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Thanks for all the testing details, The version I produced was MP4 and it works correctly. Can you download MediaInfo and attach the details like I did in my post from 20:58 on July 4? It will be interesting to see what the differences are.

Also, you may want to open a ticket with Cyberlink tech support as they're in the best position to understand what's happening. They don't monitor this forum, so please add a link to this thread in your request, and then paste the ticket number (it will start with CS) back here to close the loop.

Hi optodata,

the mediainfo shows the correct 16:9 aspect ratio:

As for the support:
Question ID = CS002035751

Thank you!

Hi once again,

thank you for your patience and ongoing support!

I will follow your advice as for the fast rendering and will see what happens.

Will keep you all posted.


Hi All,

a promised update:

  • switching off fast rendering did not help - the video is still rotated

  • when produced for iPhone / iPad - the video is OK

  • i then tried to produce an *.mkv output in full res - this also was OK

so it might be some internal issue with creating the *.mp4 files...

Thank you all for your help, in particular optodata!


I received the project files and did some testing. I didn't make any changes to your project and I didn't see anything unusual when I previewed it.

On the Produce page, I checked the Enable preview during production box so I could tell if any of the individual sections got flipped or rotated, and all looked correct.

I then tested the produced version on many different apps, and all show it as horizontal:

I produced the clip using my nVidia RTX 2070 with the latest driver (430.86). I don't know what kind of computer you're using, so please follow the steps in the Read Me Before Posting sticky thread and attach the DxDiag results. That may help determine if there's anything obvious with your drivers or configuration that might be causing the problem.

One thing you can try is to not use any hardware encoding to produce, so uncheck the Fast video rendering technology box and produce the whole video again. It will take longer, but that will tell us if the problem is with the hardware encoding or something else.

Hi once again,

thank you for your patience and ongoing support!

I will follow your advice as for the fast rendering and will see what happens.

Will keep you all posted.

Quote Oh I am SO sorry about that!

I was actually bitten by some #$%#ed up settings, because when I was trying to rotate your video, I managed to configure VLC to rotate ALL videos when playing them back, so when I opened up the "converted" test.mp4 clip, it played correctly. yell

I then compounded my mistake by putting it up on OneDrive straight away without ever checking MediaInfo or trying it in another player. Thanks for catching my error!

I've always had a better experience when using VirtualDub2 to convert clips, and many people also like Handbrake. Using a modified approach to the VDub2 method detailed in this post, I created and verified that this clip should play correctly everywhere. Thanks to you, I also know to double-check it with the online OneDrive player

If you'd like to try that out, follow the basic steps in the other thread but you don't need to download those project files. Instead, simply download and use this ,vdproject file.

As for the zipped file with your current project, I would like to take a look at it and see what happens on my machine. I promise I will double- and triple-check every step this time!

Ufff... thought my computer is going crazy ! It happens to the best sometimes as well - nevertheless, thank you for your ongoing support! I'm uploading the zip files, so will be able to send them over to you shortly...

Interestingly (once again!) the final produce file is shown correctly (i.e. horizontally) on VirtualDub... im starting to think that's only the issue of VLC and WM10.

Check your PM shortly!

Quote If you're using VLC to rotate the produced clip, you should check the Keep original audio track box from the Profile edition window on the Convert screen like this:

Here's what I get after rotating your sample clip 270 degrees.

Hi optodata,

really appreciate your help. I was about to send you the whole project pack, when I saw the output that you created...

When downloaded to my PC, it is still (!) rotated 90 degress - both using onedrive player and windows player. Interestingly, this time while playing it with power DVD did not fixe the issue (see pics below):

This brought to to thinking that maybe it's not the PD issue itself, but my laptop and some f* up settings which I am not aware of...

If you nevertheless believe that sending over the clips could help - let me know, I have already zipped them.

Quote I've never seen anything like this before, so if you're comfortable sharing your media clips, let's take a look at your actual project to see what's really going on.

To share the project, please go to File then Pack Project Materials... and save everything to Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, etc. and paste the link here. That way we can download the project and see everything exactly as you see it, and we can try out the producing options and see where things might be going wrong.

If you're not comfortable sharing these clips, you can take a few short clips from your camera (or whatever source) and make a new project that has the same issue and share that.

Interestingly when I only select the first 5-6 clips from the timeline, the video is produced horizontally. Only after the full timeline is produced it somehow "tilts" 90 degrees...

May I send you such data pack on PM? Don't want to share all the clips in the forum...

In the meantime - is there anyway to have the video rotated 90 degrees without interferring to the audio? It seems it's only VLC / Windows player to have the issue...


Thanks for the clip! MediaInfo shows that it was produced vertically (9:16):

I don't have PD16, but in PD17, there are a very limited number of 9:16 produce options compared with 16:9:

The good news is that as long as you have the project aspect ratio box set to 16:9, that will set the correct output profile options. The box is shown in the rectangles above, although it's greyed out in these Produce room screenshots.


thank you for your message.

It still seems totally counterintuitive for me:
1) the project ratio is set to be 16:9 (see top left corner here:
2) have all of the 16:9 choices that you mentioned (see here:, project ratio blended out but its visible)
3) I've gone through all of the clips with 16:9 ratio and set them not to be detected, but to be 16:9, while leaving the vertical videos unchanged (i.e. letting PD16 detect their ratio)
4) I cannot play the video correctly using VLC nor WM10, however while using Power DVD all runs perfectly well
5) in the editing mode on PD16 - everything is horizontal and in the way it should be
6) you mentioned that the video is vertical, which does not match all of the produce options I have in PD16

What's worst - while converting purely the output using VLC, my audio got messed up, so now I'm left with the project in PD16, which I cannot convert to the 'normal' video playable on TV...

Any other ideas what might cause the disruptions here?


chmielko, are you seeing the problem with the Movies & TV app in Win10? That's what your output screenshot looks like. Try opening it in VLC or Windows Media Player and in PD16 and see if any of them show the unwanted rotation.

It would help a great deal if you could upload the produced clip (or a shorter version that shows the problem) to a cloud folder and paste the link here. That way we can examine the actual clip and see what the metadata says about orientation.


appreciate your help.

The output is rotated both in Windows media player as well as in VLC.

Power DVD looks good on the other hand (see below):

See below the link to the excerpt from the output:


For project with 16x9 and 9x16 videos

Here's how it is.

If not, you can post a very small 9x16 video to check us out here

Hi there,

I went through every clip I have in my timeline (60+ of them) and marked to be 16:9, or, in the case of vertical videos, left to be detected automatically.

Whereas in the preview mode and on the timeline the video the clip is shown normally, the mp4 produced is rotated 90 degrees.

Any other ideas?

See pics below...

Preview mode:


Quote Having videos 16x9 and 9x16 it is best to do everything with 16x9 rate.
In these cases I usually use image to fill the black bars on the sides.
Use Set Aspect Ratio, for each video, 1 to 1 do not check the box apply to all.
See if it works right.

I could not see the pictures you posted

Ok, I will check and see if that works. I referred to the below image:

Quote My sugestion
Click right on the video, on the timeline.
Selection, Set Clip Attributes, Set Aspect Ratio ...
See picture


thank you for the response.

The problem that I'm getting here is that once the 9:16 option is chosen, I get a drop down menu suggest to "stretch the video to match 16:9 ratio" - see the pic below.

Also, I cannot apply it to all video clips, as some of them are filmed vertically.

As you can see, the preview etc. works flawlessly - it's only the output file being somehow rotated.

It's also worth noting, that while selecting the first 30sec of the clip and producing it - the output is positioned correctly (horizontally), whereas once the full movie it being produced - it flips 90 degrees clockwise...

Hi there,

I'm exeperiencing a problem while creating the output file from my video. Whereas in the editing mode, everything seems flawless and is not tilted in any direction (see screen below), as soon as the final *.mp4 is created, the video rotates 90 degrees clockwise.

Any experience with that happening to any of you?

Preview before producing the file:

And after the video is produced:

I know I can rotate it afterwards using any other video editing software, but that's not the point here...

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