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Face change

Anyone know of a software or technique I can get to help me age a person in a video or change/morph them into smething else?

Some combinations of clip modifications and transitions don't work properly. Usually if you "Produce" the troublesome modified clip and use that in the timeline things will be ok. Others appear to preview wrong but produce correctly so pre producing is not required for satisfactory results.


Sorry but I'm not getting it. I show it in the preview clip then produce it the green is still there.
If I produce it in the timeline it is the same clip and will still have the green color in it from the chromakey.
Is it not possible to use the transistons with chroma key and have the green color go away?
How do you get the green not to come back in on your greenscreen clip when applying transistions?
I find that while the transistion is happening the green color goes back into the clip until the transistion is completed.

Thanks everyone!
I have Power Director 19.
I want to try 365 and see if it is worth it for me. If I download effects,
then months down the road I want to go back to my power director 19 buyout license will I still be able to use the effects I have downloaded?
Anyone know how to distort your face ina video in power director 19 .
I have also pixelan.
If not available is there asomething I can buy that will get the effect of changing your face to look ridiculous.

That's an option, but you will have to install them all again in the exact same order or PD will pull up the wrong content when you open an existing project. My suggestion avoid that problem.

You can have the tech person do all that. Just make sure you have the original PD19 installer ready for them and also have them download the build 3227 patch from here and install it.

Thanks for all your help. IO do have hundreds of transistions and particles on my computer.
I just need to mke the power directoe know wher ethey are at now I guess.
I hope my Best Buy Tech Suppot plan will cover that.
Quote You can't just randomly move content for any installed program and then expect the program to know where its resources have been moved to.

Since you did that and ran PD19, it sounds like PD19 saw that all the content was gone and removed those folders from it's resource list and didn't restore them when you moved the content back.

At this point, the best thing to do is to follow the steps in this discussion to create a symbolic junction from where the files are currently on your C: drive that points to the new location on your D: drive. Once that's done and your content is on the D: drive, you'll need to uninstall then reinstall PD19 and then download and install the latest patch.

If you don't feel comfortable making these changes, maybe ask a tech-savvy friend or go to a local PC store that offeres tech support services.

Okay I see I screwed it up.
It seems by the time I do all that it would be easier to start downloading the effects again one by one and delete the original effects from my computer.
Are you saying even if I get a tech guy to point the direction to the d drive files I will still have to uninstal power director 19 and reinstall and do a patch?
Power Director 19
Hi Guys!
My C Drive storage was getting full so I transfered all downloaded transistions and particles to my D drive on my desktop computer.
When I did this they all dissapeared from power director 19. I tried reversing it but no luck.
All files are still on my computer. Does anyone know how I can get them to function again in power director.
Ahh. Found it in the 3D titler.
Hi Everybody. In power director 19 I once accidentally stumbled on a feature that allowed me to put textures and patterns in my titles.
Now I cannot find it.
I do not know if it was only a certain title had that option or if I some how deleted that feature.
Any help is greatly apprecicated.
Quote They are two separate products. Since you have the lifetime license for PD19, that's always going to be available for you and it doesn't have to be uninstalled if you get the subscription version (PD365).

I'm not aware of any upgrade pricing when coming from a lifetime license, but there is a 30% off sale on PD365 plans through Nov 28th. There's also a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not happy with PD365, otherwise you'll pay a fixed fee every month or every year to keep using the software.

If you cancel or stop paying you will not be able to use the app. Unfortunately, any projects created (or saved) in PD365 cannot be opened in any earlier versions (including PD19), so if you need to edit them later you'd need to either renew your subscription (like for 1 month) or buy a lifetime license for the current PD version.

Any projects created in power director 19 with the 365 subscription cannot be edited in the lifetime license?
What about any effects downloaded in the power director 365 subscription. Do you lose them as well?
I have Power Director 19 lifetime license.
What happens if I want to check out the subscription version?
What is the additonal fee? And what if I want to go back to my lifetime license do I have to pay again?
Is it possible to change the speed of scrolling text?
When using multiple lines of text with effects can I arange the order of what line starts first.
Can have each line have a different effect?
Anyone know how to make somone age in photos or video? I have power director 19 and photo director 12
If not in eitherof these is there a software I can get to make it work?
Eddy Rice
Is it possible to upgrade from power drector 19 to 20 for a one time licenese fee without a subscritpion?

MediaInfo, installed app or online service, provides the audio details of the source video clip. Do a screen capture with the speaker icon below your preview window activated so one can verify the PD volume bar is in sync with your system volume.


ok.Thanks. I do not have this medialnfo service.
I would like to make clear it is nota specific clip I'm havig vvolume issues with but all videos and music that play fine elsewhere.
It is recording the sound but you cannot hear it in power director.
Here is a screen shot with volume icon in preview up. I have unmuted in2 other places as well without result.
Now the whole program froze up.
Can power director tech go on my computer and fix or reinstall?
I did nothing wrong it just stopped working proerly. Videos speed up and freeze requiring me to restart. Now this volume i cannot restore.
If they send mea new link to download i must uninstall the old version first?
Then with the link sent will i lose all my old transitions effects and media that I have downloaded & been working with until this point?


Does audio play from a sample clip in the media library?
Does your clip in the media library play with audio?
Does your clip in the timeline have a audio waveform?
Does the speaker icon below the preview window have a line drawn through it?

If above answers are all yes, more than likely "Non Real-time Preview" is active, turn it off in icon to the left of speaker below preview window. If not this, post a screen shot of entire PD interface along with MediaInfo details of your source clip that audio is not functional.


Audio does not play froma media clip in the library or sound clip or several different mp4 and audio clips I have that work for me out of power director.
I have not added an audio wave form.
speaker icon does not have a line through it in the preview window.
I have real time preview checked.
What is Medianfo details mean?
It is recording the audio in capture as I tried it on my windows player and could hear it only not in power director.
I attached screenshot. I get no erroro message it is only everything is muted.
Power Director 19.
The volume is muted. I see 3 different places for audio and have unmuted them & raised the volume levels but still I cannot hear any sound from videos or music.
When I try to install the patch I get this error message. See attachment.
Power Director 19 I'm still having issues with video starting automatically and going really fast and then freezing up.
Now I have no volume or sound whatsoever.
Is thre a customer service phone number or person that will help me to download a corrected version?
They sent me a link but I don't want to lose any transistions ,effects or projects I am already woking on or have.
I tried to use the download link & it says please unnstall your other version. I try to unistall and another pop up comes up and says i already have that pack?
I love working on my projects but daily there are more isues that are preventing from editing.
Please tell e what to do anyone ut there?
My cell is xxx-xxx-xxxx.


Eddy Rice

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