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Update to this mess....

I found the rendered (exported) file with AI Impressionist applied in my temps folder. Man.

I have to say, not entriely with apology....that while these programs are robust in some ways, they are simply not intuitive, stable, and are just routinely a disappointment on so many levels.

I've submitted details on the array of them in many ways, so I'll let it go here! But there's just no way a little color and pixel tweaking was worth this journey...or the wait of export.

Thanks everyone

The help system is available by pressing the F1 key. Once there, enter ai plugin into the search field.

Thanks, but that's pretty much worthless and a wild goose hunt. Let me explain

Dell Laptop with Intel-i series. Plenty of vRam. Download and install AI pack for Impressionist etc. PowerCirector does not recognize it and no on-line help shows how you would find it in the most recent update.

Uninstalled all 4 AI packs. Full Restart. Ran update on PD. Full Restart to power down.
Redownloaded and installed Impressionist Pack. It showed up in PD by:

Clicking the video on timeline
Clicking EDIT
Scroll down to AI Plugins (which is now present, not before)
Impressionist is now present as a plug in
Click on one of the effects
Video source GOES BLACXK. No preview. Nothing functional
Only comes back if you bail on this step by X
And it does this for all AI packs and all filter choices


Unstinalled AI Pack again.
Restarted - I mean took the unit allll the way off
Checked to see it was gone in PD
Found legacy PD 10 suite still installed
Unstalled PD 10 Suite
Restarted from ground -0- again
Checked PD 365.. (there should be no AI and there was not)

Downloaded and Reinstall AI Impressionist again
FULL restart from ground -0-
AI Plugin now Shows up in PD under edit for a clip
It now Provides Preview!!!!!
Sidebar - this is Literally a 1 minute video
Clicked render/export new video
Says FOUR (4) hours to create the new file

I bailed!!!!

Uninstalled ALL AI Packs
Full restart
Cleared all system cache, all temp files, even all browser cacher and histories
Ran a quick system check and reg cleaner.
FULL RESTART from pwoer down mode
PD shows no AI Plugin under clip edit (as it should)
DELETED all AI pack latent files
Restarted from -0-
Check PD - still clean
Downloaded and installed AI Impressionist
Full Restart
Loaded PD
AI Plugin now available
Filter choice provides the short render preview
Ran Export new video
Reports 2 Hours

I let it do that. I am an old Amiga 2000 video toaster person, so familiar with long renderes but seriously?

THAT process took 2 hours and in the final compile to write the file FAILED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Error message to check help. Yeah right!

So where are we now? Well, AI Plugins are still present, but again will not provide preview or Render/export.

Thank you!

I was looking in the Help section!

There it is!!!!!

Uh Hello, how about a link, cuz I cannot find help ANYWHERE on this. AI Effects installed but I do not even have a Plug In click ANYWHERE in the active program
Thank you, yes. I have PowerDirector yes. Sadly, it seems counter-intuitive to set out using a video editor for strictly audio, and I did not fancy the idea of modifying track options or working around the empty video ones to do this and the export/produce specs.

Here is what I ended up doing but there is a catch....

  1. Put the full clip on track 1 in the Mix module. Adjust vol and effects to the whole track
  2. Sever/slice the first (left most) audio item on that track
  3. Delete the longer clip to the right
  4. Produce it
  5. CTRL-Z to restore the deleted section
  6. Delete the small item to the left with "FIll Gap"
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for 199 more times

That said, AudioDirector also offers NO self-incrementing file naming function; and no preferences (I could find) to set the default file name to something usefull for the time being so that adding numbers would work for my objectives.

In retrospect, I suppose I could have just left it as "Produce" and added numbers, then used freeware's Fast File Renamer. But I have to say, there are just so many things I find counter-intuitive and lacking. For example, the idea you cannot copy and paste effects, or the idea once applied, you cannot even see the settings you used, and revise them. Sure, you could turn if off, and do another....or use "favorites" and CTRL-Z in some cases, but these are not really production approaches. It's similar to the way the location marker shifts to where you click on an empty track area to paste something, instead of remaining where it is set via the time-code band. As far as I can tell, there's no jumping to end of clip, and even the way the location bar jumps to beginning of clip when you click a segment is fickle.

Anyway, project done, thanks for your input!
I'm having trouble searching this, but I have an audio track of 200 spoken items. It's a list.

I need to chop it and produce each item in their own audio file.

My thought/hope was to select and cut item 200 (the end of the main track) and paste it into an empty track, then PRODUCE just that item or track....and keep whittling it down until I have done all 200

In my mind, on PRODUCE "should" provide options for "active clip" or even track # but there is no such thing - not even a time code inout/out point to PRODUCE like Adobe.

SIDEBAR - Just came to me, and will test this? But maybe I need to chop the item, paste to an empty track, select that item and then switch from MIX to EDIT view? Then produce??

Thanks one and all. Would really help me out!
Thanks, but ah, no. That tool works like a bad toy. Even in my old Corel Paint 6 (1995) their tools have better control, tweaks and accuracy.

Ultimately, and prior to your reply, I did end up using that selection tool in PhotoD. But, there aren't even any tweaks to HOW it selects and it does it so poorly - that I ended up having to use the mouse and a tablet for over an hour+ to try and tweak the huge, as well as fine edges on a very selection friendly image....which also revealed how averaging those tools are as well.

Sadly, its not PhotoShop, and I get that. Even using the tablet while zoomed in, you can't dynamically scroll your image - at all, and there arent even any scroll bars!!!!????!!!!! You literally have to STOP working, click off that tool, select zoom and hand repositioning... and THEN go back into the selection tools where you have to RE-ELECT your settings because they reset on you each time. And - - - - if you happen to MISS the (+/ selection becasue you're concentrating on the effort at hand, wellllllllll - you get the point.

Anyway, I was just asking. I just didn't realize just how basic (averaging) all the tools in all the modules were from paint (shadows, outlines and glows), to audio and video. You cannot even copy image effects in PowerD from clip to clip. You literally have to write down settings (attributes) for each effect, then manually add those effects to EVERY CLIP, and THEN go in to set the attributess in every one of them!!!! And if you have 100 clips? Wow.

But even basic tools lack - for instance you can't even set preferences for SAVING to that of "Same As Project" much less increment your own frame grabs and with timecode. In the end, from my perspective and the more I try, the tools are just punk from a production standpoint, pretty much across the board. Fantastic for one-off for playtime, but not for serious producers.

So.... despite hopes for a less costly but useful product, I either have to live with it, or pay the price for better.

Again, thanks for your time.

I am an Adobe user, recently retired so I needed a cheaper, but equivilent product at home. Sadly, Cyberluink is just missing on soooo many of the primary work/professional features that's its been a real struggle.

Today's post is looking for an answer on a similar tool to Photoshop's "Select Subject" in PhotoDirector.

EVERYTHING I have read, watched, and tried over hours and hours yields NOTHING really useful other than a pen and tablet and painstakingly rough edged result we used to have to do in 1989 on an Amiga with Newtek's Video Toaster. Ugh.

I get better, faster results in my still active 1995 Corel Paint and Corel Draw 6 tools.

If ANYONE has an answer to accurately and quickly select sbjects in PhotoDirector, please comment.

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