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Learn to use keyframes with the PowerDirector app.

PowerDirector and Shutterstock prohibit accessing the Shutterstock files outside of PowerDirector. You are violating your license agreement if you do.

The following statement is taken from the Shutterstock section of the EULA

"You shall not do the following:
- download or otherwise access the raw Shutterstock Content data files outside of the SOFTWARE;"
Do these 5 things to fix video lag.

Wavy distortion text is awesome!

Turn videos into cartoons!

Create an end credits roll for your next movie.

3 tools you can use to rotate and flip your videos.

Fix fast video rendering technology in under 3 minutes.

Render videos faster than ever before and get on with your life!

Create a MrBeast style YouTube intro with PowerDirector.

Green screen video in under 3 minutes!

Accentuate motion in your videos with a video motion overlay using the PowerDirector mobile app.

Maybe the PC version will implement the new AI background removal tool that was added to the PowerDirector iOS app recently?

Forum Background Removal Post

One can only dream...
Get your glow on with this unique motion trail effect in PowerDirector.

There has been a bit of a trend at CuyberLink lately where a lot of their focus has been on the iOS app. I asked them about the new features being released on iOS vs Android a few weeks back and I was satisfied with their response which you can see below.

CyberLink Reply

CyberLink Reply

Since then CyberLink added a new Cutout tool to the iOS app which is not on Android AND it isn't even on Windows.

Many PowerDirector Windows users on my YouTube channel and social media pages are prety upset about this. They have been asking for a feature like this for years and have received nothing. The feeling is that the loyal customers who have been with PD for years on PC are now taking a back seat to iOS users. What are your thoughts?
Remove any background from any video using the Cutout tool in PowerDirector Mobile.

Get you some of this pencil sketch!!!

Make your mobile videos stand out using these effects.

Create an easy light animation text effect for your next video.

Edit like MrBeast and add custom fonts using the PowerDirector mobile app.

Make your own spinning 3D logo using PowerDirector.

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