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Quote OMG thank you so much!!!
I'm wondering why I asked the tech support first - 4 weeks of no solutions! but your codec worked finally!


OMG thank you so much!!! laughing
I'm wondering why I asked the tech support first - none of the offered solutions worked in the last 4 weeks!
.. and this seems to be no new problem ...!
but your codec worked finally!

btw I only downoaded the k-lite codec and it' working.

your welcome .took me all day yesterday to figure it hasn't answered me yet,I only downloaded the k-lite too the full version ,turn's out is a common problem on editing programs,cause all avi files aren't the same.i wonder if that happened cause i use a compact nikon coolpix camera filles and not a new dslr
Quote I don't know if you rebooted the pc after the uninstal and before the reinstal. See this post. One op solved his pc problem with avi files by installing the K-LIte Codec pack: . This also may help.

You can post a DxDiag.txt from your pc if this does not help.

Well thats me And im talking About the New 365 PD 18 .version k-lite codec and lav decoder worked or convertion of the avi files to MPEG or M2TS .i think it's odd so many people have avi problems.
So after many hours of Frustration and reading and starting coverting my files to MPEG and AVCHD so PD 18 will import them lol i read that if i download codec packs the problem is fixed to others,that had the same problem with previous PD version. i downloaded K-LIte Codec and Lav Decoder IT IMPORTS THEM NOW i mean really
Quote It could be that the AVIs your camera shoots use a codec like MJPEG or Divx, which may not be editable.

Coolpix cameras were introduced nearly 10+ years ago, and it could be that they used a primitive AVI codec.

Open one of your AVIs in the free download MediaInfo. In MediaInfo, set View to Text and then copy the report it generates and paste it to this forum. Once we see what that AVI is made of, we'll better be able to help you.

Thanks well it says that
Format : JPEG
Codec ID : MJPG
Quote Where are the files from? What is the codec?
I had no ability to use my lossless AVI until contacting Cyberlink and they requested I delete 2 registry keys. Now it works.
Contact support.

They are plain avi files.there are from a nikon coolpix a 100,error says An error occured while opening the media file maybe file is broken (which they are not ),an unsupported format,protected video content,or for onother reason Try contacting your video provider for a different video format.
So power director 18 does'nt support AVI files?huh they worked perfect with PD now getting an error and they don't open So am i supposed to convert them now to MP4 MPEG to open now?why?
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