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So, you produce it if clip is trimed and splited, using SVRT?
Sent. Please test now.
Quote pizzacato - I can't do this as I said above that my GoPro clips are hevc 4k/60p. SVRT is not available. I don't have any say 1080/30p or 25p clips to test. The avc sample clips and all my other clips work just fine.

Unless you have a specific clip or pack project to share, how is any user going to duplicate what you said. There are too many cameras in the world. Mine work as expected.

So, you have GoPro. Record in 1080p, camera upside down, then report. OK?
Quote I decided to check it out with my GoPro6 clips. SVRT is not available for my hevc 4k/60p recordings. Used 4 instances of the sample skateboard.mp4 clip trimmed to about 5 sec. each and butted together. Rotated the second one 180 degrees in the preview window, flipped the fourth one upside down in PiP Designer. Produced with SVRT and found the second part rotated and the fourth part flipped as expected in PD17.

Try this and pls report:

Record short clip with GoPro turned upside down, then import this to PD 17. Change nothing, just produce with SVRT. You will see produced video upside down.

Strange is, that in timeline it looks fine (you dont have to rotate clip), but produced is upside down (only when use SVRT).
Still same problem, every time recorded with GoPro chesty (upside down camera). Only when use SVRT. Is that gonna be fixed in PowerDirector?
So, I filmed with GoPro, upside down, because I use chesty for mountain bikeing. I transfer video to my computer. Video can be viewd normaly on every player, even on Powerdirector in edit mode.

Then, I just split btw 2 times this video, nothing else.

Then I go to Produce.

If i chose SVRT, produced video is normaly on start, but when it comes to slice position, video turned upside down, and then at next slice, video turned normaly again.

But if I produce same video without SVRT, then entire video is produced normaly.

This had to be programming error on SVRT...

GoPro, filmed upside down... then imported to PD, everything fine.... if not sliced video. If sliced and then produced SVRT, at te slice position video rendered upside down. If produced without SVRT, rendered fine.

Program error SVRT???
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