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No issues here.
Quote HI Ive just edited a new video and can hear the motor of the telescopic lens ( or whatever its called now) on the audio when I move the lens in and out. Is there any way I can mitigate or remove it from the audio?

There are additional Noise Removal toosl in the Aduio Editor which I show here.

If a section of the audio contains the noise you can use Audio Director to remove a section of noise. I show how to do that here.
Quote I have been using PowerDirector for several years....

I prefer to 'own' the software I purchase, so doubt I will be upgrading.

I was already forced into the subscription game with Adobe, so have their video editing software at my disposal.... not sure why I would want '2' subscriptions of video editing software.

Anybody have experience with Adobe Premier Pro ? How does it compare to PowerDirector?

Adobe Premiere is a powerful video editing program with lots of great features. With that being said it can be quite complex and it has a huge learning curve. I have it the old CS6 version on my machine but I never use it. Adobe only offers a subscription model while (as TDK stated) CyberLink offers a PowerDirector subscription or a stand alone license for PowerDirector. If you already have Adobe and don't mind paying the subscription you should probably stick with Adobe. If you are subscription model averse and don't need to use all of the extras on Premiere Pro you might prefer to go with PowerDirector. You can get a free trial of PowerDirector (although it is an extremely scaled down version of the product).
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A quick look using shows the last time handbrake was checked as up was 22 Oct 20:47 Pacific Time.
There have been 5 checks since then (latest 23rd Oct 16:46) all reporting the server/site is down.

There is no explanation given.

Using Spiceworks Traceroute results in :
"Did not reach after 1m30s
We could not reach the destination host in the allotted time permitted.
This could be caused by the host not accepting TCP packets on port 80."

So can't help further on that one!

PowerDirector Moderator

Thank you for your reply. I just checked and the site is back up again! I wasn't checking it daily or anything so that's great news.
I regularly recommend Handbrake to PowerDirector users when they have issues with audio being out of sync, changing frame rates, importing files with certain codecs, and other reasons. Close to a month ago I recommended Handbrake to a user and when they went to the Handbrake site they received the message "This site can’t be reached. unexpectedly closed the connection." The site has had that message since then and I have not heard anything about this on any other forum or website. So I have a few questions for my PD Peeps:

Does anyone know what's going on with Handbrake?

What free video transcoder would you recommend now that we are unable to download Handbrake?

Appreciate your help.
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