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Quote If I understand correctly, you simply want to create a single continuos video using the the two clips one after the other.

Just drop them both onto one timeline and then go to "Produce". Complete the selections there and PDR will then create a new video file to your specs which, when completed, will be automatically placed in the media room along with the two originals.

That's awfully heavy weight. What I'm looking for is the reverse of the "split" function. There's a "Combine" entry in the context menu right next to "Split", but it is always grayed out. I've found references online that indicate this should be usable, but it's never active in the context menu.
I have two video clips from a DSLR (Canon 5D3). The camera has a file size limitation of 2GB so if the video exceeds that size it creates a second file.

I placed the two sections together on the timeline and want to merge them into a single clip so I can attach audio that was recorded separately.

I select both clips, then right-click and see a "Combine" option, but it is grayed out.

Online I found a suggestion that I need to Ctrl-Click each clip, but doing that does nothing different, the Combine optoin is still grayed out.

What do I need to do to be able to combine the two clips?
Quote Hello,

Your forum password is actually your Members Zone password. They are the same account. You can change the password for it here:



Actually the problem was that I had not yet replied to the confirmation email after registering. The confirmation email was delayed by grwylisting on my SMTP server. Once I completed the process the option to change the password was displayed in the account info page.

Quote The trial version of PD15 will support this SVRT feature for you to try. CL does offer a 30-day money back guarantee if unsatisfied with your purchase if you bought from their portal.


I'm way ahead of you. I downloaded the trial and tried it, and it did exactly what I wanted (well, after one false start where I didn't copy the VOB to the hard disk first. I didn't know DVD drives could make that much noise ;
Excellent! You just sold a copy of PD15 :
There's nothing on my profile page for changing my forum password and I can't seem to find anywhere else to change it.

Where do I go to change my forum login password?
I have a DVD containing some home movies. The actual duration of the content is about 25 minutes, but the DVD was originally rendered with 2 hours of blue screen at the end of the content to fill up the entire 4.7GB.

When I extract the video to MPEG2 I get six separate video files. Only the first four contain the home movie content, the last two are all blue screen.

I have tried concatenating the 4 files in other DVD authoring software (ROXIO) but that re-renders the video and reduces the quality significantly below the already dodgy quality of the Super-8 transfer.

Is it possible using PD15 to author a new DVD containing only the 25 minutes of content without re-rendering/re-encoding it to avoid losing any more quality?
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