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So I am trying out youcam 8. i chat often in live streams. i cannot figure out how to put up a still photo or a video clip while in chat. say I want to put up a still photo for awhile and not be on cam, or I want to play a short intro video or something then come on cam. I cannot figure out how to do it. Also how can I add a transparent overlay with my name or a logo to show while streaming? I kind of have an idea how to do the overlay but not sure how to get video clips or a still photo to pop up in place of my cam. Any information would be appreciated thank you.

I purchased a one year subscription. but i cannot figure out how to register my software and how do I download the templates etc? each time I try I am prompted to purchae but I alrady did purchase.. help
actually it hasn't been answered that is why I posted the question again. I wish I could get it solved! It is so very very frustrating.
Somebody please HELP! I am stuck in an endless loop of no customer support! I keep getting the error message of the dreaded and have been getting everything but the correct answer from cyberlink's customer service tech support people. Every fix they've given me doesn't work. It is soooo frustrating. Once long ago someone told me something about a .dll in the program files that needed fixing and it seemed to work. I had this fixed once and when I had to replace my hard drive and reload my system this irritating problem reappeared! and now I cannot for the life of me remember how I fixed it. Can anyone figure this out? Also it has been suggested that it could be a "registry issue" but I have no idea how to "fix" a registry problem. anyone? Because cyberlinks customer service people honestly do not speak english well and I'm not sure they understand me when I speak and the fixes they give me seem to be from a book and they are not working! Thanks in advance.
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