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Quote Not very clear what happened in your system. It is not a behavior I recognize.
I would uninstall and reinstall it again and maybe even delete and/or forget the preferences so that these can be set to default too. It may be that these settings also point to a folder that is not available. However in that case, I would expect that you have done this in the two programs and have remembered....

I keep getting variations of it telling me that a file isn't found or target folder not found, and re-intalling it didn't fix anything. Trying to produce a completed project results in it telling me that the hard drive is either read only or that I don't have the permissions to save on it. It's just a laptop that I use, no permissions needed. As far as I can tell, there's noting wrong with the computer, and it behaves just fine, including saving files. Audio Director keeps up with the "file not found" message after I try recording and saving things, and Screen Recorder behaves as if there's not enough drive space, regardless of what I've moved to an external drive.

Running out of ideas, and I've got projects waiting to be completed.
Both PowerDirector and AudioDirector have started flashing error messages about a problem with a "Target Folder" not being found. Power Director does this when I try using the Voice Over Room, and simply won't allow a recording to be made, while AudioDirector lets me record but won't save it, and flashes the same error message. If it's a space issue with the hard drive, then I have plenty of space, so that can't be the problem.

I did move some project files to an external drive, but that shouldn't have affected anything. This all seems to have started after the latest upgrade last month. One odd thing that also happened was that the video intro templates all dissappeared, then today, they're back.

Is there a fix for this, or do I need to uninstall all of it and reinstall it?

Quote Sounds like you should report the issue directly to CL tech support. You can reach them here, and you might want to include a link to this forum discussion so they can see the details you've already shared.

Thanks! I also a reported a minor issue with Power Director itself that started around the same time, along with the link to the forum here.
Quote You might want to check for a new video driver, otherwise try uninstalling SR4 (by right-clicking on it in the CL App Mananger or by using the normal Windows uninstaller) the reinstalling it. You can also try unchecking the Enable hardware recording box from Preferences | Video

Tired both but it still keeps crashing and stating that can't access the file, check if there is enough free space in the target folder.
It has started crashing when I try to start a recording, and in addition to saying that the file can't be accessed, it says to check for how much free space is on the hard drive. I have 129 GB, which should be plenty.

This seems to have started only after the latest update was downloaded within the past week or so.

Anyone else having this problem?
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