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Thanks - for some reason it didn't work. So my workaround was to utilize the rendered version of the title and start the clip where I wanted it to end -

I'd like to use a scrolling title but have it start with a full-screen of text AND then begin the scroll up. The existing scroll title begins empty and then starts to scroll. I'd like to eliminate the first few seconds of "empty" scroll from the beginning and end of the title.

Any suggestions?


What PD version? Depending on hardware, I've had some issues with transitions when using hardware decoding. I'd try a produce with all options in pref > Hardware Acceleration unticked and then on the "Produce" page, do not use any form of "Fast video rendering technology;" and see if that makes a difference.

Transition behavior has also caused some issue, might toggle overlap and cross transition type and see if it makes a difference for you.


PD16 - nothing changed from the last time I produced - although when I went back and looked at the timeline I saw the transition wan't there! So that explains it - though why it wasn't there I don't know. I'll just call it a glitch or user-error at this point. And get back to work

The "Falling Down" transition is listed as 3D. I'm working on a 2D project. Intermittently, this transition is not rendered properly when the film is produced. Anybody else have this problem? Is there a way to make this transituion 2D (if that's what's causing the problem).
The HotKey for moving to the next timeline marker (Shift-Arrow) that I use in PD doesn't work in AD? Is there a way to easily move to the next and previous timeline in AD?
Using PD16.

I have playback set to "clip" and have a placed a space between two cliips on the timeline. What I wanted was the playback to stop after the first clip bbut it continues through the gap and the playback changes to "movie|". I thought that if I had it set for "clip" it would stop after the current clip. How can I get it to stop by itself?
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