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That change happened because years ago, when people usually installed software from discs rather than by downloading it, there were some pretty bad malware that got onto lots of systems via the autorun feature. This Wikipedia article has more, but it only discusses Windows versions up to 7 and Server 2008. No mention there of 8, 8.1 or 10, but you can see why it's now disabled by default.

Thanks for the information. Here I thought it was a bad business decision. It makes sense.

That is a Data disc. You cannot play it with the DVD player. Close that DVD player. Use windows file explorer to see what is on the disk.

Better still just place that disc in the pc optical drive. If the pc autoplay is working then the installation can start.

Thank you Tom but I finally got it to run setup. There must be a problem with my CD drive as it took 5 attempts to finally recognize the cd. I made sure autorun was enabled but it wont play any discs on autorun. When I called Best Buy (where I bought the computer) The Geek squad told me that Microsoft quit using the autorun feature on the newer Windows 10. Doesn't sound right but what do I know.
I just bought PowerDirector 17 in disc form but when I try to play it in my Dvd player on my new HP Pavillon Windows 10 computer I get the following message "This type of disc is not supported". The box it came in says itworks in Windows 10. This isn't the first time this has happened to me when I try to play a program download cd. What can I do to fix this?

P2G is primarily a disc handling program. You can burn a video disc with menu but it is not intended to make complete video projects.

Olease look at the User's Guide here. Perhaps there is somethng you can adopt for your project.

Thnk you Steve for your response. Much appreciated.
I have Power2go 12 and want to play music from my music library during the entire video. When I add my music selection, it only plays in the introduction and when I hit play the video starts but the music stops. Is there a way to play the music during the video or am I stuck with music during the introduction only?
Thanks to all who replied. I apologise for not being on sooner but I spent the last two days in the hospital. Anyways, I figured what the problem was. In disc preference on power2go, I originally checked 1920x1080/60i. When I checked 1920x1080/24p the video came out right. I forgot about i in 1920x1080/60i stood for interlacing video.
Quote You could also deselect the "Enable hardware video encoder" option and see if that makes a difference. There are several reports on this forum of GPU encoding causes related video issues on video.

If that doesn't work, ensure you GPU driver is up to date (from the web site) and see if that improves the video quality.


David, I looked and couldn't find "enable hardware video encoder" on my windows 10. The computer is brand new so should be up to date. My graphics card is an intell (R) UHD graphics 630. Do you know how I find enable hardware video encoder on Windows 10 or do I need to do it through an added program from Microsoft?
Quote >>The video is downloaded from my Windows 10 and when I preview it on the computer there are no wavy lines.
Where was the video downloaded from?
Maybe I can have a check on the source video.

The videos are downloaded from a drones 4k camera. If I use my Windows 10 computer to burn these videos, they come out fine. Not as good as the first one that I burned on my blue ray burner on BD-R but still no wavy content. What I don't understand is how my only burn from Power2go 8 was perfect but when I went to Power2go 12 it started producing wavy videos. It shows up wavy ing when previewing the videos to burn. It's almost as if the change needs to be made in Power2go 12 settings.
I recently purchased Power2go 12 to use to burn blue ray discs through my Asus blue ray burner. The burner came with power2go 8 and I succeded to burn a video Verbatim BD-R disc that came out perfect. Since it was probably a trial offer program I had to purchase the12 version since I liked the quality and ease of the burn. Video had a video format H264 and file format MPEG-4e. After many attempts I get a wavy video that looks like a mirage. Not even close to my first video which was perfect. What am I missing? The video is downloaded from my Windows 10 and when I preview it on the computer there are no wavy lines. When I preview it in Power2go 12 it looks wavy like the disc burn. The program is rather simple and I don't see how any adjustments can be made to correct this. Any help would be appreciated.
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