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Get glitchy up in here! Learn to mask video and apply effects and LUTs to make your subject glitch in your videos.
Learn to render your mobile videos so you can watch them on any device.

Learn tro make your videos pump to the beat of the music with the Bass Pump effect.

Let's shake things up with the shake effect in PowerDirector 18.

Turn your smartphone into an X-Ray machine with PowerDirector Mobile.

Let's go Indy! Learn how to make the Indiana Jones Map Animation effect using PowerDirector 18.

Quote I am a new user, but am jumping into green-screen editing (composing multiple subjects onto a background), and of course realizing how much work, cost, and setup it takes to end up with a quality composition. (I don't have great lights or cameras).

However, I use my green screen with Zoom, and the quality is ASTOUNDING. no motion artifacts (green blurs), and none of the green haze around my shiny bald head. etc. etc.

I looked it up and discovered that the latest in background replacement is called "background matting", it is what Zoom is using, and I woudl presume what every video editng solution will have to implement soon to be competitive.

Will PowerDirector be introducing this anytime soon?

I would have to disagree with your assessment of background matting in it's present form. My experince with background matting in Zoom is that the color of the foreground is skewed. Once the technology is improved it would be a great addition to the video editing toolkit.
Quote Short of having to modify a clip (e.g. Fix.Enhanced and/or cropped etc.) and then rendering it out to reimport back into PD, is there a way to get such a modified clip into the video collage? I don't see way to modify the clip unless it is in the time line and collage does not seem to allow us to select a clip from the timeline.
Am I missing something obvious?

I'm not aware of a way to add a modified clip from the timeline to the video collage designer. Best option I can think of is to Produce just that section of the timeline and the rendered video will automatically appear in the media library window which can then be added to the video collage designer. This viedo will show you how to Produce a range of your timeline.

PowerDirector basic editing 101. Learn to use PowerDirector 19 in 12 minutes.

Quote Hi All

I need to create a video presentation for an upcoming wedding venue, and seek some advice for the correct software to purchase, to enable me to acheive the following.

I would like to create a split screen that contains both rolling photos, and also the odd video in either both or one screen as the presentation plays out.
I'm not sure if I will need the full Director Suite, as this will contain both video and photos in one presentation.

So basicallly is the split screen possible with multiple video and photos, and which software will enable me to acheive this please?

Any help appreciated, thanks.


PowerDirector is more than capable of fulfilling those needs. You do not need PhotoDirector. There are multiple ways to accomplish your goal. You can use the Collage Designer or you can manually create split screens using the PIP Designer or the Mask Designer. It really depends on what how you want to go about achieveing the look and how you compose your shots.
Quote Hi, as I upgraded mine to PD 19, I started experiencing masking issues. For example, if I increase the feather radius, mask gets twrown out of focus completely. Previously, it would just blur the edges but now applying masks became impossible.

Please, help

Are these masks from previous projects imported into PD or does this occur when creating the mask from scratch?
Make an impressive video intro without any professional equipment.

Quote Are we going to get some real color grading tools in this software? Enough with the effects that most of us will never use.

If you'd like CyberLink to consider adding professional collor grading tools to PowerDirector you can provide feedback using the program. Go to "File > Rate Us & Send Feedback"
I downloaded and installed the update on 9/17/20 as soon as I received the notification email from CyberLink. It took about 30 minutes to get PD up and running. That was longer than usual but I chalked it up as donwload demand.
Quote This is great! Thanks for showing off these new features. I'm eager to dig in and learn more about them myself!

While PD18 also had UHD preview resolution, PD19 seems to be able to play longer before the Serious Frame Drop Detected message comes up. Unlike PD18, if you choose the let PD pre-render the timeline, PD19 does so in small chunks whenever it's otherwise idle so it doesn't get in the way of editing.

Unfortunately, the rendered video is quite a bit lower in quality. A lower bitrate helps speed up the playback, but also completely defeats the purpose of having UHD preview. Take a look at the UHD Preview Resolution details of the source clip and the rendered version:

I've placed full size sceenshots from a 4K monitor along with the media details of both the source clip and PD-rendered version in this OneDrive folder. I strongly recommend not using the UHD preview setting if your PC keeps getting the Serious Frame Drop message.

Wow! That's a pretty significant drop in preview quality. Seems like the developers were focusing more on playback rather than quality.
Quote Thanks for the video - great job!

You’re welcome. Thanks for watching.
Quote Thanks Maliek for this great overview. And so quick. My new version is still downloading over the past 6 hours

You're welcome, that's one long download!
Get up to speed on 7 of the amazing new features in PowerDirector 19. What are your thoughts on these features and what do you wish would have been included in this update?

Create the glitch effect using PowerDirector Mobile and learn how to make a dual exposure effect that's really cool.

Quote OK thanks I already reinstalled it and there is no system update... So I'll try it ;

In the app go to "Settings > Send Feedback" to contact Cyberlink. They usually respond to you within a day or two.
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