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Quote I've got an answer from Cyberlink.

There's no way to do it. Power Dvd is programmed, so that it blurs picture automatically because otherwise it disturbs Power DVD's interface.

So what it disturbes is the font readability of some screens. There is a work around. The wallpaper images get created and stored in a the users appdata folder. appdata/local/cyberlink/powerdvd19/themes. Replace the powerdvd number with your version and the user folder with your user name. For me it is C:/Users/admin/appdata/local/cyberlink/powerdvd19/themes. If you cannot see appdata it is hidden by default. Search google on how to unhide appdata.

Open powerdvd and add the image you want as a wallpaper. Powerdvd will blur it. close pwrdvd. Now go to the themes folder and you will find 3 new files associated with the wallpaper you just added. The .jpg and tenft.jpg files are the ones you want to edit. Load both into a photo editing program such as photoshop. I take and paste the original image onto the blury image then do some mods and save the image back into the themes folder as the .jpg or tenft.jpg files and that is it. Unblured.
Your missing the point. A zip container that contains several hundred uncompressed jpg files.
Still looking for a program that can see browse inside zip image containers and convert 2D to 3D on the fly. Would be a nice feature in powerdvd!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll answer my own question since no one else appears to have a monitor with lightboost2. I bought an ASUS VG248QE.
Works great with NVidia 3D. Light boost though was a bit too bright and had to lower it a bit. Still playing with the setup but it appears that some of the monitors settings are disabled when powerdvd is in 3d mode. Colors though seem a bit off but as I said I need to explore everything more.
I use acdee pro to view image files (jpg) inside a zipped container file. It would sure be nice if powerdvd could do the same for 3d conversion. Any thought out there?
Is powerdvd working with the new lightboost 2 monitors, nvidia 3d and powerdvd converting 2d movies to 3d?
Every once in awhile in full screen my controls will go transparent when viewing video or photos in both 2d and 3d when moving the mouse. The controls when transparent work just fine and are easily seen, just the background of the control bar becomes transparent. I would like this to be this way all the time. I can find no setting in the settings to accomplish this. And if watching video and I switch to another video the transparency disappears. The translucency is random, all of a sudden its there and sticks. It's great for 3d because you can still see the top and bottom of the video or image.

So how do I get this transparency to be active?

Another note: several versions ago, maybe 6 or 5 or 7 you could undock the controls. What ever happened to the feature?
Quote: Hi

May I know what is your GPU driver?

Can you show me a ghosting screenshot?

Unfortunately before I saw your post and question I did some experimentation.
The driver I was using 270.61
I installed the beta 275.27 (Not digitally signed) and that driver cured the problem. No more ghosting and I can now set 3D to full depth. I attempted to install a previous driver but 3D vision setup would not recognize the LG W2363D monitor.
The video card has the GeForce GTS250 chipset but I can not remember the cards manufacturer, maybe Asus.
How do I find the GPU driver version?
When converting 2D movies and photos to 3D I get ghosting at the top of the screen. The bottom looks good though. I have to adjust down the depth almost to zero in order to eliminate the upper screen ghosting and basically it also reduces the 3D effect to zero. Normal 3D such as Nvidias demo stuff has no ghosting at all.

I am using the latest Nvidia drivers that have the built in 3D vision software. I have considered rolling back the driver to see if there is any change.

Monitor LG W2363D
Nvidia GForce GTS250
Win 7 Ultimate
8 gig ram
AMD ll X4 620

Any 3D adjustments in the Nvidia control panel have no effect on PDVD11 so it seems.
Maybe I am missing something so any help would be apreachisted.
I don't have the k lite codec pak that I know of. I have uninstalled p-dvd and installed three times with no change each time.
I just upgraded to the new power dvd 8 and find that it will not play .wmv files. I just get the visualizations instead from windows media player. With .avi files I get a huge amount of artifacts appearing and disappearing. Cyberlinks support fix does not fix the problem. As a note both wmv and avi files play just fine in divx player and windows media player.

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