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It’s that time again. Our basic editing video for PD 18 is online. Learn how to make video that doesn’t suck using PowerDirector 18.
Quote Thanks, Maliek!

Youre welcome my friend.

Nice. cool

PowerDirector 18 was released today. This interview with David Morgan of CyberLink will give you insight into some of the new features.
Let's fake somebody out! Learn how to make fake camera movements in post using the PIP Designer in CyberLink PowerDirector 17.
Learn how to create an instant Zoom or jump cut using PowerDirector Mobile.
Create that cinematic film look on your smartphone or tablet using PowerDirector.
Let’s get jumpy! Learn how to jump cut with PowerDirector 17 and PowerDirector 365.

The attached link is from an email CyberLink sent last month. It states that PowerDirector 18 will be released this month (see bottom of page).

August CyberLink Email

I was happy to see them call it PowerDirector 18. Maybe I'm just too literal for my own good or I'm just getting old and crotchety but I'm tired of people calling it 365. If CyberLink would remove the "365" branding from the product and just offer options for lifetime licenses or subscriptions then it would be much less confusing. Maybe even call it PowerDirector 18 - 365. No matter which version you get in September it will be PowerDirector 18:

  1. PowerDirector 18 Ultra - Lifetime license

  2. PowerDirector 18 Ultimate - Lifetime license

  3. PowerDirector 18 - 365 Annual subscription

I was just wondering...with the second iteration of the annual subscription rolling out will CyberLink stop referring to PowerDirector as PowerDirector 365?

I doubt it...rant complete. laughing

What are your thoughts?
Quote My apologies -

I left out a vital thing... in Preferences > Confirmation, make sure you have "... confirm captured snapshot file name" checked.


OOPS - Tony

Good catch brother. We all make mistakes sometimes. Thanks for sharing!
It’s not double vision, it’s the perfect clone! Learn how to make a clone in PowerDirector 17 and PowerDirector 365.

Stop time in it's tracks! Learn how to make the time freeze effect using the mask designer in PowerDirector 17.
Quote This for example is the transition pack, Download the trial and it'll install a Newblue installer sorta like Adobe Creative Cloud. Once it installs you'll see it automatically in PowerDirector

Here You can see it added a new category to the transitions. They are all watermarked but you can get an idea of what they do.

Awesome! Thanks for sharing where the free trial links are. That is cool that the Transitions work with PD. Wonder why good ole PD isn't meantioned on the compatibility page for that product. I was really wondering if Titler Pro 7 Ultimate works with PD since it is part of TotalFX. Can you confirm that? It would be great if it works.

I downloaded all of the trials of the packs that are in Total FX and they all worked with PD so I don't see why it wouldn't work but I messaged them on Twitter just to be sure.

This is a pack of plugins that are not compatible with PD. I do not see an offer to download any trial versions of the plugins. Can you share the link to download the trial versions?

Thank you.
Quote Hello Maliek,

The rankings are:

- Newbie
- Member
- Senior Member
- Contributor
- Senior Contributor


Thank you.
Every member of the forum has a ranking underneath his/her avatar.


Can you provide a list of all the member rankings in order from lowest to highest?

Thank you.
Quote Newblue has a monthly subscription for all the effects transitions in one package. The best deal is you put $230 up front and pay 20 a month. It is compatible with PD I know because I downloaded the trials and you have a lot of customization options.

But would it be worth it? For me to really make it worth it they would have to update the subscription with new packs as they get released but what do you think?


This product isn't compatible with PowerDirector Totalfx Compatibility

If you want NewBlueFX products that are compatible with PowerDirector you can get the 365 subscription and you can buy additional products at the NewBlueFX Legacy Product Vault.
Hello PowerDirector users.

If you have a Facebook account and you're interested in an additional resource to get assistance with PowerDirector please feel free to join the PowerDirector group on Facebook. Just like the CyberLink Community forum, there are lots of friendly users and moderators ready to help. If you're already a member of our Facebook Group feel free to leave a comment below on your experience.

Have a great day and we hope to see you on Facebook.

PowerDirector Users Facebook Group
Presto cheero disappearo! Learn how to make the invisible@cloak effect with PowerDirector Mobile
Learn how to make a ghost using PowerDirector Mobile.
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