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Add more than 2500 photos to your timeline to create a long time lapse.

Quote Greetings all!

Is there a way to do scrolling credits without the annoying shamrocks floating around? That seems to be the only template for scrolling credits I can find in PD.

Also, is there any way to get rid of the default clips that show up in the media library every time I start a new project? My music videos are not likey to need a shot of a dude skateboarding.


This video will show you how to remove and replace the sample clips in the media library. Enjoy the program!

Split, trim, and remove sections of your videos to make them juuuust right!

Quote Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for all the input. I think it may have been me being dumb, although I was pretty sure that I tried this yesterday.

If I hit O to mark an out point the missplaced marker now jumps to the new location (I don't think it was doing this yesterday but I could be wrong). Therefore I can now move it enough to place a new in marker so effectively problem solved as if I don't need the second portion of the precut I can simply leave it out or remove it.

The dark markers do not let you drag them.

@ Maliek, love your tutorial videos.

All the best

I'm glad you were able to solve the issue. Thanks for watching my content.
Quote ...while doing a multi clip precut, I mark in, then mark out. If i then accidentally place another out marker, I cannot see how to remove or delete it. Even if I try to mark another section of the same clip the accidental marker stays. The correctly placed markers allow me to drag them around on the time slider but one that was placed by mistake or out of logical sequence doesnt show the double arrow to move it.


Can you provide a screen shot of your issue and highlight or point out the marker you want to remove?
Quote Hi PowerDirector Team,

I would appreciate having the ability to apply a Motion Tracker inside the Crop & Zoom feature. For example, I would like to crop my video frame and then have the frame follow the tracked object.

When I looked at the Motion Tracker originally, I noticed that the software does have the ability to track objects. But looking among the other features, I could not find a way to crop the video while following a tracked object.

If this feature is already included somewhere, please let me know.


This is a user forum which is NOT monitored by CyberLink. We are a group of users who volunteer our time to help other users.

If you would like the people at CyberLink to see your feature request go to PowerDirector > File > Rate Us & Provide Suggestions.
Personalize your next DVD with a custom DVD menu.

Quote Trying to produce a 4K video on my Ipad Mini 5 64gb but it keeps crashing back to the desktop almost imediatly after starting. I have cleared all back ground apps and have rebooted.

Please help.

You can also send feedback and a screen shot directly to CyberLink in the app; Settings > Send Feedback
Quote I downloaded several tracks to my phone for using in Action Director as background music, but the app doesn't recognize the files even when I have confirmed the files are in the correct location. Please advise. Files are .mp3 format.

I have not used Action Director but the information on the Google Play store states that you should have the capability to add background music. Have you attempted to reach out to CyberLink to obtain support? In PowerDirector Mobile you can go to Settings > Send Feedback to send an email and a screenshot of your issue directly to CyberLink. Try looking in Action Director under settings to see if the Send Feedback option exists.
Create dynamic camera movement in your next video or slideshow using PowerDirector Mobile.

Quote Hi
I would like to be able to select a clip on the timeline and then drag it to a desired location but to leave the playhead in its original place.

I'm not aware of a means to leave the playhead at a position on a clip and then select the clip without the playhead moving. Your work a round using markers is the best solution that I'm aware of.

If you'd like to send your suggestion to CyberLink you'll need to do so in the program by going to: File > Rate Us & Provide Suggestions.
Quote I downladed and installed several fx packs but they don't seem to show up in the menus eg. faded luts and light leaks pack.
Where can I find these in the powerdirector 18 please?
James B

Hello James. Can you provide the names of the fx packs you installed and where you got them from (CyberLink installer, DirectorZone, etc.)?

In the mean time this video on downloads might be useful to you.

1. Which PowerDirector is the best to use or the most current one?
2. What Green Screen that doesn't wrinkle much and what lights to use is best?
3. What camera is good for taking videos to upload in Youtube?

  1. PowerDirector 18 - I prefer using the current version as it has the most up to date features. The Chroma Key tool is not as good as it used to be. PowerDirector 16 has the best Chroma Keyer IMHO. If you don't mind spending the extra money Get PD 18 and the NewBlue Essentials VI which includes a plug-in called Chroma Key pro. Chroma Key Pro Tutorial

  2. In my opinion the best green screen options which minimize wrinkles are:

    • Paint a wall using green screen paint

    • Hang a paper green screen roll

    • Use a foam-backed polyester wrinkle resisitant green screen.

    • You can use any lights with a high CRI rating as long as you set them up correctly. Watch lighting green screen tutorials on YT

  3. There are a plethora of great cameras for YouTube out there. If there was a best camera for YouTube every YouTuber would be using it. I prefer Canon cameras. I have a Canon EOS R and a Canon C200. Create a budget for a camera, do your research around the features of the cameras that suit your needs (4K, FPS, HDR, battery life, etc.), read reviews on those cameras and select from there.

Regardless of all the tools listed here, if you do not know how to use them you can still end up with subpar results. Learning how to use the tools will be essential to obtaining good results.
Quote I thought I read on FB someone wrote this: If you can explain that would be great.

I'm not sure what you would like me to explain but I will try.

The post is directing you to use the PIP Designer or Preview Window to resize the four clips so you can see them all at the same time by placing one clip in each corner.

  • You can then select all the clips (Hold Down CTRL + Left mouse click each clip)

  • Select the SYNC button above the timeline.

  • If the clips do not have audio you can't use the SYNC button and you will have to manually sync the clips br using ALT+Left or right arrow to nudge them into place frame by frame.

  • Use the play and pause buttons (or the space bar) to play and stop the video where you want. Or you can drag the playhead to the timestamp you want.

  • Once you have selected a place where you want a specific camera angle to show, make sure MOVIE is selected under the preview window

  • Press the split button. This will split all the clips.

  • Select the three clips you don't want to be visible

  • Click the trash bin, and select Delete and Leave gap.

Not sure if I made that any clearer or if I muddied th waters...
Quote Hi. I want to be able to choose which angle is playing at different time stamps without having to do the record function, which in real time is going to take much longer as you have to play the whole video and then press the camera angles, etc

Is there a manual way to do this ?

As Steve stated you have to use the record button in the Multicam Designer. There is no manual option in the multicam designer. It is meant to automate the process. It would be nice if you could sync the clips to the audio and select which clip you want to play at a specific timestamp but that's not an option.

If you know which clip you want to select at specific timestamps it would be best to edit the traditional way on the timeline. You can place each clip and any external audio into separate timeline tracks, hold down CTRL, left click on each clip, and left click the SYNC button above the timeline to sync up all of the clips by audio. Then you can split and delete segments of the clips accordingly to view clips at specific timestamps. I prefer creating multicam videos on the timeline but this may be due to the fact that I'm old school.

Got some new film that you want to look like old film? You can make old time movies in minutes using a few simple effects and PowerDirector.

This feature isn't working in the current version of ColorDirector. CyberLink is aware of the issue. Hopefully they provide a pacth to fix it or they address it in the next version of the software.

There is a thread in the ColorDirector forum which provides a temporary work around for this issue.

If you need additional assistance you can request it there so others can follow the issue in one thread.
Quote I am trying to edit the 4k files produced by my DJI drone on my Acer Chromebook which is a not very powerful machine. I found that the mobile app suggests that I should convert the files down to standard HD within the app before editing. I have done this to create a successful edit.

I think the title of this thread might need to be edited as your machine is not creating proxy/shadow files it is converting the files to HD so that they can be edited and produced. I think it changing the itle would minimize confusion. Just my opinion.
Quote Wow, just changed my PC and now I have rendering while playing 4K in the timeline !
Is this something new or is it just something I've been missing all these years?
Anyway, it's a brilliant step

Hiiii Kyyyyle! (Couldn't help myself from making the Family Guy reference - Google it).

If I undertand your question the render preview function has been around since PD 11.

When the previews of your project are not so smooth, the automatic render preview feature reduces lagging.
Quote Not a single pack has any transitions coming with it. They have a lot of effects and particles and so on, but nothing that was particuarly interesting for me. Did I miss something?

That is correct the packs do not include transitions. I think Optodata was simply stating that the packs have the most interesting content, not that this is where the missing transitions are. Essentials is a scaled back version of the program and this is why it doesn't have all of the transitions that the paid versions have.
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