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Jeff, a quick follow up. I see that using Search at DZ, I can retrieve missing things as needed, getting the specific old items if I know their names. Fine.

But PD15 doesn't have the direct DZ link at the upper left as in PD11. I'm getting to DZ by clicking the question mark then selecting "Download Free Templates." That looks like the only way to do that now. I wonder why Cyberlink took away the direct DZ link?

I thought maybe I'd find these missing "Tripod Cover" files at DZ - they're not there. Still a mystery why these new items are in the Program folder for PD15 but not showing up in the program.

Thanks, Jeff - Yes, yesterday I went to DirectorZone and re-downloaded the Titles, Frames, Particles, Motion Objects, Static Objects, and DVD menus which I had downloaded for PD11 but which were missing in this new install. Looks like I'll need to keep visiting DirectorZone to pick out more missing things - and, as you said in the other thread, that's a crazy thing to have to do, wading through 1,000+ things just to put back what Cyberlink inexplicably removed from the program. Why would people stop wanting all these Frames that were thrown out? Strange.

Regarding these Tripod files - Do they show up for anyone? As I've said, that folder shows 0 files in PD15, but all the Tripod files are there in the Program installation folder for PD15. That indicates something went wrong when I installed the program. Or, if nobody has those Tripod files, then it's a glitch Cyberlink needs to address.

Thanks again. It will just be an on-going project for awhile, doing whatever I can to try and fix this semi-broken installation - not what I expected to be doing with this Christmas present to myself!

Randy B.

Quote So I think you have what's included with PD15. For your PIP Frames inquiry, yes PD15 does not include all the PIP Frames from previous versions. As I indicated in the other thread, for those one needs to download from directorzone with the link I had supplied. The attached pic of PD11 shows the 31 frames you reference, so for Baby 001 it would be from directorzone

PD11 is the last version that contained those particular frames in PIP objects, they are not part of PD12, 13, 14, or 15 and one would need to download from directorzone.

JL_JL and tomasc, you guys are great. Thanks for helping out.

I purchased Director Suite 5 Ultimate. As requested, I'm attaching a screenshot of my install folder. As instructed, all the downloaded files are in the one folder from which I installed the program. You can see that I also put a MediaEspresso update file in this folder, along with the 2309 PD15 update patch, to keep all my current Cyberlink install files in one location.

The second attachment is the requested screenshot of my PiP Objects menu. You can see, for instance, that the new "Tripod Cover" folder is empty, even though all the files are in the installed folder for PD15 in my master Program folder. As mentioned in my post yesterday, none of the folders of Objects from previous versions of PD are listed. My PD11 program included files from PD11, 9 and 8 - a total of 118 Objects not to found in this new install.

So I could figure out what all is missing from PD11, I also did screenshots of FX, Particle Room, Titles and Transitions. When comparing those screenshots to PD11, I can see all of them have missing things.

Tomasc, what do you mean, "The 12 slides transitions in PD15 are all there. You can change the direction access the others." -- ? My Transitions menu shows 3 slides, not 12. I don't know what you mean, "change the direction"--?

Upgrading my music production software is what I've had the most experiece with. When upgrading, always, without exception, everything from previous versions is always included in the new package, along with whatever's been added or changed. I don't understand the concept that older items should be dropped.

"There are ways to get what you want back."--- OK - how? Haven't other people had the same experience of losing things? What, if anything, have they done to fix this problem?

Randy B.

Quote Dissatisfaction like what you voiced could lead to problems. New features, new items added could mean older features and older items dropped to satisfy the new market each year. A newer car of the same make/model can be much different from the same 10 years ago.

Content packs installed in one version of PD never carried over to any later versions. Newblue effects from previous versions are available for use in later versions if they are full versions instead of upgrade versions purchased. You pay less you get less.

The 12 slides transitions in PD15 are all there. You can change the direction to access the others.

I once thought keeping all the old versions of PD allow me do perform the older tasks better but I find that I don’t access them except to answer questions.

Edit: I see that Jeff has answered while I was still typing. Hope this may clear up some disreprency that you see. There are ways to get what you want back.

---and from JL_JL

in regards to rbowser
From what you describe it appears maybe you didn't get all the
downloads if a online purchase, they didn't unzip correctly, or the
like. Can you post a windows explorer pic of the downloaded files you
have with sizes and also what flavor of PD15, Ultra, Ultimate.... you
purchased. (My DirectorSuite pic attached for reference) A pic of like
your PIP Object room may also help so one can see what you have to
compare with.

Maybe that will shed a little light on the issue.

Secondly, during install of the exe file I'd assume you had the
accompany rar files all downloaded and in the same location as the exe.

Frankly, in a number of ways, this recent installation of PD15 is seeming more like a downgrade from PD11 than an upgrade.

Jeff has already helped me get back my missing custom Produce files by copying and pasting in the old profile.ini file. The one that came with PD15 was completely blank. I've also gone to Director's Zone and re-downloaded some missing Titles, Frames, Particles, DVD menus, and Particle Objects.

Now I've compared the Titles, Transitions, FX, Particles and PiP Objects found in PD15 to the ones in PD11. A very large number are still missing, and I have no idea how to get them. What is going on?

I won't bore with you with the complete list. Here are some examples of the differences between these two PD versions:

FRAMES in PiP Objects - PD15 has 1, PD11 had 33.

STATIC OBJECTS - PD15 has 3, PD11 had 33.

TRANSITIONS - Slides - PD has 3, PD11 had 12. - Are there supposed to be only 2 things in the proDAD folder?

In TITLES, the new "Tripod Cover" folder has ZERO files in it. I see in the installation folder on my C drive that there are a lot of files for this, but none were installed in the program. None of the Dialogue Balloons from PD11 are in PD15's Titles either.

In PARTICLES and elsewhere, PD11 had legacy files from PD10, 9 and 8. Why aren't those here in PD15 along with the ones from PD11? When I upgraded from PD9 to PD11, everything I already had was migrated with the new installation.

I spend what for me is a fairly extravagant amount of money on myself, only to have such a huge amount of things no longer available in this new version - and that's not going over too big with me.

I'm glad I've recovered a few things, but am Very Unhappy with Cyberlink. I see there were issues fixed with that patch - I've run that. But what about the rest of what I'm missing? Are other people missing this many things? Isn't there anything I can do to reclaim all this stuff?

Ah ha! Got it - Of course, it does indeed work as intended, just not as expected - Thanks, Tony!


Quote Hi RB -

That feature's a bit counter-intuitive, I agree. I've got used to it now.

The video, image & audio icons at the top of the Media Library are either highlighted blue or greyed. If the video icon is blue, the videos are shown. If not, they're hidden.

So, it's actually a way of hiding particular media types rather than isolating & showing them separately. I think it works the way it was intended... just that most users would think "Ah! If I click on the video icon, I'll just see the videos."

Cheers - Tony
In PD11 there was a separate drop-down menu where you chose the type of media you wanted to see. In PD15, I see that's been replaced with icons for each media type. I click one - it shuffles the thumbnails around, but doesn't do any filtering. After asking for video, I still have images and audio mixed in. I click another icon - same thing - click a 3rd or 4th time, and finally the media type I want is displayed.

Is this among the known issues with this update - which of which there seem to be many?

Ah - I see, that'll work fine, Barry. I was thinking they were supposed to be part of the PD15 installation, in a sub-folder where the program would automatically look. Thanks, easy enough.

Quote I suggest copying the files to your Windows Music Library folder.
I am slowly trying to fix my installation of PD15 which didn't migrate everything from my previous version, and which seems to have other issues. Jeff has been a big help on a previous post regarding this unfortunate lack of continuity between versions when updating.

One of the things in this PD15 installation was the Cyberlink Muserk Music MP3 files. It's just a folder with MP3s, not placed anywhere the program can access it. To where should I move it?

Great, Jeff - All your help is much appreciated. Info on the links you posted looks like it'll help me rescue these things that aren't showing up in the new PD15 installation. It's a drag the program update didn't do all this automatically like the last time when I went from PD9 to 11. I'll sort it out best I can. -- sloppy work from Cyberlink.


Quote It really depends what you are missing from prior versions, what additional packs you had installed previously, as well as what versions of PD you came from. I don't know of a precise answer. I had submitted a suggestion long time ago for a better path but nothing was forthcoming from CL.

Above link and info here to assist with what might be missing:

Ah ha! Yes, as in my earlier reply, I had copied and pasted PD11's ini file text into the blank one I had for PD15. That didn't work. After your new reply, I deleted the blank PD15 file, then copied the actual ini file, not just the text, and pasted that copy into PD15. Worked!

I'm not positive what all is still missing - Here's one, in PiP Objects, the category of Tripod Cover is listed inside the program, but there are 0 objects. I go to PD15's program file, and I see all of those are there. Also, in PD11, for various things there would be listings from previous versions of PD - None are in PD15, so the list of Titles, FX etc are all shorter. -- ? --


Quote No reinstall, it will do nothing for this.

I simply suspect user error somewhere. I just completed the full process of building a profile in PD11 and then copying the file to PD15 directory and all is fine, pic attached.

Right, Jeff - That's where I went earlier, and the Profile.ini for PD15 was blank. I copied and pasted in the data from the PD11 Profile.ini, but that didn't change anything in PD15. Still spotty on what's to be found in PD15.-- This is disappointing. There isn't any official fix besides the patch when didn't completely work? Should I try uninstalling and resinstalling PD15 maybe?


Quote For PD15 its C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\15.0\UserConfigure\ Create one in PD15 and then you will see the file. Redoing the patch will do nothing.

Thanks for the reply, Jeff

I ran that patch, and it corrected only some of the non-migration issues. I looked up the Profile.ini file and for PD15 it's blank. I copied and pasted the ini file from PD11, but that didn't fix anything. Maybe I need to run that PD15 patch again, and it will find the corrected ini file?


Quote Custom titles and such not being migrated was a release hack in the original version which was corrected in the patch you note.

The produce profiles are stored at C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\CyberLink\PowerDirector\ in the Profile.ini file for whichever versions of interst.

None of my custom Produce templates from PD11 were migrated into my PD15 update. I've run the PD 2309 patch, and that fixed the problem of not having other custom files migrated, like custom titles. The last time I updated PD, all of my custom items were brought into the new installation. It seems like there was a pop-up asking if I wanted to migrate these things - there was no dialogue like that this time.

If I knew where the Produce templates were kept, maybe I could copy them into the location PD15 would find them? So far, can't find where they are.


Quote: Yeah, Carl, got that! Already sorted. Cheers!

And then there's the very easy "disable smilies" - Hi-8 Hi-8 Hi-8

"Quick Reply" doesn't have the menu of options. To be avoided for numerous reasons.


Quote: What is it with this site, when I'm describing a variant of Video-8, namely Hi-eight(spelt out to avoid getting the emoticon), that's what I do get, see my recent reply. I'm rather annoyed by this as it takes away from what I'm trying to explain. This problem needs sorting out, and soon!

Hmmm, I see what you mean, Neil. I think if I check the option below this text box, "disable smilies in this message," that Hi-8 will come out. I just now checked it --let's see if it comes out the way you want.


It worked! That's your answer, Neil - You have control over smilies appearing or not when you using a hotkey. Cool.

Quote: What is it with this site, when I'm describing a variant of Video-8, namely Hi-eight(spelt out to avoid getting the emoticon), that's what I do get, see my recent reply. I'm rather annoyed by this as it takes away from what I'm trying to explain. This problem needs sorting out, and soon!

Hmmm, I see what you mean, Neil. I think if I check the option below this text box, "disable smilies in this message," that Hi-8 will come out. I just now checked it --let's see if it comes out the way you want.

Great - Thank you Fenman, and Neil - I appreciate the info!

Quote: ...There are times when it is better to produce the project to a 720x480@8 Mbps mpg then doing what you say, put the produce mpg on the timeline and add chapters.

...So it in not a waste of time if your computer cannot do both jobs at the same time. If your computer can handle the job, go for it.

As to losing quality, you do for going from HD video to Standard DVD video, that happens no matter if you produce the SD video first or just burned the DVD...

Thanks, once again, for giving such a thorough reply, Carl. I haven't been having any problems with my computer burning a project to folder, working with the hundreds of time line clips. So, I guess there wouldn't be any advantage for me to try producing first - I just got curious when I saw so many people here saying that they always produce to a single clip first. I've never done that.

What I'm still not understanding is why producing, re-inserting etc doesn't reduce the quality. The disc ends up being the copy of a copy, rather than just one generation. When the project is produced, there's compression, then it's all compressed yet again for going to disc/folder-? I don't understand why this wouldn't result in a disc of at least slightly lower quality than burning straight from a full project file.

CARL - If you could please take a look at my other current thread, "Safe to swap out files for final burn?," I'd really appreciate it, because that's my most pressing current issue.

During a Search on a different topic, I came across a lengthy thread about producing a video first, then importing it, setting up chapters - I've always assumed that would lower the quality of the final disc. Not so?-- Why isn't it so? Sounds good to me, but I can't waste time on a 2 hour video, producing et al, if the results aren't going to look as good as my test discs.

For 2 months I've been editing a 2 hour project, using fairly high rez clips. I didn't turn on Shadow Files when I started the project, but now that I understand what those actually are, I realize I could have done that. Editing has been pretty smooth, but it probably would have been even smoother with Shadow Files.

However, now that I'm zeroing in on finishing the edits, I'm thinking that I would actually like to try cooking up even higher rez files than I've been using, and using those for the final version.

Before setting up a complicated experimental project, I thought I'd ask the experts here: Is it safe for me to simply replace my current video files with new ones, giving them the exact same names, and keeping them in the same folder PD has been referring to?

Simply put - is it safe to swap out files like this for the final burn?

Tomasc, that was really good of you to post the clip. Thanks! That's exactly what I'm doing, adding some motion to a still image on the root menu that comes up after my intro video. Looks nice when it works!

I keep burning tests as I zero in on finishing this project, always burning to folder, and then burning to disc if I want to test things on a DVD player. Two tests back, the motion worked in the burned copy - But in the latest test, the motion didn't work. Absolutely no changes were done to the menu for those two versions, I was honing some moments in the video itself, that's why I was burning another test. So, it's still hit and miss when it comes to the menu motion, and it's mostly miss. In both instances, in those last two tests, in the preview of the menu, the motion was working - but the burned results are often not what's shown in the preview.

As for my DVD player, I've checked, and there is no menu setting for changing the aspect from 4:3 to 16:9. So none of my tests play correctly on that old machine - I check things on a neighbor's new machine, and things work correctly on that. I'm convinced that my menu highlights are actually working right, even though they don't on my home machine. The highlights display correctly on my computer monitor, just as on the neighbor's DVD/BluRay player, so I'm content with that.

This is a 1 1/2 hour video, and it takes about 3 1/2 hours to burn to folder, so naturally I don't want to do yet more testing. The video itself looks fine, the menu functions, it's only the motion which isn't sticking - But it's not worth going through yet more tests which take so long, just to get that motion working. This last test of the video is the best, I think it will be my final master copy - unfortunately, it's one without motion, but that's a very tiny point in relation to the whole video. So - there it is!

Thanks again.

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