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Quote That's very strange because that isn't the version shown in the 6 most recent DxDiag crashes:

Can you please take a snapshot of PowerDirector's About screen?

I have run one more time DxDiag and the snapshot of PowerDiretor's About screen, hope can resolve this issue soon. i'm really appreciate all your time.
Quote Oh, it's the next control underneath the [Reset] button. Uncheck the Always enter full mode box under Launcher

Thanks for all the help, as you can see the shapshot I uploaded on previous msg, I can't really see any uncheck box underneath the [Reset] button, am I in the right direction?
Quote Click on Edit > Preferences > Messages [Reset]

Thanks for the swift reply, I did try many times to reset the Messages under Preferences and restart the pc somehow, before I blog on this message, It doesn't work on my PD 10 I don't know why ?.
Quote Thanks for the DxDiag results. The crashes at the end of the file show that you actually have v2.1.0.7350 installed, which is the latest downloadable patch from Cyberlink. Does your About screen still show

Do you know if you bought ScreenRecorder separately or if it came bundled with PowerDirector? If it came with PD, what is its full version number?

It came with the bundle Cyberlink Power director and photo director, the screen recorder used to work at the beginning and last for about 2 months then it started the problem same as JasonL.
How can I get back to the startup dialog again when launch the software after I have checked the box Alawys Enter Full Mode. I using PD 10
I have the same issue, once it starts to record and cannot be stop, need to stop by using task manager, but the video can't be played back, there all corrupted files, tried to get technician support few time but can't help. my SR 2 ver. is
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