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I have been having this problem as well. It requires me to restart my whole computer.
Quote When you see the message that some media cannot be found, click on/tap Details and see whare PD is looking for them.

I don't know why PD Mobile isn't able to find them if you say they haven't been moved,, but you may be able to copy the clips to those locations with PDM closed and it should find them. Your existing project should work when you reopen the app.

Confusingly, the files also appear in PowerDirector as ones I can add, but not in the video timeline. Maybe it isn't searching in the correct drive anymore? Although I don't know why. I wish there was some way to see/edit the pds file. Maybe someone with experience in PowerDirector/Chromebook/Linux(?) reach out privately if they think they have a solution? I can compensate you for your time trying to figure this out through screen grab chat if needed because I need some guidance here.
Hello. Whenever I log in, I can't open my project because it says the media files cannot be found. They were on a removable disk (hard drive) but I never had this problem until today. I did not change any names of any files and I can open them on my computer, but not on PowerDirector for some reason. Please help!! Using Chromebook.
Quote If you're using a Chromebook, then you're using the Android version of PowerDirector not PowerDirector 18. In this version of PowerDirector, yes you can't move clips. PowerDirector 18 is a Windows app.

Well, then it's no longer useful to me, as I used to be able to drag clips before. Will have to find another editing software.
I just upgraded to the latest version of PowerDirector since the old one kept crashing. However, my issue with the latest is that one of the most basic features is missing - I cannot drag a clip from one place to another. I can select it, and the clip will not move. Only the timeline will. I am using a Chromebook. Please help.
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