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Thanks, but ah, no. That tool works like a bad toy. Even in my old Corel Paint 6 (1995) their tools have better control, tweaks and accuracy.

Ultimately, and prior to your reply, I did end up using that selection tool in PhotoD. But, there aren't even any tweaks to HOW it selects and it does it so poorly - that I ended up having to use the mouse and a tablet for over an hour+ to try and tweak the huge, as well as fine edges on a very selection friendly image....which also revealed how averaging those tools are as well.

Sadly, its not PhotoShop, and I get that. Even using the tablet while zoomed in, you can't dynamically scroll your image - at all, and there arent even any scroll bars!!!!????!!!!! You literally have to STOP working, click off that tool, select zoom and hand repositioning... and THEN go back into the selection tools where you have to RE-ELECT your settings because they reset on you each time. And - - - - if you happen to MISS the (+/ selection becasue you're concentrating on the effort at hand, wellllllllll - you get the point.

Anyway, I was just asking. I just didn't realize just how basic (averaging) all the tools in all the modules were from paint (shadows, outlines and glows), to audio and video. You cannot even copy image effects in PowerD from clip to clip. You literally have to write down settings (attributes) for each effect, then manually add those effects to EVERY CLIP, and THEN go in to set the attributess in every one of them!!!! And if you have 100 clips? Wow.

But even basic tools lack - for instance you can't even set preferences for SAVING to that of "Same As Project" much less increment your own frame grabs and with timecode. In the end, from my perspective and the more I try, the tools are just punk from a production standpoint, pretty much across the board. Fantastic for one-off for playtime, but not for serious producers.

So.... despite hopes for a less costly but useful product, I either have to live with it, or pay the price for better.

Again, thanks for your time.

I am an Adobe user, recently retired so I needed a cheaper, but equivilent product at home. Sadly, Cyberluink is just missing on soooo many of the primary work/professional features that's its been a real struggle.

Today's post is looking for an answer on a similar tool to Photoshop's "Select Subject" in PhotoDirector.

EVERYTHING I have read, watched, and tried over hours and hours yields NOTHING really useful other than a pen and tablet and painstakingly rough edged result we used to have to do in 1989 on an Amiga with Newtek's Video Toaster. Ugh.

I get better, faster results in my still active 1995 Corel Paint and Corel Draw 6 tools.

If ANYONE has an answer to accurately and quickly select sbjects in PhotoDirector, please comment.

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