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Fix shaky video using this simple tool.

Add a countdown, timer, or time stamp to your next video.

Quote Thanks for all the follow-up work you've been doing!

I sure hope YT's new system will be a reliable method for avoiding false copyright claims. It's so much better to know up front rather than being flagged months or years later.

I'm hoping for the best. We shall see how it works.

Feast your eyes on these 8 advanced PowerDirector editing tips for Android and iPhone.

Check out the updates that CYberLink dropped in March for the PowerDirector video editor app.

We are beginning to see questions on the PowerDirector for Mac version of the software. Because this is a different operating system and the issues and/or solutions may be different than the ones for the PC version of PowerDirector can a new section be added under the CyberLink Product Zone of the forum? Maybe a section called PowerDirector for Mac?
Maybe there should be a section on the Index for PowerDirector for Mac. That way all of the conversations for Mac can be grouped into one area.
Quote Since trying PDMobile the first time I was limited on how many timelines could contain video, one, and two image timelines.
This was disappointing but seemed to be a limit of my processor or version of Android.
My tablet is a lowly Samsung T290 with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 429 and 2gig RAM.
The 429 is not yet listed on the PD Mobile support page.
Well, something, some update changed either by Samsung, Android, or Cyberlink, thank you.
I now can have THREE overlay video timelines, it is a much more capable and more fun app.
If you were unable to use multiple video layers last time you tried PDM, check again

That's awesome news Barry! I wish we knew what the exact cause was (processor update, CyberLink update, etc.) so we know exactly who would be seeing more overlay tracks. Either way this is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy these quick shortcuts to insert your clips into your projects. You're welcome. wink

Check out the latest PowerDirector updates for 365 subscribers.

Check out my video editing workflow and learn 8 steps you need to create better videos.

Quote I thought that the time of the video being over 15 minutes was the problem but the problem still persist. It happens when I try to produce a 4k video, and never at the same spot. It just crashes back to the Ipad desktop. I have no issues with 1080p or lower, just 4K.

Are you producing 4K 60p or 4K 30p?

CyberLink PowerDirector iOS hardware requirements for 4K video editing and producing
Quote Hello. Whenever I log in, I can't open my project because it says the media files cannot be found. They were on a removable disk (hard drive) but I never had this problem until today. I did not change any names of any files and I can open them on my computer, but not on PowerDirector for some reason. Please help!! Using Chromebook.

Have you tried clearing the cache to make the app connect to the files again? Unless you chose to save ypur PowerDirector files to an alternate location the project files are stored under: My Files > Internal Storage > PowerDirector > projects.
Quote Turns out it was due to a different problem: a second monitor I had plugged into my machine via USB-C to HDMI adapter. Once I unplugged the monitor, files and folders read no problem.

Apprecaite the update to the solution.
Quote Greetings: I've been using PowerDirector on Android for about a year. However I just upgraded to an iPad Air. With ios14.3 and can't for the life of me figure out how to install my fonts into PowerDirector. I've got the paid version if that makes a difference. And I'm definitely an iOS newbie.


Did you contact support and were you able to find a solution?
Quote In reference to my question, please see image attachment. Q: Why is the video clip in the timeline editor different than what is playing? This is happening repeatedly. Very confusing when editing. What is going on?

Have you tried clearing the cache of the app to see if that resets the files?

Go to Settings > Apps > PowerDirector > Storage > Clear Cache (bottom of the page).
Quote The PowerDirector Mobile app only runs on Android and iOS systems, so unless your laptop is a Chromebook you can't run the mobile app on it.

If your laptop runs Windows (or is a Mac), you'll need to use the full version of PD, which is completely separate from the mobile app as far as purchasing/subscribing goes.

The same is true for those with a PowerDirecotor iOS subscription who wish to use PowerDirector for Mac and vice versa.
Have you tried clearing the cache of the app?

Hoepfully this works on the Chromebook OS. Go to Settings > Apps > PowerDirector > Storage > Clear Cache (bottom of the page).
Deleted projects can't be retrieved. Unless you chose to save ypur PowerDirector files to an alternate location the project files are stored under: My Files > Internal Storage > PowerDirector > projects.
Quote HI,
Need help!

I am using a chromebook and dont see the speed tool on the tool ribbon any more?

Where did it go?

thanks haeffnkr

Speed is only available for clips on the main video track. If you have a clip on the overlay track the Speed tool is not available.
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