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From mezencevr
Hello Furio !
Maybe you could update your PwrDVD 10 to the last version 10.0.2701.51 which comes with the free update UltraFree_DVD110221-01.exe; TR number TR110301-018. In my system (Windows 7 32bits, video card GTX560 TI, driver 266.66 WHQL, NVidia 3D Vision full disk 1.45) PwrDVD works fine with 3D Blu ray disks and it can translate 2D->3D for DVD only. MR:
Hello Undyingtron !
I think that you have a mistake for the version number: it may be 10.0.2701.51, not 10.0.2751.51 ! My SR number is DVD110221-01 with a TR number TR110301-018 after the last update by ultrafree_DVD110221-01.exe. It works perfectly with my video card GTX560TI and Windows 7 32 bits. The 2D->3D conversion of DVD (only) also works. MR:
from: mezencevr
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your answer.
I don't use any projector; so I think that I can't share any experience with you upon this point. I would say that the last update proposed by Cyberlink seems to be the 10.0.2701.51 which is given by the file ultrafree_DVD110221 (123 Mo).
Concerning the tutorial about 2D->3D conversion: on the second windows which arrives when you start PDVD 10 (it shows the recent new DVD's of the week), at the right part and under the annoucement of MoovieLive, you will find ten PDVD 10 tutorials.
Finally, concerning my question about 2D->3D conversion: I changed my video card 8800 GTS for a GTX 560 TI. Now Cyberlink BD & 3D Advisor no more gives any warning and I can view Blu-Ray without using the program AnyDVD ! But I notice that the conversion 2D->3D is effective with DVD's (for example a Harry Potter). In this case the 3D icon situated in the lower right part of PDVD window is presented lighted and in relief. But I can't obtain any conversion with 2D Blu ray: in this case the icon remains extinguished.
Best greetings. MR:
Date: 8/03/2011 18:39
From romane
We are obliged to wait that Cyberlink decides to update the BR Advisor with a lot of other video cards. For the moment, you can install AnyDVD which is able to get round the HDCP protection (it works in rear plan). MR:
hello Cyberlink-Michael,
I answer to your questionnaire:
Power DVD full version: DVD 10 Ultra Mark II; SR number: 10.0.2429.51
OS: Windows 7 Premium 32 bits; installation of Power DVD by me as administrator
VGA: NVidia 8800 GTS; driver: 266.58
Audio device: Logitech 5.1 Z5450; driver: Microsoft 6.1.7600.16385
ODD drive: lite-on iHBS112-37 2; firmware: 1.20.60
Display: LCD ACER GD245HQbid; refresh rate (defined by NVidia 3D Vision) 120 hz; single environment
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security 2011
NVidia 3D Vision: 3D Vision Controller driver: 266.21; 3D Vision Stereo Player:; Silverlight: 4.0.60129.0
Attachements: 1- DxDiag; 2: BD&3D Advisor
It remains one file more concerning BD & 3D advisor ! I thank you warmly for your attention. MR:
from mezencevr
Hello James Cossin
I follow assiduously your contribution because my PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mark II (build 2429) and BD & 3D Advisor (v3631)give me, also, some unjustified HDCP warning. Fortunately, after installing AnyDVD, I could get round to this ! Nevertheless, after configuring True Theater and NVidia 3D Vision, I don't obtain any stereo vision with 2D DVD or Blu-Ray disks. However the 3D icon is drawn in relief. So, I have a question: when configuring the 3D, in the "general menu", do you find a button "Enable Cyberlink 3D Configuration" ? This annouced in the tutorial, but, in my case, it does not exist.
Thank you very much. MR:
From mezencevr
I had the same problem: Power DVD10 Ultra Mark II and BD & 3D advisor claimed that my video card is not HDCP compliant, which is false (I use an NVidia 8800 GTS with the last GeForce driver). Cyberlink support returned me an automated unsuited answer ! So I use now, as you do, AnyDVD to get around the HDCP ! MR:
from mezencevr
I have a very similar problem with PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mark II and BD & 3D advisor: they claim that my video card is not HDCP compliant. But this false: my video card is a NVidia 8800 GTS with the last GeForce video driver, which is HDCP compliant. When I contacted the support, they sent me something as a general automatic answer ! So, I found the only solution: to install a program to pass around the HDCP protection ! In this forum, you will see various users who regret this deplorable lack. MR:
I encounter exactly the same problem with Power DVD10 Ultra Mark II: I could read a B-R Disk in december (Prince of Persia) and, suddenly, I can no more read it. BD & 3D advisor claims that my video card is not HDCP, which is false: it is a NVIDIA 8800 GTS. Any suggestion ? Thanks. MR:
I have the same problem: in december I could read a BD DVD (Prince of Persia) with Power DVD 10 Ultra Mark II. Suddenly, I can no more read it: BD & 3D advisor says now that my video card is not HDCP. This is false because it is a 8800 GTS with the last driver266.58. Any suggestion ? Thanks. MR:
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