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Quote Please read this sticky and supply a DXDiag.txt as an attachment on your next reply: . Need this information to further help you here.

The error message "desktop gadget does not support the current screen resolution and dpi setting" means to me two things. The desktop resolution is probably set below 1024 x 768 screen resolution for computers of the windows xp and windows 3.1 era and or the dpi is set to greater than 120 dpi to display text larger for people with eyesight problems. It is probably a combination of the two.

You could ask for your money back. HP may have supplied you with restore discs or a restore partition on your original hard drive where you can extract the old free Power2Go to use. You may need a knowledgeable computer technician to do it for you if you don't know how to do it. This would probably cost you more.

You can contact Cyberlink support and explain the problem to them. They will ask for the same DxDiag.txt. They should also be able to help you for free.

Problem solved!
I went to staples and a guy there reset the settings what you suggested 1024 x 768. The software now works! The fix only took 5 right click the screen then adjust the settings bar. Very easy. Thanks for your help. Cybernets really needs one on one tech help by phone or email. The software is fine but there is no support except here. Thank you!
I purchased a disc of power to go 8 premium.

It was also defective...after installing the software, when trying to open it, i get the same message as before "desktop gadget does not support the current screen resolution and dpi setting".

So with BOTH power to go 8 premium, and power to go 11 premium , the software is defective.

Is the "premium" software defective?

This software does not work in either windows 7 or windows xp.

I have now spent about $150 on the 2 softwares
I have been trying for weeks to buy power to go 8 for my HP computer. It has windows XP.
The internet explorer software does not allow a download of power to go 8 using my computer.
I have tried telephoning Cyber twice but recieved no response.
I have tried Emailing tech support on another (this) computer but I can not follow their directions
because their software does not support windows XP. I need to use old computers since I can not buy
a new computer with a disc drive. I have emailed cyberlink several times about this but so far no response.
Can anyone help me? Thanks!!
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