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I already asked this on Steam Community but there was no answer.

I'm new to Power Director program I was using Filmora before switching and yesterday I went to make my first clip and I wanted to add some Video Transitions in between the clips to separate them out but I can't figure out how to add the Video Transitions as there is no guide for doing so and couldn't find any tutorial videos (even on some guide apps on apknite), all are from the older PD15 which is a complete difference layout.

What I've tried so far...

Drag and drop the Video Transitions onto the clips[ This used to be the way of doing it

Right click on the clip itself and looking for a Video Transitions option

Right click on the Video Transitions to see if there was an Add To Clip Option but no dice

So if someone could tell me how to do so I'd appreciate it so my clips don't look so jumbled together like I just selected a bunch of random clips and just smashed them together

Hi guys

I'm trying to customize my menu template. I selected my picture, however, there seem to be a "splat" or portion of the video (still) that i am encoding- showing through my selected/template. It really looks terrible. I think this was from the original template ( the one with colouring pencils). Is there any way to get rid of this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I searched on forum and some sites like pcmag, techgara but couldn't find the answer.

Please help

Quote I'd probably just use a basic "Title" from the Title Room (F7). They are a lot more versatile (location, fonts, colors...) than subtitles. Put the default title in track 2, double click to edit in "Title Designer" and move it to the corner and save and then grab the right side and extend to the length of your race clip. For your other info, drag another title to track 3.

Subtitles are handy if you want give the end viewer control on turning them on or off on certain playback media formats.


Thank JL for this answer.
I'm trying to sub some dual language video from FB2Mate for my children to learn the new language.
Your answer helps me a lot.

That's because Power2Go just download the youtube video and burn them to disc as generic data, the mpeg4 video is the format from youtube.
If you want to burn the youtube videos as a DVD Movie disc and play in other consumer player, you need to 1) download youtube videos to your PC first, then 2) burn them as DVD Movie disc.

Sorry for digging the post.
But when I download the video from Facebook with Fb2Mate, the videos go with mp4 format. Is it possible to burn those videos as a DVD Movie disc?
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