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There is only one company, which in my eyes, does the cloud quite well. It is on1. You pay annualy, you receive a training, bonuses on a monthly basis, special support. And their product license is included. So when you decide to stop paying, you are at least left with the latest version of their SW. The other cloud wannabies will just left you in the water.

You hit the nail on the head. I hope that other vendors starts to see what on1 is doing and follow suite.
Quote Hello,

There is no need to worry about reliable internet connection speed (as you do for Netflix) when using Director Suite 365, as it is only really needed when dowloading the inital software, and for software updates and getting the new effects packs that are continually added and available for subscribed users.

Once installed, Director Suite will not use your Internet connection constantly, as the software is installed on your computer. You are just required to sign in at least once a month to check your subscription status from what I remember.

PowerDirector Moderator

While it's good to know that you don't need to be on the internet 24/7, I am not buying into this subscription model where the software will stop working if you don't pay up. How many people are there out there who only buy say every 2nd or 3rd version?

This is just greedy of you guys (and one reasons why I did like Cyberlink more than Adobe is due to the subscription model that Adobe has).

Also thank you for being greedy by not providing a free upgrade for those who brought PowerDirector/PhotoDirector durning the sale - this is just to show how inconsiderate you guys are.

Thanks for the clarification. So it is as bad, as it can be - no more on premises Director Suite ...
well guess what? Cyberlink just lost a sale, and possibly a customer for life. Not buying into this BS.

Are the software in media suite 16 full versions or cut down? If they are cut down version, what editions are they and what's missing?

Thank you
Yeah are we going to see a new updated CyberLink Media Suite package with new version of everything?
Here the comment that I posted on a different site:

"Ok after taking this for a test run I can only say that this is a real joke - it a really cut down version or lite edition. Very misleading. It even worse than another version that I already own. "

So don't bother with it.
Quote: Hi ormachea, what kind of problem is it? Any error message?

I'm having the same issue as the OP, it installes fine but when it starts up, it gives no error messages or anything, all it does is start without showing the play button and so on and you can't click on any of the tabs at the top as well. I can't even right click to go into settings at all.
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