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I updated PD to version 22.0.5717.0 today. I tried a. project I had put together earleir today. The earlier encoding had the audio sync issue. This was the exact same project because I saved it after the unsuccessful encoding. After the update, the project encoded with the audio issue resolved!!! I don't have to try to revert to Ventura now...yeah!!!
I had tried to update to Sonoma in July on my 2020 MacBook Pro 13. I had this same issue with constant crashes. I had reverted back to Ventura. I have since sold my 2020 Pro and am now on the 2023 MacBook Air 15. I figured the production release of Sonoma was only about a week or so out, so I thought it would not be an issue any longer. I upgraded to the latest Beta of Sonoma(non-developer). I can say it does not crash like it did. I previously could not add tracks to the timeline before it would crash. I have now compiled small multi-track projects and renedered them without crashes. I am now getting very odd audio delay issues. The first track's audio seems to play properly but seems to also carry on past the end of the track it is muxed to. The second track starts the video and the first tracks audio finishes moments later but the second tracks audio delays from beginning even more.. This puts the rest of the audio out of sync. I tried doing a Render Preview and the tracks play correctly but once rendered they do this weird delay issue consistently. I tried rearranging tracks like putting the first and second on the same track of the timeline and just letting one go straight into the second and I get the same issue. Pretty weird being so close to the production release of the OS and still having these types of lingering issues.
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