ddr 4 memory 1T HDD

I am having the same issue, video plays good from sd using media player when i import to powerdirector "15" its clear till i drag it to the time line then it looks like a toy camera took it.
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