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Si consiglia agli utenti di disinstallare il driver grafico NVIDIA dal Pannello di controllo di Windows -> Programmi -> Disinstalla un programma.
Selezionare e rimuovere TUTTE le impostazioni personali e TUTTI i driver e i file di driver correlati nel processo di disinstallazione di NVIDIA.
Dopo la disinstallazione, riavviare Windows.
Reinstallare il driver grafico NVIDIA nella versione 461.92 dalla pagina di supporto NVIDIA:
Dopo l'installazione, riavviare Windows.
Controllare la condizione di cucitura del supporto 360.

Quote I also have this problem, and found a comment on a YouTube video suggesting that the rendering broke after a particular nvidia driver update. To clarify: it's the windows desktop application we're talking about here... which is (should be) able to take the raw files from the camera and perform the stitching (no Samsung software is involved).

If there is some way to force software rendering in ActionDirector, or otherwise bypass this poroblem, we could continue to use this software.

I'm really hoping to continue using the 360 camera... It seems insane that we can't simply freeze a moment in time that works (the device paired with functioning software) and preserve it until the device itself wears out or physically breaks...
After months of inactivity, I start it, to convert several files that I have recorded for a job done in France.
For an inexplicable reason, the program no longer converts the image in two spheres into a single image, but after loading, the screen turns black.
I verified that the video card met the required requirements.
I have updated windows and card drives.
Has it happened to anyone?
Photo 1- upload file, and in the window on the right the file, instead of appearing together, still appears in two spheres
Photo 2 - upload finished, total darkness.
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