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Quote These templates should not be so hard to find, see the manual
The second icon in the A field.

If you are looking for "customized" templates, please let us know what you see, what may have happened (like upgrades etc). and version of the PD you use?

I am saying the intros and outros are not there in the spot where they were.
It says 0 intros and 0 outros in the spot where there were thousands.
My Intro and outro templates have vanished from my power director 21.
Where they were they are nowq all gone.
Quote Ok, I understand. The 16:9 is the aspect ratio of the camera, most camera's have nowadays. What is more important is the resolution , the amount of pixels that are recorded. It is a bit difficult from far to guide you through the options and settings of both PD capture and the camera.
scanning through this forum will no doubt help you to creating a DXDiag file, but I understand that it may be a bit too far. My suggestion, try a test recording with a (photo camera).
have fun!

My resolution is 640x 480
I cannot capture video correctly from power director 21. Sound only goes a few seconds then the video stops and speeds up etc
It was fine and it changed somehow.
As mentioned if I record on the same webcam without power director 21 I can capture the video correctly. But I cannot use my good microphone and the sound is not so good.
Any settings anything I can send you to figure out why this is happening.
What do you mean a test recording with a photo camera?
This is terrible.
Quote In this setup it is very unlikely that the network speed has anything to do with this. It can easily be tested: switch off the network connection and see what happens.

Considering the nature of the recording, like previous reactions mention, recording with the PC would not be my first choice. For one, a PC can make noise you dont want in the recording.
If you have any (photo) camera that can record video I suggest you compare its capabilities, if the output format/resolution is higher and it has a reasonable microphone, I would consider using that.
Unless your PC camera is of high enough resolution, you don't have a camera, or it is of lower quality, or you have problems transfering the recorded files to the PC, the camera would be the preferred option.

Then of course, there is the problem you mentioned: the specs (and perhaps sharing the DXdaig.txt file) may reveal some problem. Let us know.

I have noticed that my webcam iset up to cature in 16.9. Power Director screen says 16.9.
But when I capture on power director 21 I have to adjust the video to fill the entire screen. If I record from the webcam I do not.
As you mentioned recording with the webcam uses the webcam mic only and not my best mic and the sound is not very good.
I do not know any tehnical terms and do not know how to share or even find DXdaig.txtfile.
Thanks again.
Eddy Rice

For my understanding: what is it you are capturing? So far I have had good experiences with the screen capture. But there are a number of "parameters" that needs to be kept in mind, and many factors that can be of influence, including the resolution of the screen that is being recorded, the recorded resolution, the frame rate, the size of the window captured (full screen or selection), the amount of memory used for the application(s) that is/are displaying the pictures that are to be captured and the capacity of the CPU and the speed of the disk on which the recording goes.
Can you tell us a bit about that, and whether you have experimented which the available settings?

I am just capturing me sitting at my desktop reading.

I will get back to you with th esettings.
I have been using the same settings for awhile with no problem.
I reccently got a cyberlink updated patch thing.
Occasionally I get this problem of video out of sync with sound. Eventually it goes back to normal.
But now the last week it is worse. I was able to correct the choppy static sound if I clicked the AI speech enhancement before rendering.
But now it will not even record more than a few seconds without the sound going completely bad.
As mentioned I can record separately with my webcam and then import. But with that the webcam only uses the webcam mic and I cannot get my good quality sound mic to work with it.
Could it be a problem with my internet connection speed?
I'm still having problems in Power Director 21.
I record my videos by hitting capture in power director 21.
The sound is jumpy and and choppy and then totally unrecognizeable. The video is out of sync.
Nothing is wrong with my sound source or webcam as I can record them on their own without power director and they record fine.
I just have to import everything over and then do my editing on power director 21.
Anyone know what settings might be off that are not allowing me to capture properly

I'm having a similar issue. I am currently attempting to render
a video of about an hour, and while the video comes out fine the
audio renders choppy and distorted after about six minutes of
working properly.

I've only experienced this problem with PD 21.

I'm finding if I render it in the new audio speech enhancement feature it does not happen.
But it is strange as it never happened before until pd 21
With all previews it seems fine. Until I produce the video and listen.
Quote You can buy Titler Pro as a standalone package. I've had that for many years, and you simply export a transparent MOV clip with all the title animations and place it on your PD timeline.

NewBlue typically has a few sales thoughout the year, and if you sign up for their newsletter they'll let you know when you can buy things for 25% - 50% off

Hmmm I tried that in mynay ways. They even came on my computer and then deleted my effects I already had and could not get it back .I was upset.
Yes the stand alone I bought. But I do more than the basic titles I do stuff with words and end credits etc.
I am not understanding how that works.
You have to complete your project and then go back and forth to see how the titles will look added in?
What is a transparent mov?
Power Director 21

Does anyone know of any great title effects that can be downloaded to power director 21 now that new blue no longer works?
That was the best thing ever with so many cool options. I really miss it.


You have to have two clips with audio selected in the timeline and it will appear above timeline.


Does that automatically sync video to audio that was out of sync?
Is there a sync audio button in power director 21?
I cannot find that feature.
Power Drirector 21 has been giving me this problem the last few days.
While editing and even in the final preview the sound is amazing.
When I render it there are scratches and short jumps in the sound.
I have no idea what is going on.
I am doing everything exactly the same.
Is Power Director 21 compatible to download transistions and title effects from Motion Array.
Are there any great programs I can download for amazing titles since New Blue is no longer compatible?

Is there a new blue titler with power director 21?
Or anything other than the titles available in cyberlink.
My new blue 1.5 is gone I had with power director 19. What is the link to re install without installing everything?
Also having trouble with vitasine and adorage and pixilan transistions. When I place them on the video the video and sound are out of sync until the transistionhas passed fr several seconds.

My projects are rendering automatically and they keep rendering over and over without me hitting render.
The rendering keeps repeating.
My power director 19 new blue titler 1.5 stopped working without a water mark on it.
Is there another source I can purchase for many many great title effects?
I bought New Blue Total Effects and installed. It cost $699.
All I can get is lots of effects effects for titles.
None of the video effects or titler live will work.
I contacted them but they want me to delete all new blue from power director. I'm afraid if I do this I will not be able to get those effects back if the delete and reinstall option does not work.
Anyone else have "New Blue total Effects?"
When you are editing and a small bit of a clip is left behind on the timeline so small you cannot see it.
How do you find it (see it) to cut it out of the video?
I used one of the scrolling effects that comes with the power director 20 for credits but it moves really quickly.
Is there a way to make it scroll slower?
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